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2+2=5 - Into the Future CD I 2010 Spittle20 10 Tracks 37'58'' Buy

Imagine a long autumn and a dusky fog in Milan, the year is 1981... Musicians/poets (or poets/musicians?) exploring the realm of words through music and a deeply passionate search for THE sound. Two men, two complementary souls: Nino La Loggia deeply into sonic experimentation, and Giacomo Spazio, juggling with words as if they were mere sounds, together with Cha Cha Hagiwara and her keyboards from Jeunesse D'Ivoire for an incredible debut album (1983) evoking Kraftwerk, D.A.F and many other electro ambient ghosts in a total cult project that became a myth in the Italian new wave. 8-page booklet reproducing the original artwork. (Spittle Records promotional text) Apart from the complete original LP „Into the Future“ (No-Name Music, NM 8312), this CD re-issue features the two bonus tracks “Guangzhou” (from V/A “F/Ear This!” 2LP, 1986) and “Incontrando Mc.L.” (from V/A “Zero Zero Fanine” MC, 1984).

CDs are new, gatefold mini LP sleeve with printed inner sleeve and booklet.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging





A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS – The Best of CD EU Jive 12 Tracks 58'44'' Buy

A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS was formed in 1980 in Liverpool, UK, and featured Mike Score (vocals, keyboards), Paul Reynolds (guitar 1980-84), Ali Score (drums 1980-86), Frank Maudsley (bass 1980-86), Chris Chryssaphis (keyboards 1984-86), and Gary Steadman (1984-86) and like their city mates OMD they have written some of the most substantial and time-resistent New Wave/electropop hymns of the early 80’s: “I ran”, “Space Age Love Song”, “The more you live, the more you love”, “Wishing (If I had a Photograph of You)”, the latter two also included here in their extended versions, “(It’s not me) Talking”, or the maybe less known yet beautiful “Transfer Affection”. This is an essential collection of one the best New Wave bands ever, and it is believed that you will play this CD even in another 25 years. A hint: put this CD in your car CD player and you will see that every journey can be lovely, and now with Spring coming up, the perfect music for a perfect day!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




ADN’ CKRYSTALL (+ BELIEF) - Rendez-vous/Never marry a Musician 7” D 2010 PFR036 2 Tracks 8'32'' Buy

Two new songs in the same style of “Minilab” (and thus “Jazz’ mad”) with analogue synths and the CRB drum machine only. “Rendez-vous” features additional a cheap organ, a Speak and Spell, as well as Nina Belief with a vocal performance from a time zone oh-so-far-away, “Rendez-vous by internet, … à Stockholm, à Amsterdam, à Marrakesh…, with you … by internet” … well, almost everything is possible today, if you can exclude the physical aspects of a meeting... “Never marry a Musician”, a tune based on an original bass line from a session recording of solitude fx and supposed to be used for a still-be-released-record of sfx cover versions… very much in the vein of “Jazz’ mad” and just another nice addition to the stock of unique ADN’ CKRYSTALL musique pour les conaisseurs de l’uinvers de Monsieur Erickrystall.

7”s are new and limited to 200 copies only.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging




ADN’ CKRYSTALL - Coda 7”/3”CD/Poster NL 2008 3 Tracks 14'36'' (x2) Buy

ADN’ CKRYSTALL’s latest release includes three new compositions and marks the first release on Dutch Clogsontronics label with contemporary and non-Dutch material. “Just a Coda” is linked musically more to the “Synthesizers...” album, mainly due the use of the Alesis SR-16 drum machine, still a very good track. As for our beloved elder sound there is “Mini-Romance”, using the CRB 1969 Diamond 742 S drum machine again, which thus could have easily found its way onto the “Minilab” album (Anna 013). “Rhino” is powerfully driven by the Korg KR-33 and additionally by new band mate Jeff’s bass; it would have also fitted perfectly onto the “Minilab” album. So music for any ADN’ lover, and great to hear that Erick writes great songs on and on... Apart fro all tracks being delivered on vinyl and CD, there is a fantastic and very dark DIN-A1 poster, originally painted by Erick himself!.

7”/3”CD/Posters are new and limited to 450 copies only.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




ADN’ CKRYSTALL - Orgasmatron(ic) LP F 2009 LFL 2/ADN’ 003-9 7 Tracks 42'21'' Buy

Anna could make it very short this time by simply and honestly saying this album is simply a master mind’s masterpiece and one of the top releases of the year, but that would be too easy, really! Instead, Anna feels like expressing her deep love for Érick and Jeff, who currently master le mystère de l’ADN’ CKRYSTALL! The album starts with Érick’s beloved (and very rare) KORG KR-33, and already after the very first tones you will know where you are: the most wonderful analogue synth heaven! Érick’s KR-33 sounds as trashy and cool as ever and his two Kawai 100-f synthesizers are working overtime again to produce the coolest synth basses and weirdest sounds that we definitely miss on most current productions – Érick, you just got it, man, and Jeff, your cool bass adds so well to the whole madness! So, musically, definitely in the vein of “Jazz’mad” and “Minilab”, but maybe more pop and straight, a minimal electro killer record! Every song’s a hit (at least for Anna), so go and get it, now, and visit the concerts to come! Holy shit, can anybody make Anna stop singing “Merde merde merde” all the time ?!? Hahaha! Grosses bises, votre mademoiselle.

LPs are new, include A3 poster and are limited to 500 copies, and Anna’s copies come with the postcard hand numbered and signed by Érick and Jeff (first 180 copies).

Price: EUR 18,50 plus postage & packaging




ADN’ CKRYSTALL - Synthesizers and other electronic masturbators LP F 2005 10 Tracks 49'01'' Buy

Érick has left an ever lasting impact on Anna with his incredible 1982 album “Jazz’ mad”. After exploring the fields of ambient electronics in recent years, now he’s back with his second proper ADN’ album including both new compositions as well as unreleased older tunes. No computer, no MIDI system, just a man and his machines.

LPs are new, limited to 500 copies, EXCLUSIVELY SIGNED and include a huge poster with lots of photos and informations.

NEW Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging

Click here for detailed tracklisting



ADN’ CKRYSTALL - Trilogie (1978-1988) 3x10”+1x7”EP box D 2008 VOD54 24 Tracks 114'49'' Buy

ADN’ CKRYSTALL need not much presentation here (if needed, please refer to ANNA 013 in the Releases section). Vinyl-on-Demand has convinced Érick to dig even deeper into his archives and he found another incredible amount of unreleased tracks. These are divided into three sections: Vol. A: Museum Sessions (1978-1984), Vol. D: Éxhumation (1985-1987), and Vol. N: Rock Noire (1987-1988). VOD membership subscribers do also get an additional 7”EP (including “Deutsch Napalm” from the original ultra rare 7” from 1984) so Anna is happy to also offer the membership edition here in very limited supply. So be fast or be late!!!

Boxes are new, include 3 10”s, 1 7”.

Price: EUR 50,00. plus postage & packaging



A.T.R.O.X. – Falls of Time 2CD IT 2011 SPITTLE26DCD 27 Tracks 135'54'' Buy

Definitely ahead of their time, A.t.r.o.x. were one of the first bands to move beyond the new wave styles and introduce strong electronic elements. Not too far from works of contemporary groups such as Tuxedo Moon and Minimal Compact, “Falls Of Time” is their testament, a double CD with their two albums “The Night’s Remains” (1982) and “Water Tales” (Contempo 1983) plus the previously unreleased 12" “Falls Of Time”. (Spittle promotional text)

2CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 17,90. plus postage & packaging



AERIAL FX – Same River Twice (80-84) CD RU 2010 VOX3CD 12 Tracks 53'18'' Buy

AERIAL FX was founded in Oxford, UK, in 1980 by Andy Melton (bass), Bryan Edge (keyboards, backing vocals), Chris Hufford (vocals, rhythm guitar, later aka as producer and manager of Radiohead), Richard Hart (lead guitar) and Simon Bladon (drums), and arose from the ashes of their earlier efforts as Exit 13. Already in 1980 they released their first single “So hard” (Square Records, SQS 3) followed by the ”Take it from here/Somewhere“ 7” in 1981 (Island Records, WIP 6698). Finally, in 1982 they released their third and last single “Instant Feelings/5.15” (Kamera Records, ERA 012) to accompany the debut album “Watching the Dance” (Kamera Records, KAM 008), a true masterpiece of melancholic post punk/new wave, including wonderful tracks such as “Out of the Window”, “Hold me”, “Instant Feelings” and “Where is tomorrow”. In mid 1983 they signed to another huge major label and thus unfortunately to their own burial, so that they eventually disbanded in 1986. “Same Rive twice” was compiled by Chris Hufford himself and comprises 12 previously unreleased tracks and demos from 1980, and 1984, respectively. Interesting how some tracks did develop before they went onto the “Watching the Dance” album, e.g. “Who is down there” which turned from a pretty good upbeat new wave track into a short experimental all-synth ballad. From the album, also the aforementioned “Out of the Window”, “Hold me” and “Where is tomorrow” are included in their rougher, but not necessarily less good demo versions. Musically there lots reminiscences to country mates A Flock Of Seagulls, e.g. check out “April 5th” and the wonderful “I see Changes”, the Norwegian Viva!, and as others mentioned in their reviews: The Danse Society, Wire, or Necropolis Of Love. Definitely wanting us to demand another CD from Other Voices with the vinyl output compiled.

CDs are new, shrinkwrapped and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 13,90. plus postage & packaging



AGENT SIDE GRINDER – The Transatlantic Tape Project LP NL 2009 Enfant 16 7 Tracks 28'00'' Buy

Back and forth across the ocean...The true experimental side of AGENT SIDE GRINDER is shown in ‘The Transatlantic Tape Project’. This project started as a way to keep working together while one of the members was in the USA. Sounds and music where put to tape and send over the Atlantic Ocean and re-worked their and sent back again to Sweden. In the end this resolved into an unique album with amazing music. ‘The Transatlantic Tape Project’ is a blending of 60’s psychedelic music and 80’s experimental industrial muzak which is molded into original contemporary ambient music. Maybe it is better to call this Electronic Chamber Music as it is much richer in texture then ambient music. Think about a soundtrack for a David Lynch film, think early Cabaret Voltaire and think elements of Velvet Underground and you can maybe get an idea of the actual sound of this record. This is still an ongoing project. Right now (October 2009) the visual part is being realized. In the near future we hope to present a special performance around this project. Tip: headphone listening is recommended for this record... (Enfant Terrible promotional text)


LPs are new, includes insert and limited to 523 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging



AIMLESS DEVICE – Coats of many Colours CD BE 2010 OS 04 18 Tracks 79'10'' Buy

AIMLESS DEVICE mainly was Bart Azijn (electronics, words; also in A Blaze Colour) and Patrick Meulemans (guitars) from Belgium, produced by no other than Ludo Camberlin (A Blaze Colour), and later also TB Frank (of The Neon Judgement fame). They released four 12”s/EPs on Ludo’s Anything But Records label: “Hard to be nice” (ABR 012, 1985), “World of Coats” (ABR 014, 1986), “Dog Days” (ABR 017, 1987) and “Mud in the Eye” (ABR 023, 1987) as well as a few tracks on various compilations. Their sound was typical mid-80’s Dark Wave (or something in between Gothic Rock and Synth Pop) with a Roland TR-707 drum machine along with lots of synthesisers, guitars and basses, think of Weimar Gesang, They Fade In Silence, Moloko +, Belfegore, Die Unbekannten, or Days Of Sorrow, for example. This CD on Belgian record label OnderStroom Records compiles all tracks from their vinyl releases, thus including their hit “Hyena”, plus adding two further tracks to the list.



CDs are new, shrinkwrapped and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging



ALEXANDROS – Data LP GR 2009 Eirkti 8 Tracks 33'27'' Buy

ALEXANDROS was one of the few Greek early 80’s musicians working solely with synthesisers and drum machines. In 1983, he released his first 7” No Place to run/Tired (80’s Ways Records), followed by the album “Data” in 1985 (80’s Ways Records, WR 4). He is still recording electronic music until this day. The still young Athenian label Eirkti has no re-released his early works. (More info to follow)


LPs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.



AKUSTIKKOPPLER – Fernmündlich 7” D 2011 NLW025 4 Tracks 11'54'' Buy

Matthias Schuster (Im Namen Des Volkes, Bal Paré, Geisterfahrer, Das Institut) and Malte Steiner (Notstandskomitee, Konform, Elektronengehirn, Das Kombinat). Minimal Electro Pop.




7”s are new.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.



ALPHA SEQUENZ – Axial Equilibrium LP F 2008 SD013 12 Tracks 31'40'' Buy

ALPHA SEQUENZ is the solo project of Rigeck Rodgers from France, who is also running the Secondhand Daylight Records (SHDR) label, and was started in late 2001 as an all-analogue synth project. With ALPHA SEQUENZ, Rigeck tries to reflect nature and transform his feelings into musical ideas and landscapes. Therfore most songs are instrumental, some dark and reminiscent of Sleep Museum and November Növelet, some more poppy like the highlight track “Mehr Licht”. All tracks were recorded between 2001 and 2004 using Boss DR-55/DR-110/Voice Transformer VT-1, Clavia Nord Lead 2, Crumar Bit-01, Fender Precision Bass Guitar, Kay Memory Rhythm Machine, MFB 501, Moog Prodigy/Source, Realistic Concertmate 970, Roland DR-202/Juno-106/TR-707, SCI Prophet-5, Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88, Yamaha CS-15/DX-7. A delightful record and perfect for the current autumn days.

LPs are new, limited to 500 copies and the ones from Anna come with an exclusively personal message and autograph by Rigeck.

Price: EUR 16,50 plus postage & packaging.



ANYPOFOROI (Ανυπόφοροι) – 8 Fores (8 Φορές) /Ligo prin to Telos (Λίγο Πριν Το Τέλος) 7” GR 2010 Eirma 04 2 Tracks 7'24'' Buy

Ανυπόφοροι (Anipoforoi) were Γιώργος Γληνέλης (bass, voice, lyrics), Γιώργος Δαμέλλος (drums, percussion), Στάθης Καλυβιώτης (guitar, voice, lyrics and Γιάννης Χαραλαμπίδης (synthesisers) from Athens, Greece, and formed in 1979. They are said to be one of the, if not the first garage (post) punk bands from Greece, that were also to sing in Greek. Musically, they line up perfectly in the previous Eirkti/Eirma catalogue and will appeal to anyone into the Greek post punk/dark wave à la Metro Decay, Villa 21, Art of Parties, The Reporters, or even Alexandros and The Hands of Cain. Both songs were recorded in 1983 and have been remastered in 2010.

7”s are new, include an info/lyric-sheet and limited to 400 hand-numbered copies in many different colours, such as dark transparent blue, transparent, dark transparent red, mauve, light blue, green e.t.c. and a few copies include an additional poster.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging.



ARNAUD LAZLAUD – Le Malade Roi/Élan 7” D 2008 Hertz 022 2 Tracks 10'47'' Buy Last copies !

ARNAUD LAZLAUD is Xavier Paradis from Montréal, Canada (hey btw, that’s where Rational Youth came from…), also known from being a member of Echo Kitty and Automelodi. The tracks are pure and danceable electropop with a slight melancholic touch and French vocals, and though dating from 1998/99 they actually sound like being from 1984. The two tracks are …. simply beautiful, and honestly, Anna is a bit jealous as these tracks would have indeed fit so perfectly to Anna Logue Records … So, definitely this – in Anna’s humble opinion - is the best release ever on Hertzschrittmacher/Kernkrach. Leaves open the question when an album with the remaining ARNAUD LAZLAUD material will be released? Hopefully soon!!!

7”s are new, come in transparent red vinyl, with two small inserts and are limited to 350 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,90 plus postage & packaging.



ART DIVISION – Tears of a new Dawn 7” SE 1988 FMP 006 2 Tracks 7'17'' Buy

ART DIVISION was some Mauritzson, Magnusson, Börretzen, Gottleib and Widell, obviously Swedish folks. On side A they present “Tears of a new Dawn”, a lovely melancholic synthpop with some sparse but fitting guitars and some rather eccentric vocals similar to the one of Alexander Hofman from S.P.O.C.K. The flipside brings us “As the Years” which is a ballad based on an acoustic guitars and vocals only, thus more for those into sort of Backworld, Oral Constitution, Psychic TV, neofolk stuff etc. and for those maybe who like the 7” by the Horsemen from Norway.

7”s are new and available in very limited quantity only.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.



ATMOSPHERE 0 – 2006-2003 CD I 2006 20 Tracks 61'02'' Buy Last copies !

The first full-time album from ATMOSPHERE 0 compiling their output from 2003 to 2006. Pure minimal electro with virtual analogue synthesizers. The CD includes the same titled 12”EP from 2003.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped. The first 20 come signed (and are thus not shrinkwrapped).

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging.



Click here for detailed tracklisting


AUPHEUS - Stay with me/End of Story 7” UK 1986 AUP 001 2 Tracks 8'34'' Buy Last copies !

This double-A-sided single was produced for promotion to the A&R dept's, via most the major record labels. A few were sold, and even fewer still, were hidden away - forgotten in the top of a cupboard. The single was written and recorded in just two long days by Aupheus. 'Aupheus' is these days a Forensic Parapsychologist - using advanced technology to investigate the paranormal (look at the cover image….). He is currently in discussion with various TV production companies, with a view to heading up a TV factual series. Incidentally, the original cover artwork (photo montage - before computer image manipulation!) was produced by his brother, founder of The Gadget Shop, and Red5.

The 7” comprises two Electropop tracks with brilliant sequencing and vocal harmonies and though recorded in 1986, they have an earlier feel to it. So if you are into early 80’s synth and like stuff like TURQUOISE DAYS, don’t let this go. Your last chance!

7”s are new and come signed on the innersleeve by the member as “Aupheus”.

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging.


AUTOMELODI – s/t CD US 2010 VR011-2 12 Tracks 47'30'' Buy

Wierd Records is proud to present the self-titled debut album from Montreal's AUTOMELODI. Led by vocalist and songwriter Xavier Paradis who has long garnered a cult underground following with his solo minimal synth project Arnaud Lazlaud active in Canada since the late 90's, the band was formed in 2006 and is a welcome new addition to the international wing of the Wierd Records community in Brooklyn. Like labelmates Led Er Est and Frank(just Frank) AUTOMELODI combines guitars with synthesizers and drum machines to create a truly idiosyncratic, cerebrally sophisticated, and elegantly composed album of modern minimal electronic music!?Highly unique for a North American band in 2010, AUTOMELODI proudly embraces the infinitely rich ground of French pop musical influences - including the legendary 'Chanteurs' of the '60s and '70s, classic French cold wave (aka 'La Vague Froide') and minimal synth, and early UK new wave. The album carefully weaves together a series of hook-laden uptempo pop trax with with a set of stylishly confident, yet vulnerably melancholic downtempo songs that allow the listener to catch his misty breath in the mix, with nearly all vocals smoothly delivered in French. As is often the case within French literature, poetry, and pop musical history the freely associative, intuitive and often dreamlike play of language and the voice is of prime importance to the band. And indeed for the English-speaking listener in particular, the vocals function as an additional flowing and soaring instrument in the mix as well as a mysteriously mediating force that provocatively obscure the lyrical narratives at work, while carefully playing off of both the icily detached guitars and the warmly, organic electronics. An amazing balancing act it is, and negotiating this plethora of conflicting forces within the record is quite an exciting sonic event to experience...welcome to the world of AUTOMELODI... (Wierd Records promotional text)

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging.


AVIADOR DRO – Alas sobre el mundo 2LP ES 2009 Pias Spain 18 Tracks 66'42'' Buy Currently sold out!

What a great honour it is for Anna to finally have some EL AVIADOR DRO releases in her shop! Truly, that collective of various individuals surrounding master mind Servando Carballar from Madrid, Spain, were the masters of minimal electro pop/tecno pop! No wonder that out of this collective also the cult rhythmic industrial group Esplendor Geometrico did evolve. Anyway, AVIADOR DRO was incredible synth sound and ideas, most brilliant drum machine programming (Roland CR-78 and TR-808 action in perfection) and those beautiful and melodic Spanish male vocals – a musical dream come true! Check out the tracks “Sintonia del refugio atómico”, “Nuclear, sí”, Programa en espiral”, “Telepatía”, El última asalto a la Bastilla”, “Ondina”, and “Selector de frecuencias”, and you’ll know what Anna is talking about. This newly issued 2LP rerelease features their output from 1982 which were most probably best records: the “Alas sobre el mundo” LP (DRO 010), the “Nuclear, sí” 7”EP (DRO-001), and the “Programa en espiral” 12”EP (DRO-007). No doubt: this music belongs to any music collection, a must-have!

2LPs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 19,90 plus postage & packaging.


AVIADOR DRO – Síntesis 3LP Box ES 2009 Pias Spain 23 Tracks 103'02'' Buy Currently sold out!

“Síntesis” was EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS’ second album release and came as a box set in 1983 (DRO-055), including the LPs “Tesis” and “Antisesis”, an additional 7” plus a 50-pages booklet dealing with some of their social, ecomonic and futuristic reflections laid down in various manifests. Musically, after the acquisition of new drum machines and synths, they presented a more versatile mix of light electropop tunes (“Baila la guerra”, “Vortex”), darker minimal electro/wave (“Cadena Informativa”, “Antimateria”, “Nuclear siempre”, “La arenga de los sindicatos futuristas”), industrial influenced tracks (“Camarada Bakunin”), everything in between, and also providing the prototype of sort of Techno/Schranz (?) music with “Intolerancia”. Also featured here is the great (and quite different) 12” version of “Selector de frecuencias” (DRO-020, 1982), the complete “Amor industrial” 12” (DRO-040, 1983) and “Vortex” 12” (DRO-074, 1984). So, for all you vinyl junkies out there, no need no more to search for the expensive originals or compromise with the CD versions, here’s the one for heavy rotation on your turntable!

3LP box sets are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 29,90 plus postage & packaging.


AVIADOR DRO – Sintesis 2CD ES 1998 LOL 108 102-4 20 Tracks 98'49'' Buy

“Síntesis” was EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS’ second album release and came as a box set in 1983 (DRO-055), including the LPs “Tesis” and “Antitesis”, an additional 7” plus a 50-pages booklet dealing with some of their social, ecomonic and futuristic reflections laid down in various manifests. Musically, after the acquisition of new drum machines and synths, they presented a more versatile mix of light electropop tunes (“Baila la guerra”, “Vortex”), darker minimal electro/wave (“Cadena Informativa”, “Antimateria”, “Nuclear siempre”, “La arenga de los sindicatos futuristas”), industrial influenced tracks (“Camarada Bakunin”), everything in between, and also providing the prototype of sort of Techno/Schranz (?) music with “Intolerancia”. Also featured here is remix of “Vortex” from the 12” (DRO-074, 1984) and video clips of „Arenga“ and „Nestor el Cyborg“.

2CDs are new.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging.


AVIADOR DRO – Vano Temporal CD ES 1999 LOL 108 106-4 18 Tracks 62'01'' Buy

This now already pretty rare CD on Lollipop compiles EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS’ first output on vinyls and cassettes, thus the vinyls “La Chica de Plexiglas“ 7“ (Movieplay 02.2375/2, “La Visíon“ 7“ (Movieplay 02.2385/2) and “La Chica de Plexiglas“ 12“EP (Movieplay 05.2375/5) as well as tracks from their first and second cassettes from 1979, and 1980, respectively, including different version of “Nuclear, si“,“La Chica de Plexiglas“, “Obsesión“, “La Visíon“ and also a cover version of Kraftwerk’s „Das Model“, sung in Spanish “La Modelo“, are included. The early incarnation of EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS in 1979/80 still included Juan Carlos Sastre, Arturo Lanz and Gabriel Riaza who were on to form Esplendro Geométrico in 1980 once they split in 1980, so this stuff is also relevant for EG fans and collectors. This early material is really pioneering raw yet playful electropop/tecnopop stuff, with a programmed Roland CR-78, other early rhythm boxes and synthetic percussions all through, lots of Korg MS10/MS20 and other synth action, but also not forgetting cool basses and guitars. In other words this is pure early Spanish tecnopop cult! Also the CD includes video clips of “Laser” and “Nuclear, si” recorded for Pop-Grama, TVE (Spanish national TV).

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 17,00 plus postage & packaging.


AY! – Winny on Tour/In der Gruft 7” D 1989/2010 X 1-1 SID 7/Krach 023 2 Tracks 6'42'' Buy

AY! was Jörg Waßmann (vocals), Michael Kolem (synth, rhythm programming) and Volker Klotschke (synth), was formed in 1987 and lasted until 1991. They created „synthie-pop without a deeper meaning“ as they say, using at that time outdated sounding and cheaply available old synths: ARP Axxe, Casio CZ-500, Roland MC-202, SH-101 and TR-808, Yamaha CS-15 and CS-90. The tracks on this 7“ were recorded and released in 1989. Only very very few copies were sold and distributed back then, so that the 7“ remained so unknown and obscure that only a handful people knew about it’s existence. It practically never showed up. „Winny on Tour“ is a simple upbeat minimal-electro-EBM track reminiscent of bands from that time like Incubated Sounds or Formal Defect. „In der Gruft“ is reminiscent to the hard electro/minimal-EBM of Dilemma (drums and sequences) but adds some melodies. Kernkrach never lazy in digging for old obscure bands and projects found the guys and re-issues the 7“ with a new Kernkrach-typical hand-made sleeve.

7”s are new and limited to 150 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,40 plus postage & packaging.


BACIAMIBARTALI / WINTER LIGHT – The Mournful Gloom CD I 2009 OLBM CD200902 12 Tracks 59'30'' ' Buy

BACIAMIBARTALI was Tarcisio Lancioni (vocals), Robert Clark (guitar), Carlo Iura (drums) and Francesco Guidobaldi (bass) founded in 1981. WINTER LIGHT was the solo efforts of Robert Clark. In 1982, they released a rare and sought-after split LP on Sequence Records, SQLP01, and BACIAMIBARTALI succeeded in getting signed to Contempo with who they released another 12”, “The Mournful Gloom”, in 1984 (Contempo ep004), with Robert Clark having left the group and adding Stefano Mengascini on keyboards. After some silence some obviously not too successful efforts were undertaken to revive the project in the 90’s. Anyway, Oltrelanebbialimare has remembered them, and after already re-issuing Le Masque (who were originally released on Lisfrank’s label Mask Productions) on CD, they have now released a compilation of their complete official 80’s output. BACIAMIBARTALI is rather typical Italian New Wave/Dark Wave. While the material has its good moments for sure (as heard with the ears of an mostly electronic music fan), eg. “Will the Ocean wait” is quite a great and atmospheric track, Anna guesses that the CD wouldn’t have made it into the shop without the great WINTER LIGHT tracks… actually, one day Anna has heard a track on some cassette with Hervé Hue’s show “The Remember of Past” on it. She was struck and so in love with this track, but it took her a while to figure out what band it was. In the end, it was “Isao” by WINTER LIGHT. This track alone is more than worth the buy of this CD. The combination of a most beautifully programmed Roland TR-808 together with a playful bass, gothic guitars and new wave male vocals has produced some of the best wave tracks ever and not only in Italian history, this track is nothing but a masterpiece! The other tracks will also appeal to New Wave aficionados.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging.


BAKTERIELLE INFEKTION - Cities of Glass CD D 2005 Gen 025 15 Tracks 42'38'' Buy

“Cities of Glass” was the second proper full-time album from BAKTERIELLE INFEKTION, recorded between 2001 and 2005, and released on Genetic Music. Musically right between Roger’s other projects SKANFROM and TELEVISION SET, here with vocals by permanent partner Uwe Marx, and always under big influence of Mr. Mark Verhaeghen and Mr. Dirk Ivens with tracks ranging from minimal electro à la Absolute Body Control (“We don’t have any Dreams”), industrial music à la Dive (“No Worlds without Borders”), to electro à la The Klinik (“Crawling and Falling”). Also, many other hits like “Actors on Stage” and Anna’s favourites “Nothing real”, “Wegen Dir” and “Postage”, maybe because they are most Skanfrom-like...

CDs are new, this is the second edition.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.


BAKTERIELLE INFEKTION - Early Recordings 2CD D 2007 GEN027 32 Tracks 99'33'' Buy

Retrospective double CD on Genetic Music featuring Anna’s darling Roger Semsroth a.k.a. Skanfrom on synthesisers. The CDs feature tracks from the "First Demo" tape, 1996 (not on label), from "Scheintod Gaswaffen" tape, 1997 (A.D.S.R.), from "Sleepless" CD-R, 1998 (White Head Records), from "A.D.S.R. 007" LP, 1999 (A.D.S.R.), from "A.D.S.R. 002" tape (lim. 20), 1997 (A.D.S.R.) as well as 15 previously unreleased tracks. In their early days, they were pretty much influenced by Industrial music (“Schienenstrang” à la De Fabriek, Dive; “Run” à la The Klinik, and, of course, there’s tracks already leading to where Roger released alone as Skanfrom. The booklet includes liner notes by Genetic Music and both Uwe and Roger.

2CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging.


BAL PARÉ - Sommerwind 10” D 2009 NLW024 6 Tracks 24'10'' Buy

BAL PARÉ was originally active between 1980 and 1989 (if even under aliases) and founded in Hamburg by Matthias Schuster (aka Im Namen des Volkes, Jeanette und das Land Z, Geisterfahrer, Ritual, etc), Kirsten Klemm and Jan T. Krahn. They released the album “Hamburg–Paris–Catania” in 1982 (Konkurrenz) and MLP “Metamorphose” in 1985 (Kraut Records) followed by the retrospective compilation CD “Best of …” (Tatra) in 1994, all very rare and expensive nowadays. They created some of the most beautiful analogue electro pop songs ever (“Palais d’Amour”, “Les Mots”, “Rien ne va plus”) and now Matthias has revived the project (if only solo) and fortunately (and also incredible) he was 100% able to capture the original sound and atmosphere while concentrating on the catchy side of things, thus creating the perfect BAL BARÉ record with six of his wonderful tracks ever! To cut the short short: perfect analogue electro pop with most beautiful synth sounds and melodies and drum machine (mostly Roland TR-606) – Germany 12 points! A must-have for everyone.

10”s are new, limited to 500 copies and the first few copies come signed by Matthias Schuster.

Price: EUR 13,33 plus postage & packaging.


BAL PARÉ – Bal Paré 7”EP US 2009 MW 016 4 Tracks 12'31'' Buy

Only a few weeks after the release of BAL PARÉ’s Sommerwind 10”, which featured newly recorded tracks in the old style, Minimal Wave releases this fantastic 7”EP with original tracks recorded between 1981 and 1984. “Herz aus Stein” could have also been an IN NAMEN DES VOLKES track, as it is sounding more raw’n’dirty than the usual BAL PARÉ material, with Matthias on vocoder and similar to Hoffnung & Psyche. “Wir kamen nie an” is another hit in minimal electropop style with vocoder; due to its minimalistic nature it actually sounds like a demo track by Sonnenbrandt. The b-side opens with the simply beautiful instrumental “TV noir”. Then the record ends far too early with “La vie” again a more typical electropop track, with Kirsten Klemm doing French vocals again, that could easily have also fitted on the Sommerwind release. Not much to say here apart from: must-have!

7”EPs are new, come in heavy card stock sleeve, coloured vinyl, limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging.


BENE GESSERIT – First Time in Aachen CD BE 2010 EE21 18 Tracks 60'55'' Buy

BeNe GeSSeRiT was Benedict G. (Alain Neffe) and B. Ghola (Nadine Bal) who ran the legendary cassette label Insane Music in Belgium. The material on this CD is a recording of their concert given at the Malteserkeller Jazz Club, Nov. 11th, 1990, in Aachen, Germany, which got shelved for 20 years. The original soundboard recording on cassette has been repolished with the highest possible digital standards by masterchef Alain Neffe to a truly astonishing audio experience. “Welcome to the late night show! Expect an hour of craziness with extraordinary vocals and adventurous musical entertainment by this husband-and-wife duo from the south part of Belgium. Their live performances were as unique and rare as the chance of discovering edelweiss in the Swiss mountains, so make sure to book your ticket in time as only 300 seats will be available worldwide!” Filed under: synth-pop, improvisation, minimal electronics, experimental, avant-garde.” (edited from EE Tapes promo text) Amazing vocal performance from extreme to extreme, intense, demonic, weird, sad, funny – just unequalled! Musically very versatile and interesting as we are used know from them. It’s a masterpiece of DIY-art, really, and do not worry about the recording date, it sounds all like from around 1981 (with analogue synths, various early to mid 80’s drum machine sounds, cheap organs, bass, guitar, and many various toys and percussions… Alone the track “Rats” is worth the buy. For those into Kaa Antilope, Pseudocode, Nina Hagen, Diamanda Galas, wonderfully entertaining and a shame we all missed it out, but may Anna suggest they should play the Kernkrach Festival one day, that may match!

CDs are new, come in 7” sleeve and are limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging.


BENE GESSERIT – Half-unreleased Madness LP BE 2011 OS 13 13 Tracks 37'31'' Buy

Very cool compilation of unreleased BeNe GeSSeRiT tracks. The husband & wife duo of Alain Neffe & Nadine Bal counted as one of the most frivolous & quite impressive live acts around during the eighties. On top of a catchy but minimal synth basis created by B GHoLa (Alain Neffe) runs the strange, & playfull voice by BeNeDiCT G (Nadine Ball). This is minimal synth pop for the crazy ones among us, but aren't we all a bit mad? (OnderStroom promotional text) B1 – PreViouSLy ReLeaSeD oN a SiNGLe ( INSANE, BeLGiuM ) aND oN THe CaSSeTTe BENEDEN DE GRENS (DING DONG, HoLLaND ), B2 – PreViouSLy ReLeaSeD oN THe CaSSeTTe INSANE MUSIC FOR INSANE PEOPLE VOL.2 ( INSANE, BeLGiuM ), B3 – PreViouSLy ReLeaSeD oN THe CaSSeTTe PHOTOGRAPHS AS MUSIC SCORES ( MAPIA, GReeCe ), B4 – PreViouSLy ReLeaSeD oN THe LP 4 IN 1, VOL.1 ( GRAFIKA, BeLGiuM ), B5 – PreViouSLy ReLeaSeD oN THe CaSSeTTe INSANE MUSIC FOR INSANE PEOPLE VOL.3 ( INSANE, BeLGiuM ), B6 – PreViouSLy ReLeaSeD oN THe CaSSeTTe ONE FOR BANGKOK ( AGENCE DES REFUSES, BeLGiuM )

LPs are new, include inlay and are limited to 400 copies.

Price: EUR 16,50 plus postage & packaging.


BLACK TURTLENECK – Musical Chairs CD CDN 2006 NRML 03 11 Tracks 41'27'' Buy

BLACK TURTLENECK is Jason Amm from SOLVENT and Thomas Sinclair both hailing from Toronto, Canada. They bring us vocal electropop that they say is influenced by the likes of early Depeche Mode, The Human League and Soft Cell, in the end imagine SOLVENT’s music with a vocal performance similar maybe to that of the German futurepop project Neuroticfish. Expect pure analogue synth sound here with lots of analogue drum machine sounds. Many outstanding tracks here, e.g. “Discontinued Parts” is just beautiful with great catchy vocal lines, and sparse bright synth parts towards the end - sparseness is the key here anyway, some may wanna call it minimalism - or the instrumental title track “Musical Chairs”, or “Mall Song” that ‘behaves’ like some late 70’s/early 80’s British tune. All in all, a great minimalistic retro electropop album that’s maybe more easily accessible for those who miss a vocal performance on some Lowfish or early Solvent music.

CDs are new, come as digipak, shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging



BLOODYGRAVE & DIE LUST! 7” D 2010 Hertz 032 4 Tracks 11'10'' Buy

4 tracks: “S.O.S.“, “Chlorleichen“, “Rattengift“, “Minimalerei“




7”s are new, transparent red vinyl, handmade artwork sleeve with glove.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging



BODY ELECTRIC – Magic Electronic 12”EP NL 2010 MST 014 5 Tracks 25'48'' Buy

BODY ELECTRIC’s „Magic Electronic“ and „5595“ are truly masterpieces of electropop/italo disco. Originally released in 1984 as a 7“ on Danish label Harlekin (HMK 1319), Steen Gjerulff’s electropop project BODY ELECTRIC now sees a „re-issue“ on Dutch electro/italo label Moustache Records. Steen used a Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus, Roland Jupiter-4 Analog Synthesizer, Simmons SDS-V and Micromoog Analog Synthesizer to create the two high-class electropop-italo gems which were now co-produced, remixed and arranged by italo disco luminary Flemming Dalum, well-known for his unique italo mixes. You will find a ’84 version of „Magic Electronic“ which, in Anna’s humble opinion, is not identical with the 7“ version – the bass drum has been pumped up over the maximum (why only?) and the vocals sound different, too. Nonetheless, this track is still amazing, of course, the mix questionable though. Then there is an „Extended“ version which is mainly instrumental and in which the bass drum is eased for good, still making this a dancefloor track. The „Extended Vocoder“ version which is a bit more electronica and space-y, and a „Reflexions“ version that is a kinda a easy, chill-out alike, as well as „5595“ (which has also been remixed). Anyway, this track could have also been a track by IKO ’83. It appears to be a miracle why the original versions were not included, and a shame, too, as it is understood that the tracks have lost some of their original charm (in „favor“ of some dance beats), anyway, this is better than nothing, no?


12”EPs are new, includes insert and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 9,50 plus postage & packaging


BORGHESIA – Ljubav je hladnija od smrti LP US 2010 DE-010 10 Tracks 38'23'' Buy

Borghesia is an electronic music group from Ljubljana, Slovenia, created in 1982 by Aldo Ivancic and Dario Seraval who were members of the alternative theater troupe FV-112/15. Along with Laibach, Borghesia is the most successful band from the territory of former Yugoslavia who launched the activist movement and managed to turn sexual freedom into an important political issue by creating the New Slovenian Art scene. After two cassette-only releases the band recorded their debut vinyl LP Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti (“Love Is Colder Than Death”) during the winter of 1983-84. The band was eager to use early sampling techniques to construct tracks from cut up radio noises and movie dialogue. They developed their own brand of EBM (Electronic Body Music) that combined symphonic synthesizers (Korg PolySix), funky basslines, military drum beats (Roland TR-808) and harsh, crisp sequenced rhythms that repeat in trance-like loops (Roland TB-303). All songs from Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti are sung/recited in Croatian and use the imagery of the prohibited, tabooed and repressed. Equal parts Chris & Cosey, Cabaret Voltaire, Art of Noise and Rainer Werner Fassbinder.


LPs are new, come as red and black marbled vinyl and in 6-panel fold-out poster sleeve, and are limited to 1000 copies.

Price: EUR 17,00 plus postage & packaging


BRIGADE INTERNATIONALE – Regard Extrême LP GR 2009 Eirmi 04 11 Tracks 47'56'' Buy

BRIGADE INTERNATIONALE was Olivier Foubert (vocals, trombone, guitar, rhythms), Bruno Vaugelade (bass, rhythms, lyrics), Cecile Balladino (keys), Gilbert Correy (drums) and Midge Feld (everything else) from France. “Regard Extrême” was their first release on cassette in 1984 on the Wallenberg Produktion label. The music is ultra melancholic dark/cold wave driven mainly by bass and keyboards and adding sparse guitars and analogue drum machines (Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88, Roland TR-606) to it - will appeal to fans of other classic French bands like Clair Obscur, Die Bunker or Ligne d’Hiver, the German Die Unbekannten. Great to see/hear that the Eirkti label is not only offering forgotten pearls from Greece, but keeps on offering other fantastic releases from obscure French projects. The dark cover artwork adds perfectly to the music so altogether: another DIY melancholic cold wave classic!

LPs are new, include additional sheet and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging



BRIGADE ROSSE – Entzauberung der Welt CD D 2009 PFR 023 9 Tracks 35'32'' Buy

BRIGADE ROSSE is a Berlin-based minimal electro duo with members from other already existing bands and saying they “do not wanna make an appearance as public people, as not the persons, but the concept and music of this new group should in the forefront”, but then Anna must ask why they have put photos of them into the booklet in which, at least Anna, can recognize Uwe Marx very easily, who is known from being the singer of Bakterielle Infektion? That doesn’t make sense at all. Anyway, Uwe can so easily be recognized doing the vocals on here, so why not simply say it … But now to more important matters, the music: it can be made short: this is great album for people being into more contemporary minimal electro. Only what Anna likes with BRIGADE ROSSE is there melodic approach which other bands oftenly miss, there is strings and simple but very lovely melodies for easy and enjoyable listening, with lots of vocoders, Amiga sounds, voice samples, etc. Tracks like “Leute in der Nacht”, “Weltgeist”, “Psychotop” and “24 Stunden” will surely make it to the underground dancefloors. So if you enjoy bands like Bakterielle Infektion, File Not Found, Sickdoll, Television Set or The Rorschach Garden (who provided a remix of “Interzone BRD”)

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging



CARILLON DEL DOLORE / PETALI DEL CARIGLIONE – Al nostro Contempo 2CD I 2010 EV01 14 Tracks 73'40'' Buy

CARILLON DEL DOLORE was Francisco ’Gringo’ Franco (drums, percussion), Paolo Taballione (electric and acoustic guitars), Stefano De Cupis (bass) and Boris (vocals) from Florence, Italy. In 1984 they recorded and released one MLP „Trasfigurazione“ (Tempio Tabu Records, TETA Ep 002), which was typical Italian dark wave/gothic rock with a great influential portion of Bauhaus and Christian Death for sure and included the hit „Crimine de passione“. Probably due to singing in Italian, their fame was mainly restricted to Italy. Nonetheless, no other than Valor from Christian Death got notice of them and produced their second record „Capitolo IV°“ (Contempo, Conte 103, 1985) which was released under their moniker PETALI DEL CARIGLIONE which additionally featured Fabio Fiorucci on keyboards. So, not much synthesizer action here but very good and unknown gothic/dark wave from Italy and for those into the aforementioned bands as well as Weimar Gesang, Vox Rei, or Blaue Reiter. Only the question remains why it was manufactured as a 2CD and why the thick booklet is in Italian only? Well, history repeats itself, but Anna is here to save your lost souls.

2CDs are new, come boxed with thick booklet and are limited.

Price: EUR 19,00 plus postage & packaging



CENTRAL UNIT – Central Unit + Loving Machinery CD ITA 2003 MPRCD043 14 Tracks 62'13'' Buy

CENTRAL UNIT was Natale Nitti, Alberto Pietropoli, Enrico Giuliani, Roberto Caramelli and Alvise Cristinelli from Bologna, Italy. They formed in 1980 and released their first 12”EP “Loving Machinery” in 1982 album, followed by the self-tiltled album in 1983. Both became highly collectible and very expensive records. Actually, CENTRAL UNIT wasn’t an electropop group, but more of an avantgarde art ensemble combining lots of electronics with bass, piano, sax and violins, thus very reminiscent of Tuxedomoon and then no wonder they did a cover of “What use?” on the first 12” even leading to Peter Principle’s participation on their album. Anyway the more conventional electrowave track “Saturday Nite” (in the vein of Hysterica Passio) and the minimal electro track “Orient-Express” secured them an on-going interest in the minimal electronics scene. Most interestingly CENTRAL UNIT (to Anna’s knowledge) were the only group apart from Metal Y Ca who had a programmable Korg KR-55 and this is what Roberto once told Anna about this: ”It actually was a Korg KR-55 made programmable by a computer whiz named Mauro "Tunez" Mattioli. Mauro built an interface to let his computer communicate with the tool, and he wrote the entire software in machine language. The software run on the Commodore 80 PC (I think […]), and allowed me to fully program all the events. […] Mauro built a little box with buttons that allowed me to switch each element on and off in addition to setting the volume.”

CD are new.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging



CHARLES LINDBERGH n.e.V. – Mal gucken ob’s klappt (Live 2007) 7” D 2009 Schaul 005 4 Tracks 12'06''Buy

CHARLES LINDBERGH n.e.V. was founded by two young school boys Carol Stecker and Haiko Herden (aka NLW label, News on Friday, Anti-Trust, etc) in Hamburg, 1982. Basically equipped with some cheap preset Casio keyboards they did create some lovely little tunes. Haiko revives the project for almost annual performances at the KernKrach festivals and has even recorded a few more songs a few years back. Anyway, the tracks from this 7” derive from a spontaneous short solo performance by Haiko at the 4th KernKrach festival on November 17th, 2007. So what you get is Haiko all alone on stage with one Casio keyboard (MT-65?) playing the hits “Jetzt…”, “Auf in den Kampf”, “Body Building“ and “Weihnachtsmann“ (originally by Blümchen Blau) in their total DIY glory! So if you love CHARLES LINDBERGH n.e.V or simply those funny little Casio tunes (also check out the Duo!!! 7” on the same label) then this one is for you!

7”EPs are new, come on coloured vinyl include a signed photo and are limited to 150 copies.

Price: EUR 6,50 plus postage & packaging



CIRCUIT 7 – Video Boys LP US 2009 MW018 8 Tracks 37'49'' Buy

Minimal Wave presents a full length album by cult UK duo CIRCUIT 7, founded by Martyn Good and Andy Partington. They released 2 singles, "Modern Story" and the amazing "Video Boys" and a few tracks on the legendary "Offering of Isca" compilation between 1983 and 1985. The album features the single version of "Video Boys" as well as an unreleased studio version, and other incredible tracks like "Beat Tonight", "The Force", and "Modern Story". Most of the material is rare or previously unavailable. The music falls into the minimal synth / synthpunk / new wave category while some songs can be classified as post-punk. The record is pressed on neon green 180 gram vinyl and comes in a matte printed innersleeve with lyrics and is housed in a matching matte outer jacket. (Minimal Wave promotional text)


LPs are new and includes printed innersleeve.

Price: EUR 22,50 plus postage & packaging



CLAIR OBSCUR – C.O.I.T. 1981-1988 2LP+7” box D 2007 VOD41 28 Tracks ' '' Buy

CLAIR OBSCUR is truly a French Dark Wave legend with quite a number of rare original releases on both tape and vinyl format which fortunately have mostly been reissued to date. This release on VOD is the “Collection Of Isolated Tracks 1981-1988”, a massively extended vinyl version of a previously released but out-of-print CD compilation and includes tracks from rare singles, compilations and much unreleased material. The box set also includes an informative booklet with photos as well as a T-shirt and bonus 7”EP which contains a 2007 remix of “Dark Edit” and four live tracks from 1983 on the flipside.

Boxes are new and include the 2LP, 7”, T-shirt, booklet and are limited to 400 copies.

Price: EUR 49,00 plus postage & packaging



COLD PHOENIX – Your Eyes are my Eyes MCD I 2009 AirPlane AICD1406 6 Tracks 28'16'' Buy

COLD PHOENIX were Vittorio Barion (bass), Alessandro Paltretti (guitar, vocals), Alessandro Ruggeri (drums) and Alberto Verri (keyboards) hailing from Bologna, Italy. They formed in 1985 and released a single four-track 12'' EP “Your Eyes are my Eyes” (AILP1406, 1985). “Stonehenge” is a very simple yet typical dark wave track with real drums, distorted guitar, simple bass and keyboard accompaniment. “Sensation” is turning darker then with reminiscence to early Christian Death. “La Fleur du Destin” is thee killer track, with the drums coming from the Roland TR-606, this track soooo beautiful and touching. The desperate sparse guitars, a wind blowing, the crashing-in wall of sound, the additional percussive snare, and the beautiful vocals in French. Anna is so in love with this track, and the CD is worth buying alone for this track! Then there’s “Binding me to a Dream” which is similar to the first track with some sparse additional piano. The CD re-issue comes in a nice six panel digipak with full lyrics and unpublished pictures of the band, plus two previously unreleased bonus tracks, “Stop just a Moment” and “The Greatness of Love”. A must for those into groups like Die Unbekannten, Last Man In Europe, Days Of Sorrow, Marcie’s Still Waiting, Little Nemo, etc.

CDs are new, come as digipak and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 12,90 plus postage & packaging



COSMIC HULA RADIATORS – Planquadrat/Katapultstart 7” D 2011 FKK 01 2 Tracks 8'09' Buy

First release by new label Förderung Kosmischer Kunst (F.K.K.), including people from Epic Dreams, Nine Circles, Delos, Plastik Berlin. Minimal Electro!



7”s are new, include an insert and are limited to 150 copies.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging



CRASH – Pile ou Face/Vaughan’s Ballad 7” F 2009 PAPE 005 2 Tracks 12'05'' Buy

After the release of PHILIPPE DORAY’s LP "Nouveaux Modes Industriels" and ILITCH’s LP "10 Suicides", Thierry Müller (aka RUTH) and Philippe Doray (both great readers of JG Ballard) decided to work jointly on a project for concerts: CRASH was born. The two tracks “Pile ou Face” and “Vaughan’s Ballad” on this 7” were recorded in 1984 and both are great. They used EMS Synthi A, Farfisa VIP 233, Roland SPV-355 and Korg MS-20. “Pile ou Face” is purely electronic and a slow piece of typical French minimal electro melancholy. “Vaughan’s Ballad” is a great instrumental piece featuring lovely guitars and simple lead synth and great synth effects, simply perfectly entertaining and fun to listen to. So far, definitely the best release on Poutre Apparente.

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 7,00 plus postage & packaging



CULTURAL AMNESIA – Enormous Savages Enlarged CD AU 2009 kg124 15 Tracks 68'16'' Buy

CULTURAL AMNESIA consisted and consists again of Ben Norland, Gerard Greenway and John Peacock from the UK. They were first active 1979 to 1983, making a kind of post-industrial electropop and being very active in the underground cassette culture. In 2007 Anna Logue Records released the retrospective LP “Enormous Savages“ (Anna 007) including some of their more accessible, catchy and more electronic based material from ’81-‘83. The sound is quite dark and electronic by nature, no wonder when using the fantastic analogue Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88 drum machine and Korg MS-20 synthesiser, plus adding some weird distorted guitars and Gerard’s unique voice and lyrics. Includes amongst others the minimal electro super hit “Materialistic Man”, “Repetition for this World” which is quite reminiscent to V-Sor, X as well as three tracks with lyrics written by Geoff Rushton/John Balance of Coil. Now re-released on CD on the Austrian Klanggalerie label it also features the beautiful early 80’s ambient/electronica track „Wee Sorg” plus five additional tracks recorded after 2000 and showing that they have lost nothing of their creativity and unique sound, including the beautiful “I heard it on the Radio”.

CDs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging



CULTURAL AMNESIA – Press my hungry Button 2LP D 2007 VOD45 30 Tracks 123'27'' Buy

After the “Enormous Savages” LP this is the second selection from the archives of CULTURAL AMNESIA, bringing us another incredible 30 (!) songs. All tracks date back to 1980 to 1983 and are either taken from their rare cassettes “Video Rideo” (1981), “Sinclair’s Luck” (1983) and “The Uncle of the Boot” (1983) or are previously unreleased. “Press my hungry button”, of course, presents a wider range of CULTURAL AMNESIA’s skills with tracks ranging from weird electropop to atmospheric electronics and more experimental structures. Also, you’ll get another three songs with words by the late John Balance of COIL/PSYCHIC TV.

LPs are new and include a lyrics sheet.

Price: EUR 21,00 plus postage & packaging



DAYBED – Preludes 12”EP D 2010 neb 004 5 Tracks 19'49'' Buy

DAYBED are Carla Marschall (vocals, lyrics) from the US and Tim Farland (vocals, lyrics, music) from New Zealand, currently residing in Berlin, Germany, and now finding themselves being released as the fourth release of No Emb Blanc. Musically, they are almost purely electronic, creating a dancey electropop à la early-to-mid 80’s underground electropop bands without trying to adapt a pure raw analogue sound - DAYBED are creating music of the past, but they live in the present. „Lack of Light“ is an dancey upbeat number and with the use of Simmons drums it sounds like a slightly more modern version of our Itlainan darlings Monuments. „Gonna get us“ is pretty much influenced by John Foxx or Ultravox’s „Mr. X“, on high speed though, if you like – all of this especially manifests when you play the A-side ’accidently’ at 33.3 rpm, only that the voice turn to male, but sorry to say, especially the latter track sounds even better that way, oops! „Journey“ may appeal to fans of current Sleep Museum. „At the Station“ starts with a lovely dark wave bass, then TR-808 sounds, ethereal guitars and vocals, and then sparse synth sequences, a so beautiful song for fans of the Italian dark wave à la Weimar Gesang or such. Last but not least, a lovely cover version of „Girl help me“, originally by The Zombies. So, if you like any of the aforementioned bands or those contemporary ones: Nina Belief, Ronin, Led Er Est, Xeno & Oaklander, Tobias Bernstrup, GD Luxxe, then you are right lying down in the DAYBED. Highly recommended.

12”EPs are new.

Price: EUR 10,50 plus postage & packaging



DARK DAY - Trapped 12”EP US 1981 Lust/Unlust JMB 238 7 Tracks 15'13'' Buy

Well, you all know Robin Crutchfield’s DARK DAY, don’t you? His “Window” LP from 1982 is among the all time top ten minimal electronics records for sure and still on many want lists. Before that he released another great album (“Exterminating Angel”, 1980), a 7” (“Hands in the Dark”, 1979) and this 12”EP, which is said to be Robin’s favourite work. The material on this record is slightly more experimental, i.e. the tracks on the b-side (“The Exterminations 1 thru 6”) are presented backwards for some unknown reason. On “Trapped”, Steven Brown from TUXEDOMOON does perform as well. Anyway, DARK DAY vinyls belong to any collection of minimal electronic/wave, so grab it while you can!

12”s are new and still shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging



DARK DAY – Window LP US 2010/11 DE-006 9 Tracks 32'08'' Buy

DARK DAY was the brainchild of Robin Crutchfield formed after leaving New York’s seminal No Wave band, DNA. Following the first few incarnations and various lineups of r.l. crutchfield’s DARK DAY, 1981 saw the direction of the project morphed into an electronic keyboard duo of Robin Crutchfield and Bill Sack with an album of nine songs released on Plexus Records. Lyrics were inspired by various sources including occult texts by Colin Wilson and art by Leger, Bruegel, Malevich, Man Ray, Duchamp and Jean Cocteau. The mechanized sound of “Window” is less one of the man machine robots in charge of Kraftwerk than man at the mercy of his machines. The infectiously-engaging toy-like instruments captured the ears of fans worldwide with popcorn drum rhythms. A Synare borrowed from Jeff and Jane Hudson lent a “Bette Davis Eyes” homage and crack to the percussion on the percolating tracks. The instant polaroid images, an homage to Japanese recording artist Susan of “The Girl can’t Help it,” adorned the album sleeve in two stark headshots of musicians at work, haunted by the unseen. The front cover, a Crutchfield-designed collage in two tones of salmon flesh and Mediterranean watery blue show a string of rickety children in diaper togs, forced much like the children of “Cat in the Hat” to spend a dreary day indoors. The look on the children’s faces asks you to determine whether they are needing to be rescued from their enclosure, or inviting you to join and play. Is the window something you look out, or in? You must answer that question. (Dark Entries promotional text)

LPs are new, include silkscreened booklet and are limited to 500 copies, second edition.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging



DAS DING – H.S.T.A. LP US 2009 MW019 8 Tracks 37'20'' Buy

Minimal Wave presents a full length album by Dutch electro pioneer, DAS DING. DAS DING is Danny Bosten, who was active in the early 1980s releasing his music and friends' music via his own cassette label called Tear Apart Tapes. While studying graphic design in art school, he designed all the tape covers himself. Meanwhile, he recorded his own music as DAS DING. Powerful dark electro, some tracks are quite addictive and danceable while others are more for at home listening enjoyment. The dancefloor killer is somewhere between Reassurance Ritual and H.S.T.A. The record is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and comes in a printed innersleeve featuring artwork by Danny Bosten, and heavyweight outer jacket with photographs by Dima Belush. Definitely one of this year's favorites. (Minimal Wave promotional text)



LPs are new.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging



DAS M - Ist das wirklich nötig? 10“ D 2009 Hertz 028 10 Tracks 27'35'' Buy

DAS M is Martin Haidinger and Hertzschrittmacher has already released the fantastic LP “Leidenschaft und Produktion” by DAS M in 2008, which featured more recent compositions. Now Hertzschrittmacher release another vinyl with Martin’s earlier recordings, from 1992/1993, taken off various cassettes which were released in very small quantities on Martin’s own label Tonträger Tapes. Without any hesitation, and like with the LP, Anna highly recommends this lovely pink 10” vinyl including “Schneller sein” and “Neonlicht”, the lovely “Flohwalzer” and “Kleine Märchenfee” and the most wonderful instrumental “Wie tanzt man auf dem Uranus?”. The album titles asks: “Is is really necessary?” and Anna says: “Of course!”. Instruments used: Roland JX-3P, Roland "Drumatix" TR-606, Alesis HR-16B, Korg Wavestation, Yamaha VSS-30, Korg A5, Boss DD3, Trashmash, AKG D3 & Tascam Syncaset 234.

10”s are new, come as pink vinyl including booklet, limited to 333 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging



DAS M - Leidenschaft und Produktion LP D 2008 Hertz 023 14 Tracks 41'52'' Buy

DAS M is a solo project of a guy calling himself Sinusforscher and coming from Austria. He released some cassettes only in the early 90’s. He produces a lovely mixture of analogue electropop and electro with German lyrics and makes use of some of the usual suspects of analogue synthesisers and drum machines. The songs are spacey, catchy, minimalistic with some having a strong reference to KRAFTWERK, but you can clearly feel that he never cared much about success or fashions and simply recorded the music he likes. Equipment used: Ensoniq ASR 10, Korg Wavestation, Roland CR-78/JX-3P/MC-202/SH-101/TB-303/TR-606/TR-808, OSC Oscar, SCI Pro-One, Yamaha TX-81Z. Hertzschrittmacher are doing a great job recently, after the Arnaud Lazlaud single, this album is another definiter must-have for lovers of the ‘anna/logue’ sound.

LPs are new, come in transparent vinyl and are limited to 500 copies!

Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging



DATAFREQ vs DANELLATRON - Monumental 10” CDN/D 2008 L10Bomb 4 Tracks 16'45'' Buy

“Monumental” is the latest release by Dave Rout’s DATAFREQ project this time featuring DANELLATRON (Danella Hocevar from An April March) on vocals. Being released on his very own Bombshelter Records (though heavily supported by Das Drehmoment) it seems quite to be an effort of making a conceptual ‘minimal dansepop’ record. “Monumental” is a sequencer driven killer minimal-electropop-retro-dance track with lots of 80’s nostalgia (sampled Korg KR-55). “The only Place I go” was already featured on Das Drehmoment’s double LP “Rückwärts im Uhrzeigersinn” but comes here as a cool remix version to match the concept. “Love’s tainted Love” rings up a bell: very strong similarities to “Young Hearts of Europe” by U-BAHN X. Last track is a cool cover version of Trooper’s “Boys in the bright white Sports Car” in the aforementioned style, of course. All in all, maybe imagine this sounding like Fischerspooner with female vocals and great record!

10”s are new, come with insert and are limited to 300 copies only..

Price: EUR 11,00 plus postage & packaging





DATAFREQ - Fun for the whole Family CD D 2006 Das Drehmoment dd004 10 Tracks 37’23” Buy

DATAFREQ is Dave Rout, known to most of us by being a second incarnation member of RATIONAL YOUTH in the late 90’s. DATAFREQ’s first vinyl appearance was on last Das Drehmoment “5th Anniversary Compilation” with their smasher “Just like 1981” which just opens this first 10 track album. Vintage Electropop as we love it!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging

Click here for detailed tracklisting





DEATH DOMAIN – Ethidium Bromide 7” US 2009 DE-002 2 Tracks 6'33'' Buy

DEATH DOMAIN is Adam Huntley Stroupe (aka Billy Ruben) from Baltimore, USA, said to be a science nerd, so he’s combining his interest in science and music on here. Musically, think pure DIY analogue and raw synth stuff à la Martial Canterel, Xeno & Oaklander, Led Er Est, Sleep Museum and the likes: the drum machine (here Boss DR-55, Boss DR-110) direcly triggers the synth (here used: Korg Mono/Poly, MS-20, Moog Source), paired with sparse and simple melodies, noise percussion and cold male vocals, again not far away from Martial Canterel or Echo West, so do not expect rich textures and complex composing, this is raw’n’dirty! Lyrics-wise he’s singing about “Ethidium bromide” (which is very toxic and used to make nucleic acids visible under UV light) and “Programmed Cell Death” (a process to eliminate dysfunctional live cells). This is the second release on promising label Dark Entries from San Francisco, and sleeve comes silkscreened in four different versions: either they have a glow-in-the-dark-effect “A”, “C”, “G” or “T” on front which stands for the four bases that make up the DNA sequence (into which ethidium bromide slips in and causes mutations, bli bla blupp…). Also there is a tape “Choreutoscope” (Jerkwave Tapes 015, 2009), a split tape with High Marks (Chicago on a Spree 02, 2009), and the “Vampyroteuthis Infernalis” 7” (Army of bad Luck 014).

7”s are new, includes lyrics sheet and limited to 400 hand numbered copies.

Price: EUR 7,80 plus postage & packaging.


DEGADA SAF – No Inzro CD IT 2010 mnq 009 8 Tracks 40'09'' Buy

Degada Saf were a transgressive-dada-ist musical combo coming from Veneto. The project has seen the light back in the 80s thanks to the reunion of two charismatic experimental sound makers, Fausto Crocetta and Luigi Campalani (with additional sounds provided by Fabio Basso, Gianni Baggio and Stefano Dal Col). The music of Degada Saf suggests a peculiar mixture of post-modernism synthesised electro assaults, new wave’s imaginative minimalism and pop art aesthetic vision. The sound material of No Inzro makes constant interferences between rigorous avant-gardism, alternative music styles and colourfully plastic electro pop. The spectrum of musical imagination reveals a lot of good surprises, notably with the opening theme “La Rhumba de Shang Hai” which directly gives the tonality of the entire album: kitschy retro-popish ambiences based on dancing minimal hypno pulses and efficiently cold melodies. “Ris du Fles” is an intriguing-theatrical piece based on synth waves, absurd repetitive voices, surreal electro oscillations and skeletal e-guitar sequenze. “Tri-Banal” and “Loda Loda” are spaced out mechanical pop songs. Both songs admit obsessional abstract repetition, moody weird vocalizations, circular electro arpeggios and dissonant sound frequencies, in a way very similar to the experiments that Cabaret Voltaire were doing in the same period. “Zom Africa” is an instinctive pop-ish song, always bringing to the fore this massive, recognisable 80’s atmosphere. “Poli Su Mis”, “Om” and “No Inzro” deliver a convincing return to more dramatic, veiled electro-pop variations. Cynically and always in a jubilant provocative way it seems to open on a musical metaphor referring to negativity, conformity and anxiety within the consumer subject of late capitalism. A groovy and captivating electro experience. A pretty decent introduction to the band’s very own musical universe. Warmly recommended for those who are into minimal electro pop fantasies (Automat, New Order, Alphaville, late Kraftwerk...). (Mannequin promotional text)

CDs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.


DER MUßIKANTDistanz CD D 2005 gen023 29 Tracks 55'52'' Buy

It is indeed a shame that Anna needed so long to add this CD to her online shop. This is simply a cult album and isn’t it that raw analogue synthesiser sound that we all love so much? Well, if you like this style, maybe call it German minimal electronics with a KORG MS20 in the vein of IM NAMEN DES VOLKES or early TOMMI STUMPFF, every single track will be a hit for you! DER MUßIKANT (Rolf Schobert from Reutlingen/Stuttgart, Germany) released four cassettes as DER LUSTIGE MUSIKANT/DER EWIGE MUSIKANT in between 1980 and 1982, as well as a 7”EP as DER KÜNFTIGE MUSIKANT in 1982. Also, the Musikant was one half of HEUTE with G.A.W. on vocals. Conclusion: must-buy!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.


DEUXAgglomérat CD F 2006 16 Tracks 65'44'' Buy Currently sold out!

Deux were already pretty well known in the minimal synth scene due to their two classic 7”s “Felicita/Game and Performance” and “Europe/Paris Orly” both released in France in 1985. It is great to see those rare tracks being re-released on CD format together with many previously unreleased tracks (demos, studio and rehearsal) ranging from 1982 to 1992, among them the great early tracks “Minimaliste”, “Le Couloir”, “Decadence” and “Dance with me” which is so incredibly typical French. The original 7” track “Europe” is unfortunately not included on this compilation, but an English sung take called “Sex and Trouble” can be found so you need not start crying.

CDs are new and come exclusively signed by the original members Gérard and Cati!

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


DIE BUNKER – Peut-être qu’il n’y a plus rien? (1983-1984) LP GR 2008 eirmi01 9 Tracks 42'51'' Buy

Oh beloved French melancholy! Still Anna can’t help it: those Frenchies must be living in a parallel universe made up solely of sadness and melancholy. Like Clair Obscur and others, they just have their very own sound. DIE BUNKER was one of them, an artistic ensemble from St. Mandé, France. They released a first self-titled cassette in 1983 (Visa, Androidia Flux 004), followed by the vinyl LP “Dreams are not free” in 1988 (Visa, Ultima Flux 005), the LP “Mother” in 1990 (Houlala Zelig 9018) and appeared on several compilations. This new album re-issues the original 1983 tape while adding one bonus track “In den letzten Zügen lieben” from the 1984 “Visa présente:” compilation. The sound is purely electronic, simple, very raw, very melancholic though melodic, and Anna has rarely heard such a cool rough drum machine, boy it ‘rocks’ (in an electronic analogue way, of course!). Cult tape, therefore cult vinyl! Buy or die!

LPs are new, come with info sheet and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


DIE FORM – Chronology [The Bain Total Years 1.977-1.985 6LP+7” Box D 2010 VOD71 113 Tracks ' '' Buy

This 6LP+7" box compilation is an outstanding audio-selection of tape releases by DIE FORM and its Side-Projects ("Eva-Johanna Reichstag", „Fine Automatic“, "Krylon Hertz", "Camera Obscura", "DF Sadist School", "Mental Code" and "Hurt"), all released between 1977-1985 on the French Minimal/Synth/EBM-Label "Bain Total" which was run by mastermind Philippe Fichot of DIE FORM. This careful selection has been made by Philippe Fichot and VOD with focus on audio-material which has only been released on those super-rare and highly collectable tapes (BTK01-BTK29). All the tracks and visual archives have been mastered from the originals. This is for sure an archival masterpiece and a must-have for all serious and passionate collectors and listeners of early 80's minimal synth and Wave/EBM. (Vinyl-on-Demand promotional text)



6LP+7“ box sets are new and this ist he members edition including the artificial leather pouch, 180 grams vinyls with individual sleeves, booklet, printed innersleeve and limited to 250 copies (regular edition 600 copies).

Price: EUR 99,00 plus postage & packaging



DIE PERLEN / FUNK-HAUS-GRUPPE – Nur tote Männer sind schön / Allein im Funkhaus 7“ D 2009 Fire!Zone FZ010 2 Tracks 8'16'' Buy

DIE PERLEN are Katja Heller and Ferdinand Steinbart from Nürnberg (Nuremburg), Germany… and here they cover the track “Nur tote Frauen sind schön” (“Only dead women are beautiful”) originally by WELLE:ERDBALL, and making it “Nur tote Männer sind schön” (“Only dead men are beautiful”). Great track sounding like electropop anno 1985. The FUNK/HAUS-GRUPPE consists of all members from DIE PERLEN, HERTZINFARKT, SONNENBRANDT and WELLE:ERDBALL occasionally meeting and recording together – simple and wonderfully entertaining electronic NDW with a massive TRIO reference (“aha, jaja”, the reduced minimalistic rhythm and lyrics, too) saying the track is coming out of a single Commodore C64 computer, but what does Anna know about it?! Nothing, but the track is just wonderful, sung by all the three blondie girls, and it shall also make it to the dancefloors at your local discotheque. Pipikaka? Aha, jaja!

7”s are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 6,50 plus postage & packaging.


DIE KAPAZITÄT – Leichte Stimmen CD D 2009 NLW023 26 Tracks 77'49'' Buy

DIE KAPAZITÄT were Wolfgang Marx, Christoph Willumeit and Stephan Braun from Hamburg, Germany. There was no strict assignment of roles, any member could play any instrument simply by best knowledge or skills as this was perfectly the spirit of the (post) punk times. Their tracks were built up around a drum machine (Roland TR-808 or real) and/or sequence, with some guitars and/or weird synth noises added. In 1981, they released the 12”EP “Bündig” on the Konkurrenz label, followed by the full length album “Leichte Stimmen” in 1982. Both are featured completely on this full time CD compilation along with 8 previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded between 1981 and 1983. So, their sound was quite typical underground New Wave/NDW, fortunately with predominance of synths. Comparisons coming to mind may be Der Plan, Die Doraus und die Marinas, Geisterfahrer, Mittageisen, Grauzone and Keine Ahnung.

CDs are new and in DVD box with mini booklet.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.


DISTEL – Mrok/Regn 7” NL 2010 petit enfant 006 2 Tracks 8'11'' Buy

Dutch angstpop (dark and slow synth pop) act DISTEL (also active as drone/experimental act Hadewych) was already present on the compilation Radio Resistencia. This is the real debut release. Moody and gloomy soundscapes and whispered vocals (sometimes in Dutch) draw you into the world of distel. The music is poetic, sophisticated and above all a very intense listening experience (Enfant Terrible promo text).





7”s are new and limited to 300 hand numbered copies only.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging.


DOLINA – Dolina LP D 2010 TUT016 11 Tracks 38'58'' Buy

Make a wish and close your eyes… Cross the bridge to the cloudy skies, hungry nights and drunken smiles that are the world of DOLINA. Treue um Treue are very proud to present the long overdue debut album of the Franco-Belgian electronic trio, known for their contributions to various samplers (“Festival Der Genialen Dissidenten” and “Radio Resistencia” on Enfant Terrible and "Circuit d'actes" on La Forme Lente) as well as many live appearances since their creation in 2006. While their music undeniably carries the heritage of French Cold Wave - think DIE BUNKER and TRISOMIE 21 - their synth ethics are more akin to those of David Harrow or N.O.’s Gillian Gilbert. With their brothers in arms PIERRE NORMAL they share a taste for carefully arranged lyrics and electronics, but if their take on French Chanson is equally synth-driven, it is also far more sombre, flirting at times with Angst Pop and even Bat Cave. Powerful anthems, ghostly waltzes and chilling sweet-sour ballads, served by male and female vocals in French and English, haunt the grooves of this eponymous first LP, which reveals the band as one of the spearheads of the Cold Synth-Wave renaissance. (Treue um Treue promotional text)


LPs are new, include lyricsheet and are limited to 320 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


DOXA SINISTRA – Conveyer-Belt LP NL 2008 Enfant12 12 Tracks 41'47'' Buy Currently sold out!

DOXA SINISTRA was Brian Dommisse (Freakowitz) and Hanjo Erkamp (Dr. C. Stein) of ENDE SHNEAFLIET fame, who recorded their second album “Conveyer-Belt” in 1984/85 which was eventually released on Trumpett/ADN on cassette format. In DOXA SINISTRA they lived out their experimental and noisy though always purely electronic side, somewhere between Ende Shneafliet, Nocturnal Emissions, Skinny Puppy and S.P.K. Truly another classic album from the huge Trumpett archives, and probably/hopefully not the last one to experience a revival on the vinyl format. So, to cut the story short: Trumpett rules, ok!

LPs are new and are limited to 600 copies!

Price: EUR 15,50 plus postage & packaging.


DREAM DISCO Take me home/In your Eyes 12”EP D 2008 Das Drehmoment 012 5 Tracks 27'43'' Buy

DREAM DISCO is the Italo Disco project of Rotterdam based producer DJ OVERDOSE who already had remarkable releases on Viewlexx and Bunker. He appeared with Alden Tyrell and on I-F’s “Space Invaders are smoking Grass". “Take me home” comes in two versions and is indeed pretty much a typical Italo Disco track with some reference to Italian “Endzeit (end time)”/Sci-Fi movie soundtracks including male and female vocals. “In your Eyes” is similar though even a bit more poppy. The remix by DJ TECHNICIAN comes in a cool minimal electronic dance version while the SPECULATOR remix is a lovely kinda minimal electronica pop reminiscent of Solvent or Skanfrom. Both great remixes so all in all a great record for those into Italo and danceable electropop, and simply another great record from Das Drehmoment!

12”EPs are new and come in Das Drehmoment disco sleeve.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging.


DR. C. STEINLiège in the Spring 10“ D 2007 TUT008 7 Tracks 28'24'' Buy

Here finally is the follow-up to last years’ “Echo Trip” LP release, again on Treue um Treue, and again Anna can only highly recommend this artist/record. The tracks range from 1983 to 1988, and it is just great listening to this brilliant analogue synth programming and Roland TR-606 and TR-808 rhythms. The tracks range from atmospheric to electropop, while the atmospheric part is dominating. Also, you’ll find a rare vocal performace by Hanjo Erkamp. Well, it is hoped that even more music from Hanjo/ENDE SHNEAFLIET will be released, especially when the great music comes in an equally beautiful artwork! Essential stuff.

Sound samples can be found here!

10”s are new and are limited to 514 copies.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.


DUO!!! 7” D 2008 Schaul003 4 Tracks 12'42'' Buy

DUO!!! was Kai A. Knipper (lyrics) and Matthias Klein (music) from Berlin, Germany, who recorded these lovely CasioPop tunes in 1986/87, on a cassette recorder in their living room. As for CasioPop, it is understood that this is not really synthesiser stuff, but made with these cheap little keyboards for kids with their very own, strangely enough, very melancholic sound (here a Casio MT-65 was used). DUO!!!’s tracks are just wonderful, and for those who love this sound, the melancholy, the ultra DIY and lo-fi-sound and some weirdness, simply a must! As a comparison, maybe think of Charles Lindbergh n.e.V., as no wonder: Schallplatten aus Lurup (Schaul) is his label...!

7”s are new, come in lilac-brownish vinyl, with crazy photo and are limited to 150 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,00 plus postage & packaging.


E-MAN – E-Man LP NO 2009 HRLP002 14 Tracks 50'01'' Buy

E-MAN was the first project of Norwegian musician Geir Jenssen (electronics, well-known from being in Bel Canto and especially Biosphere) with guest vocalists Ragnar "Spiss" Larsen and Frank Jensen, and Per Martinsen on additional electronics. They only released one cassette on Likvider in 1984 (LIKV 4025) with tracks recorded in 1983/84. Originally, it was meant to be a C-46, but it was re-edited to a C-30, meaning four cuts had to be left off. These tracks are now back on the list, and the LP also features an unreleased early bonus track. For various reasons one can say that E-MAN was the Norwegian twin-brother of Belgian project Twilight Ritual (and its related projects Linear Movement and Autumn). First because of the instrumentation: Geir used a Roland TR-808 with sequencers and second, Geir did not restrict himself to (synth)pop structures but added already much soul and atmosphere into the compositions. Already the first track “The Difference” sounds perfectly like the best synthpop moments of Linear Movement. “De Du Da Da Di” has very clear Kraftwerk and Cybotron (Juan Atkins) influences, too. “The Upland” (parts I to IV) or “Hosono” are Twilight Ritual tracks par excellence. Also featured and finally available is the track “Great Nations” which was already well-known in the minimal electronics circles, a masterpiece of simple electropop, and very very similar to Oppenheimer Analysis. And so happy that also now “Jeg Er Moderne” is available on vinyl, one of the best electropop tracks ever ever ever – listen to that sequence and melodies, oh Anna is melting away every time she hears that song. Then equally great and again Linear Movement like “Nibsy the Newsboy” … Remastered by Geir Jenssen and Veronica Vasicka, this (re-)release was so over-due! If you like any of the aforementioned bands, then there is no way that you could pass on this. Norway, 12 points from Germany! FYI: Also recently released as MC on The Tapeworm (TTW#10).

LPs are new, 180 grams vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 17,50 plus postage & packaging.



EL DEUX (+ MARTIN KRAFT) – Best Of CD CH 2002 HB 2054–2 10 Tracks 44'22'' Buy

EL DEUX was Gutze Gautschi (synths, guitar, vocals) and Steno Onetz (synths, bass), both already known from having been in FRISCHE FARBE / FRESH COLOR, here helped out by Martin Kraft (vocals). They were hailing from Switzerland being active in between 1982 and 1984 and definitely created some of the best NDW-electropop ever. In 1982, they released their first 7” single “Computer-Mädchen/Gletscher” (Gold Records 10 059), followed by the wonderful LP “Nur für Mädchen”, engl.: “Only for girls”, (Gold Records 11 173) plus further releases of “Gletscher”. As a 20th anniversary edition this CD version includes the full album plus adding “Video King” from the “Gletscher” 7” (Gold Record 106114-100) as a bonus track to the track list. All tracks use our beloved Korg KR-55 drum machine with additional synthetic percussion from the Simmons drums, lots of synths plus adding those NDW-typical nice guitars and real or synthetic bass. On top is Martin’s German vocals with a very light but so sympathetic Swiss dialect and the lyrics are so entertaining! Actually, all tracks are wonderful, with stand-out tracks “Spieglein, Spieglein” (Anna is so much in love with this track) and “Computermädchen”. Anna has always been a very proud owner of both the first 7” and LP, but the CD was almost as equally hard to get as the vinyls, so now she is very happy to offer this one to you. Don’t let this chance go! Highly recommended for those being interested in the better side of NDW, or the lighter side of the Grauzone!

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped

Price: EUR 17,00 plus postage & packaging.



ELEVEN POND – Bas Relief LP US 2010 DE 001 11 Tracks xx'xx'' Buy

ELEVEN POND was James Tabbi (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jeff Gallea (drum programs, synthesizer, vocals), Jack Schaeffer (electric guitar) and Dan Brumley (synthesizer, samples, vocoder, melodic) from Rochester, NY, USA, who met in art school with a shared interest in 4AD and Factory Records. In 1986, they self-released their one and only LP “Bas Relief” in an edition of 500 copies. Josh Cheon’s newly founded label Dark Entries has now re-released the LP with much passion and love for details including a great remaster from the original tapes and great artwork. Musically, fans of mid-80’s dark wave in the vein of For Against, Handful of Snowdrops, Necropolis of Love or The Arms of Someone New will be very pleased, that is electronics with leading bass and guitars along a Roland TR-707 drum machine. Includes the beautiful and more electro-poppy tracks “Watching Trees” and “Portugal”. The lovely cardboard cover is silk-screened and hand numbered, and includes lyrics sheet, two postcards, an insert and a sticker.

LPs are new, includes lyricsheet, second edition, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging.



END OF YOUR GARDEN / DE MÅ VÆRE BELGIERE – Celebration / Er det tirsdag må det være belgen MLP US 2010 DE-011 7 Tracks 24'00'' Buy

This split LP combines two 7″s from the Danish bands END OF YOUR GARDEN and DE MÅ VÆRE BELGIERE originally released on the Replik Muzick record label in 1981/83. END OF YOUR GARDEN were a trio from Haderslev who took their name from the Joy Division song “Eternal”. Inspired after reading an NME review of the first Young Marble Giants release, the band formed in late 1980. Using a DIY mentality, they employed a sparse, simple sound built around synthesizer, rhythm box, bass, guitar and violin, which set them apart from their contemporaries. The recording for the Celebration 7″ took place during one weekend in the summer of 1981 with producer Ingolf Brown of Danish synthpop band Moral. The four songs on the Celebration 7″ showed the diverse range this band covered during their short life. After recording the Test 7″ in 1982 the band broke up and members went on to form Tristan T. and DE MÅ VÆRE BELGIERE were a four-piece from Aarhus formed in 1982. Their sole release was a 7″ recorded in February 1983 and the music was a product of the Factory Records post punk sound conveying a melancholic and mournful mood. The band played guitar, bass, drums, sang in their native language of Danish and shared a love for Echo and the Bunnymen, Josef K., The Cure and Joy Division. Sadly the group broke up in 1984 after a handful of live shows, one of which was recorded and released on CD in 2006 by Tryghed & Tristesse Records. (Dark Entries promotional text)

LPs are new, includes lyricsheet, second edition, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Price: EUR 17,00 plus postage & packaging.



ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE – For This Is Past LP+CD NL 1983/2008 SG 007 10 Tracks 40'24'' (x2) Buy

ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE in 1982 were Paulus Wieland, Richard Neumöller and Ton Willekes and they released their first vinyl album in early 1983 on their own Clogsontronics label, which is widely regarded as one of the master pieces of Dutch Electropop music and has been a highly collectible item ever since. Now the album gets its wonderful re-issue on the recently revived Clogsontronics label, once again – like the STÖRUNG re-issue – in a beautifully remastered set of both vinyl LP and CD. Basically recorded using Korg MS-20/Polysix, Oberheim OB-4, Roland SH-09/TB-303/TR-808, and Siel Orchestra one wouldn’t except other than a great album and it is. It is guessed you all know about it and that you want it, so don’t be shy and get it while you can!

LP+CD sets are new, 180g vinyl, limited to 700 handnumbered copies and include two stickers.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging.



ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE – The Art of Being LP US 2007 MW007 8 Tracks 40'25'' Buy

ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE has seen quite a continued interest in their works which has not only led to some of their early recordings being made available for the first time but also to the re-installation of their own Clogsontronics label. “The Art of Being” was the first re-issue of early material, originally recorded between mid 1981 and early 1982. These tracks were submitted as a demo to Polydor who – not to much surprise – rejected the material. For us obviously absurd as this material is just fantastic from the very beginning to the very end! Beautifully equipped with a Roland TR-606 and CR-78, along with Elka Electric Piano, Roland Jupiter-4, Korg MS-20, Pearly Syncussion SY-1, Siel Orchestra, Yamaha CS-30, ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE knew how to use this gear and elicited the most dark and mesmerizing sounds from them and simply wrote brilliant, atmospheric and danceable songs. Includes also Anna’s favourite “A Distant Dance”, no other than another must-have!

LPs are new, come on 180g and with lyrics sheet, and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 21,50 plus postage & packaging.



ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO – E.G. Box 1 5xCD JP 2009 13CTCDB-658/662 57 Tracks 252'32'' Buy

ESPLENDOR GEOMÉTRICO were Arturo Lanz, Gabriel Riaza and Juan Carlos Sastre from Madrid, Spain, who who after parting from technopop pioneers El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados in 1980 were to become one the pioneers of rhythmic industrial music. This box set includes the main output in the years 1980 to 1986: CD 1 - „Eg1“ (1981) plus three bonus tracks incl. „Moscú está helado“, CD 2 - „El Acero del Partido/Héroe del Trabajo“ (1982), CD 3 - „Comisario del la Luz/Blanco de Fuerza“ (1985) plus five bonus tracks, CD 4 - „1980-1981“ (1986) also including their first 7“ „Necrosis en la Poya“, and CD 5 - „En Roma“ (1986). For anyone into early minimalistic and rhythmic industrial and those who shy not away to sometimes also spin some early Throbbing Gristle, SPK or Nocturnal Emissions records.

Box sets are new and limited.

Price: EUR 79,00 plus postage & packaging.



EXCÈS NOCTURNE – L’Echo des Silences 12”EP F 2009 BD LP 005 4 Tracks 16'28'' Buy

EXCÈS NOCTURNE was a Cold Wave group from North France active from 1985 to 1989, but revived in 2006 and now consisting of Corine “Ariane” Zimny (lyrics, vocals), Rémy Lozowski (guitars), Richard Horon (bass, programming) and Doobig (arrangements). This EP features the new recording “Moi dans le Silence” plus the three newly recorded, remixed and re-arranged tracks “Mémoire”, “Le Soleil s’est noyé” and “La Vie peut être cruelle”. Somehow an unusual approach using a Roland TR-909 in conjunction with guitars and bass, but it works so well. Electronic sparkles are present here and there, and Corine has an interesting rather chansonesque yet eccentric voice. Those who loved the last Guerre Froide CD will surely love this EP, too, and will be happy to read that EXCÈS NOCTURNE are working on a CD album. Also exceptionally beautiful artwork!

12”EPs are new and all come with the additional unique artwork by singer Corine (these are limited to 300 copied – total edition is 500 copies).

Price: EUR 12,90 plus postage & packaging.



EXKURS – Fakten sind Terror CD D 2004 NLW006 19 Tracks 61'50'' Buy

In 1981, EXKURS released their only one eight-track LP named “Fakten sind Terror” on the German Konkurrenz label. Thanks to NLW, this album has been made available again as a CD version which includes the complete album, being digitally remastered and having added eleven (!) previously unreleased tracks to it by follow-ups projects EXKURS II and EXKURS III. Their most well-known hits “Warten” and “Natur” are, of course, included.

CDs are new and come in shrink wrapped DVD case with informative booklet.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.



EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS – Tracks to glow in the Dark 2LP D 2010 VOD77 21 Tracks 125'00'' Buy

This 2LP is the second release of EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS on VOD Records. It contains all their remaining official vinyl releases plus more ultra rare or unreleased minimal synth and dance classics by EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS plus a Live in the Studio performance from 1985. Includes the complete "Glowing in the Dark" 12"EP (Short Circuit Records?SCR-002, 1984), the complete "Experiment!" 12"EP (Connection Records R8787, 1987), their track "Work that Beat" from "V/A - Terminal No. 18 (7" Flexi Disc, 1984) plus "Aviation" (recorded 1985), "Burning Flame on Ice" (recorded 1985), "Different Ones" (Practice Version, 1986), "S.O.S." (Practice Version), "No Answers" (Practice Version), "New Project" (Reversed Version), "S.O.S." (1985), "Experiment" (Demo Version), "My Own Way", "Strawberry March", Live Studio 1985 WXPN 1/12/85: "Anaesthetic", "Mannequin", "Plattform", "Glowing in the Dark", "Modern Living" (edited from Vinyl on Demand promotional text)

2LPs are new and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 23,23 plus postage & packaging.



FALL OF SAIGON – 1981-1984 CD F 2010 GA8851 13 Tracks 44'55'' Buy

An ephemeral trio formed at the very beginning of the Eighties, FALL OF SAIGON takes a special place within French rock. A voice (Florence Berthon), an organ (Pascal Comelade) and a guitar (Thierry DEN), supported by a foregrounded drumbox, suffice to maintain a minimalist and essential construction, full of class and inventiveness. More conventionally rocky than musics recorded by Pascal Comelade in those years, although subtly peculiar, the compositions show influences marked by the New York seal. Thus the musicians are not constrained to the usual clumsiness of those who never managed to go beyond the mere imitation (Or their limitation...). Through two years of existence, 1981 and 1982, FALL OF SAIGON had only released one single-play, that's become both quite rare and expensive. The reissue of these recordings represents the eleventh volume of the Zut-O-Pistes series, and it's enhanced with seven unreleased tracks, three live recordings, plus two prior and post-FALL OF SAIGON era titles. This is certainly enough to take advantage of the subtle charm of this trio! (Musea promotional text)

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


FANZINE – Llegas Tarde 7”EP ES 2008 SPSR-001 3 Tracks 12'27'' Buy

FANZINE and their even earlier project Tomates Electricos were pioneering Spanish Electropop (“tecnopop”) groups active in the early 80’s and hailing from Valencia. They wrote amazing and catchy tracks with our beloved machines, the Korg KR-55 and MS-20 being the main work horses, and anyhow they still sound pretty typical Spanish, very similar to Metal Y Ca, Ultima Emocion or Grupo “Q”. On this limited 7”EP release three of their songs are presented: “Llegas Tarde”, “Noches de Fiesta” and “Deja de Lamentarte”, all from 1983, and all are hits. Shall Anna dare to tell you already that a double CD release from FANZINE/TOMATES ELECTRICOS on Anna Logue Records is in its planning stage? Si, es de necesidad absoluta.

7”EPs are new and-numbered and include an insert; limited to 520 copies.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging.


FAST FORWARD/JAMES HIMSELF – Bye bye Love 7” USA 1981 Pink Noise 2 Tracks 8'19'' Buy

With some massive support from the Netherlands (many thanks to K.H.), Anna is now able to offer another batch of original stock vinyls, so here comes one that is truly an all-time minimal electronics classic: “Bye bye Love” recorded in 1981 by FAST FORWARD. Originally a track by the Everly Brothers (!), Fast (as he calls himself) turned it into a monotonous, rhythmic-metallic and purely synthetic electronic orgy full of weirdness. On the flipside we get JAMES HIMSELF which actually comprised Blaine Reininger and Steven Brown who you know, of course, from being in TUXEDOMOON. Their track “City of Merchandise” is a chaotic though rhythmic cacophony in perfect harmony with TUXEDOMOON’s releases from that time, so for all collectors of this band, it’s time to grab your copy while you can. In no doubt another must-have!

7”s are new and come in polyethylene sleeves for both vinyl and sleeve.

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging.


FEMME FATALE – Prag Attack/Velours 7” D 2004 GEN 017 2 Tracks 7'28'' Buy

FEMME FATALE is one of the minimal electronics projects of Tobi Margaux a.k.a. DER KÜNSTLICHE DILETTANT (Invasion Planete Records) and BASTARDS OF LOVE. His most influential group is Portion Control, so his own musical attempts are not too far away from their earlier material. “Prag Attack” is a short minimal electro pearl played – as guessed – entirely on the Korg MS-20, and well suited for any minimal electro dancefloor. “Velours” is a bit more versatile, and may also make your bodies shake in ecstasy while the strobelights are flashing through the dark rooms. With Genetic Music releases you normally cannot do wrong, can you?

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 7,00 plus postage & packaging.


FILE NOT FOUND – Division by Zero CD D 2005 ER 001 14 Tracks 66'51'' Buy

Four years after the debut FILE NOT FOUND album, Daniel and Martin released their second album “Division by Zero” on the newly founded Berlin based Etoile Records. It marked a step forward to writing more stronger tracks in the minimal electro pop genre like “Gimmicks” or the “Star”. And fortunately, there are again these super beautiful slower tracks like “Will I Dream”, “Division by Zero” and “Give me a Sign” that alone are worth the buy – for Anna they are pure musical poetry. On this album they seemed to use more analogue gear, for example if you take “The result”, then this could have also ended up on an album by their alter ego we., which for Anna is a good thing, hehe. So, all in all, an album that you will be happy to play again and again in years to come, and another album by two of Germany’s best underground synthesists.

CDs are new and come signed by Daniel and Martin.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging.


FILE NOT FOUND – Impulse CD+CDR/CD D 2009 VCR 0901 27/17 Tracks 111'31''/67'10'' Buy

So, here it is the long anticipated third album by FILE NOT FOUND, this time released on the bands’ own Voltage Controlled Records label (actually, now they have stigmatized themselves with that label name, so let’s hope for the best in terms of future releases)! Anna can re-assure you (for good!), that not too much has changed over the last four years as Daniel and Martin come again up with their usual and very own mixture various electronic pop styles using all that weird toy instrument and old computer game sounds. Seventeen tracks in total, and again massive minimal electro hits like “No means out” and “Mathematics” (you will LOVE them!!!), or “Pay twice” which is almost reminiscent to The Klinik/Dive, synthpop smashers like “Circuits” as well as the beautiful slower tracks “Lost Decisions”, “Restoring my Mind”, “Clue” and “Out of Fashion”. Only, Anna is under the impression that Daniel and Martin know their synths better and better by now, there is just amazing synth sounds all around, really a great pleasure to listen! The deluxe edition (limited to 150 hand numbered copies, plus printed FNF circuit pin) includes a bonus CDR with an additional ten tracks, of which four are by FNF, plus six remixes/cover versions by The Weathermen, Celluloide, Chinese Theatre, Half A Robot, Noreen and The Rorschach Garden.

CD+CDR/CDs are new and come signed by Daniel and Martin.

EUR 25,80 plus postage & packaging for the deluxe edition Currently sold out!!
EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging for the standard CD


FIVE O´CLOCK TRAFFIC – Aside from Dreams and Hallucinations LP SE 2010 dp 8 9 Tracks 41'04'' Buy

FIVE O’CLOCK TRAFFIC is Daniel Wendler (also in Goz Mongo Alliance, Plastic Planet) from Helsingborg, Sweden. Under this moniker he debuted already in 2002 with the same-titled LP (Skiboy Records, SR 001), which was followed by the LP „När ska du skaffa dig lite RIKTIGA.....instrument“ (Skiboy Records, SR 002) in 2004. So, this is Daniel’s third solo album but the first one to be released on our beloved Djuring Phonogram label. The label says: „This is true analogue electropop for all of us that just can’t get enough of it!“ And it is true, apart from slightly more experimental piece „Transmission“ which sounds perfectly like De Fabriek or Throbbing Gristle. Daniel is exclusively using our beloved analogue toys, e.g. the Roland CR-78 in the cheesy minimal electro „Triggsession 1.1“, and the lovely minimal electropop „Krapperups Allé“, the Pearl SY-1 Syncussion (Anna guesses) in the dance track „Fullo“ or „Hermes“, which sounds very much like Skanfrom, or the TR-808 in „Secrets“. All in all this is lovely trip into Daniel’s all-instrumental-blip-and-blop-universe, a little weird here and there, but what other would you expect from a Swedish musician, unless he was in ABBA?!


LPs are new, silk-screened sleeve, limited to 300 copies, and Anna’s copies come signed by Daniel.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.


FLESH GOLEM – Flesh Golem 7” D 2007 PDSW 999 4 Tracks 13'42'' Buy

FLESH GOLEM is Menis (synths, drum machines, vocals) and Kriis (guitar, backing vocals) from Athens, Greece, releasing their first record on the German WSDP sublabel PDSW. In the first track “In Gin and Grace they doused” one can clearly hear where their inspiration comes from: Joy Division! Both music and vocals must really be regarded as a tribute to them. “Unseen” is more electronic, still with a strong dark wave touch though. “The Golem” and “Non-Creation” take the same line, and all in all this EP will appeal to those who like dark wave with a strong electronic edge. Maybe this was a bit too early for a vinyl release but nice for a debut on a small label for a small crowd of people into music what nowadays is obviously referred to as minimal wave.

7”s are new and are limited to 250 copies only.

Price: EUR 6,50 plus postage & packaging.


FRAK – Herkules 7” SE 2010 dp 9 2 Tracks 9'56'' Buy

The first "new" material by FRAK since 2003... This 7" contains two tracks classic FRAK-style electropop. Material recorded 2007-2008 by original setup (Börft promo text).






7”s are new, come as stamped whitelabels and are limited to 250 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,90 plus postage & packaging.


FRAK – Love beyond Synth Saga LP SE 2007 dp4 8 Tracks 42'03'' Buy

FRAK have a long tradition releasing many tapes and vinyl tracks in Sweden from the late 80’s till today. They actually perform a wide range of electronic music styles, but probably this LP wouldn’t have ended up here in Anna’s shop if it wasn’t kind of experimental analogue Electropop this time. Though recorded in 1991 the material sounds definitely more and perfectly like 1981, which is probably due to the excessive use of our beloved Boss DR-55 drum machine and analogue synthesisers. The material presented here is previously unreleased and should appeal to fans of minimal electronics as performed by John Bender, Gen Ken Montgomery or A.T.R.O.X.

Sound samples can be found here.

LPs are new and limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging.


FRANK (JUST FRANK) – The Brutal Wave CD US 2010 VR010-2 11 Tracks 45'18'' Buy

Wierd Records proudly presents the debut album from FRANK (JUST FRANK) from Paris, France entitled “The Brutal Wave“. “The Brutal Wave“ draws from many rich traditions of US and UK guitar driven wave, minimal synth, early black metal and new indie rock from Brooklyn respectively - layering lush washes of atmospheric anglophilic guitars above a warmly orchestral analogue synth and drum machine fueled minimal electronic backdrop. Equally of disparate origins are the band members themselves, Chris was born in New Jersey and grew up with half-Indian Kirti in the South of France, although both were schooled in London. Despite such varied influences and backgrounds, FRANK (JUST FRANK) indeed proudly embrace the French pop musical tradition and present a freshly recontextualized version of the french cold wave sound, which might well be most appropriately called ‘La Vague Froide Moderne’ in 2010. The album presents a carefully crafted set of nine trax in which shiver-inducing swathes of guitars, restrained and mournful, battle alongside and often it seems directly against bitingly insistent vocals, that effortlessly switch between French and English. No lyrical themes are off limits for the apparently fearless young band, as the poetically flowing voice espouses tales ranging from provocatively 'centrist' takes on international politics to vulnerably personal epics of heartbreak and addiction, and these tensions between right and left, darkness and light, and private versus public consistently replay themselves throughout the record, both in the lyrical content and the musical dynamics at work. This powerfully emotional record is made with simultaneous confrontation and restraint, as well as viscerally sensitized homemade DIY intimacy and feverishly swaggering aggression, and it is this balancing act and interplay of extremes that FRANK (JUST FRANK) harnesses to carve out “The Brutal Wave“! (Wierd Records promotional text)

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging.


FRANK (JUST FRANK) / SOVIET SOVIET – Split LP IT 2010 MNQ 013 10 Tracks 30'05'' Buy

Mannequin is proud to release a freely inspired split album between FRANK (JUST FRANK) (FR/UK) and SOVIET SOVIET (IT), which gathers materials from two original musical personalities who made a name into vintage coldwave synthesised sonic excursions/ post-punk’s freaked out damaged epics. The A Side of the split is devoted to the ultra-minimal electro chilled out rhythmspaces of the french based band FRANK (JUST FRANK). Each track involves into electronic pop music territories, providing a solid mixture between pretty much metronomic-icy repetition, efficient catchy melodies for semi-goth like guitar and pleasantly pop-ish vocals. A delicate melancholic-moody atmosphere is floating upon the compositions. The B Side offers the post-punk agitated songs of SOVIET SOVIET, from Italy, based on raw-nervous guitars and utterly nihilistic ambiences, bringing the post-punk genre to its limits, sometimes overflowing on epic convoluted dark wave epics. Ignoring timestamps and geographic restrictions, SOVIET SOVIET assimilate the explosive retro sounds of the UK and Italian 80s (Killing Joke, Wire, CCCP), assembling a specimen uniquely theirs - from the frenetic opening gallop to the frayed-string finish. (Mannequin promotional text)

LPs are new, hand numbered, include two inserts and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


FRESH COLOR – Nightdreams CD CH 1992 FM162102 11 Tracks 45'40'' Buy

FRESH COLOR as an italo disco project evolved from FRISCHE FARBE, one of Switzerland’s most widely known punk / postpunk / minimal electronics / NDW bands around Gutze Gautschi (also in EL DEUX) and Danny Amsler and even featuring Dieter Meier (of YELLO fame) in the early days. After adding Humphrey Robertson to the line-up they changed to a fully electronic sound: italo disco/synth pop was the motto of the day! So, in 1985 they released their classic album “Nightdreams” featuring the many classics of the genre: “Automatic”, “Disco Future”, “D.J. Track Vol. 1” or “Sing with me tonight”, but anyway, the whole album is just great as tracks like “Number One” or “It’s so crazy” are of a similar calibre. The CD version adds the two later recorded tracks “Doo Dup” and “Island Dreams” to the track list. Essential italo disco/synth pop release and belongs to any collection of the genres!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging.


FUTURISK – Player Piano LP US 2010 MW023 11 Tracks 39'15'' Buy

Minimal Wave presents the long awaited 30th anniversary release by FUTURISK. Originally from Florida, FUTURISK was a pioneering electro-punk group that recorded and performed in the pre-midi era of the early '80s. They had two vinyl releases that sold out: The Sound Of Futurism 1980 / Army Now and the Player Piano EP. They played a legendary live show and had some TV appearances and videos, but for a number of reasons by 1984 FUTURISK was history. The Player Piano LP culls material they recorded between 1980-1982, featuring all the tracks from their two 7" releases as well as some early 4 track tapes and rare studio recordings. The record is pressed on 180 gram vinyl, comes in a matte printed innersleeve (with old photos and press) and orange matte outer jacket. (Minimal Wave promotional text)


LPs are new.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging.


GEISTERFAHRER – Schatten voraus CD D 2007 PFR 006 16 Tracks 53'35'' Buy

GEISTERFAHRER was Hans Keller, Michael Ruff, Matthias Schuster (aka Im Namen des Volkes, Bal Paré, Ritual) and Jürgen Weiß from Hamburg, Germany. In 1980 they recorded their debut album „Schatten voraus“ which marks a masterpiece of German dark wave/gothic. “Das Ufer”and “Scharlach” could have also been tracks from the album by Grauzone, with the similar atmosphere, both musically and lyrically. “Pestkreuze” has reminiscence to Tuxedomoon as well as “Es tut nicht mehr weh” which gives rise to the synthesizer with percussion and weird progression. “Terror/Liebe” may have some funk or no wave influences. “Sand am Meer” incorporates an early analogue drum machine with monotonous bass, also Grauzone related. “Das Haus” may appeal also to early Christian Death fans. “Schatten” could have been a track from the well-known Ritual 12”EP as well (Hans Keller and Matthias Schuster only). “Wasser” is reminiscent of earlier calm Einstürzende Neubauten. This CD version adds six bonus tracks to the album including the minimal electro track “Android” even using the Roland CR-78 (that was surely later used on Andreas Dorau’s “Fred vom Jupiter”). So if you fancy with any of the aforementioned groups then you should call this classic album on your own, a milestone of German dark underground music.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging


GERTRUD STEIN – Blümchen 7” D 2010 Hertz 031 2 Tracks 8'52'' Buy

GERTRUD STEIN is a young woman from Switzerland who initially founded this project in Geneva in 2008 as a joke project doing a cover version of Toni Holliday’s Schlager-Pop “Tanze Samba mit mir”. In 2009 she made her first vinyl appearance in the very limited Hertzschnitt series with “Daytime TV/The Dread” (7”, HS 110) as well as her first CD appearance with “Plastic Spoon” and “Panik Attack” on the “Minimal Baby II” compilation (SLCD002-09). In 2010, a debut album was released on Urgence Disk Records (CD, kab 093). Her music is simply simple minimal electro with some electropunk attitude, think of early Tommi Stumpff and Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons, with a portion of Malaria, xex, or 2VM when it comes to the female vocals. So, on this new 7” we are being served “Blümchen”, which is same style as before but slightly softer while presenting her weirdest vocal performance to date sounding like the skinhead singer from the “Romper Stomper” movie, weird, yes, but no joke, but anyway from the a-ha-hahaha moaning, no word can be understood. Weird and minimal as Gerry & The Holograms! “New Gold Dream” has TR-606 drums along with some English lyrics and some o-oh-ohohoh here and there. Comes by pretty catchy. Surely not made for those who like complex and richly textured compositions, but for those who simply want to have fun for a few minutes and shake their body on the minimal electro dancefloors. If you belong to the latter group and if you know and love the sound from Kernkarch/Hertzschrittmacher, go for it while you can!

7”s are new, turquoise vinyl with big hole, come wrapped in a labelled napkin and with plastic knife and playback puck and are limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging


GD LUXXE – Vendetta MCD CDN 2002 Suction 015 5 Tracks 21'40'' Buy

GD LUXXE is Gerhard Potuznik from Vienna, Austria, who started to compose electronic pop music already in the mid-80s, but while working on various projects he became GD Luxxe not before 1999. All tracks on “Vendetta” were written between 1986 and 2002. “Reasons” is simply a club hit, perfect for the dancefloor lining up on a DJ’s possible set list along Fischerspooner and the likes. Great punchy beats, fantastic synths paired with great melody and vocal lines, quite an almost perfect (electro) pop song. “Words” has a more atmospheric/IDM touch that would have nicely fitted onto a release by German label Morr Music. “Garden“ is another great track to dance to but a little more restrained. ”Quiet Life (GDX Mix)” is a co-composition with Jason Amm from Solvent, wonderful music, of course. “Metawelt” has some additional 90’s Depeche Mode influences, so all in all another goody for those into Fischerspooner-like electro, but aren’t we all ?

Price: EUR 6,50 plus postage & packaging.


GRAF+ZYX – Early Recordings 77-83 LP D 2007 VOD 42 14 Tracks 47'06'' Buy

GRAF+ZYX are an interdisciplinary art group from Vienna, Austria, consisting of Inge Graf and Walter Zyx who are still working together today. In 1981, under the name of ZYX, they released the LP “Trust no Woman” and several cassettes. On this new LP, Vinyl-on-Demand compiles some of their Electropop and Minimal Electronics tracks from the rare cassettes “Wien-Tokyo-Wien” (1983), “Eissalon” (1983), Museum of Private Arts 1984 Vol. U4” (1983) and “GRAF+ZYX 77-82” (1982). The album is wonderful and actually much better than the ‘81 album. More versatile and dynamic and it includes the hauntingly beautiful “O.T. 1” which is one the best tracks Anna has heard in years. Also it includes the Minimal Electronics cult track “Get Away Dark Side”, originally released on the 1981 compilation LP “WienmusikK” under the name of ROTER ROT. This new LP was probably the nicest surprise for Anna of all releases in 2007!

LPs are new, heavy vinyl and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 15,50 plus postage & packaging.


GRAF+ZYX – Trust No Woman Plus CD AU 2007 gg84 24 Tracks 74'40'' Buy

“Trust no Woman” was released under the name of ZYX as LP on OK Musica in Austria, 1981, and was probably one of the earliest (and almost only?) Austrian electronic albums made solely with synthesizers and drum machines, amongst them the Roland CR-78. This CD re-issue strangely includes only eight of the ten album tracks plus an additional ZYX track from 1984 and fourteen additional tracks by GRAF+ZYX recorded between 1977 and 1986 (two of them overlapping with the preceeding vinyl compilation on Vinyl-on-Demand) as well the well known “Get away dark Side” by ROTER ROT. So those who enjoyed the original LP or the album on VOD, will also like this one, of course, as GRAF+ZYX had a unique style.

CD are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.


GRAHAM PHILIP D’ANCEY – The Sacred Project 12”EP US 2008 MW011 4 Tracks 16'35'' Buy

GRAHAM PHILIP D’ANCEY is the “acclaimed, award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, born in London, UK, but lives in the Poitou Charente in France with his wife and a couple of stray cats.” The four compositions of the “The Sacred Project 1980/1” “Heart”, “Blood”, “Passion” and “Dance” were originally recorded in 1980 using Roland SH-09 and ARP Odyssey synthesisers plus other gear and already giving ways to ethnic/world music in “Dance”, a musical world that he explored extensively later. The tracks were intended for an EP release, but only “Heart” was released as a single in 1981 on the Blue September label, and is still played on radio now. All of which have been remastered and sound incredibly warm and full, which is true but anyway, Anna is under the impression that it’s rather remixes than remasters only – the drum sounds do not sound like 1980, but what the hell, Anna could also be wrong and it really don’t matter as the music is really beautiful. “Heart” is not exactly minimal electronics, but more playful electronica pop with some solo like electric guitar, too, and male vocals. “Blood” is Anna’s favourite on here and worth the purchase alone, just beautiful spacey electronica pop with lovely sequencer and pads, Anna could listen to this track for hours, truly a discovery! “Passion” then is the over-the-top-cool minimal electro track with a bass synth that is very similar to Holy Toy/Fjøse’s “Nobody is like you” – hit and a nice addition to any DJ set. Last track is “Dance” and if really from 1980, then more than pioneering in the field of ethnic dance music with its dance beat, shamanic voices and tin whistles, nice track. This release was really an unexpectedly nice surprise for Anna, give it a chance, it’s a cool record!

12“EPs are new, 160 grams white vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 17,50 plus postage & packaging.


GRAUZONE – 1980-1982 2CD CH 2010 U-7C0-A9 21 Tracks 71'11'' Buy

GRAUZONE is a Swiss band of the early 1980s from Bern. The group was one of the pioneers of the German New Wave called 'Neue Deutsche Welle' (NDW). With their biggest hit 'Polar Bear' (Eisbär) GRAUZONE entered the Austrian and German charts. In late 1979 Marco Repetto (drums) and G.T. (bass) left the punk band GLUEAMS to find, together with Martin Eicher (guitar, vocals), a new musical way. Martin had already supported GLUEAMS on their single 'mental'. In early March 1980 they gave their first concert as GRAUZONE at the club Spex in Berne. Martin's brother Stephan Eicher (guitar) and Claudine Chirac (saxophone) complemented the group temporarily at concerts and recording-sessions. Widely known became GRAUZONE with the two songs 'Eisbär' und 'Raum', which they recorded in 1980 for the LP 'Swiss Wave - The Album'. 'Eisbär' hit the attitude to life of that time and got radio airplay in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The song was released as a single and reached number 6 in the Austrian and number 12 in the German charts. Band-Members: 1980 - Martin Eicher: Guitar, Synthesizer, Voice / G.T. (Christian Trüssel): Bass / Marco Repetto: Drums, Voice (/ Claudine Chirac: Saxophon), 1981 - Martin Eicher: Guitar, Synthesizer, Voice / Stephan Eicher: Guitar, Synthesizer, Voice / Marco Repetto: Drums, Voice, 1982 - Martin Eicher: Guitar, Synthesizer, Voice / Stephan Eicher: Guitar, Synthesizer, Voice / Ingrid Berney: Bass. But the group refused the commercial requirements and concentrated on studio work. In the winter 1980 they returned to the Sunrise studios and recorded the songs 'Moskau', 'Tanz' und 'Ich lieb sie'. In July and August 1981 Martin and Stephan Eicher went again with Marco Repetto to the Sunrise studios and recorded their first and last album. In early 1982, after the departure of Marco, Martin and Stephan began with the work for the video 'Film 2'. During the same period Ingrid Berney joined GRAUZONE to assist Martin and Stephan Eicher live. According to a recent studio session in which 'Ich und Du' was recorded, the musicians went their individual ways. After just ten concerts, four singles and one album the group broke up in 1982. G.T. and Marco Repetto regrouped with former GLUEAMS guitarist Martin Pavlinec and the drummer Dominique Uldry, first as a MISSING LINK, then under the name EIGERNORDWAND. Then G.T. moved on to the Futurism influenced action group RED CATHOLIC ORTHODOX JEWISH CHORUS of the performance artist Edy Marconi. Marco Repetto played temporarily also with the group, which they later named I SUONATORI. Stephan Eicher started a successful solo career and Martin Eicher published 1988 the EP 'Spellbound Lovers'. Marco Repetto started 1989 a new musical career in the techno and ambient scene as DJ and musician (bigeneric), including remixes for mittageisen v2. A comprehensive insight into the musical work of GRAUZONE offers the double CD 'GRAUZONE 1980-1982 REMASTERED', with 21 (including 3 previously unreleased) digital remastered tracks and a comprehensive booklet.

2CDs are new and shrinkwrapped. (Mital-U promotional text)

Price: EUR 21,00 plus postage & packaging.


GUERRE ÉCLAIR/DEADLY NIGHTSHADES Split E.P. 7” D 2008 Kernkrach 020 2 Tracks 10'34'' Buy

GUERRE ÉCLAIR was a German project consisting of Gereon Tolle and Susanne Schubert. Here they present their track “Un détournement d’avion” from 1986 which combines electronics and guitars and thus reminds of groups like Störung, Shock Therapy or The Fair Sex. DEADLY NIGHTSHADES are said to have consisted of Tom Esche from Kernkrach City (Warendorf) and Giorgio Pisanelli, who – as we are told again - was a Caucasian immigrant performing on stage showing tricks with his goat Picco. For some reason they recorded some tracks using Korg Polysix, Multimoog and Roland System-100/CS-100/TR-606, but one must really get used to the squeaky voice first on their track “Too late”.

7”s are new, limited to 300 copies and come with xeroxed info sheet.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.


GUERRE FROIDE – Abrutir les masses CD F 2010 BD/FF 02 10 Tracks 40'25'' Buy

Three years already after the release of “Angoisses et divertissement“, the album which rang the coming back of GUERRE FROIDE on players and stages, we’re happy to present you, in collaboration with GUERRE FROIDE label Flashbacks Futurs, their second album, issued on CD and vinyl record. “Abrutir les masses“ is definitely orientated into the future, still dark but featured of many more rich sounds. Between the tracks “Hypnose“ and “Canal historique“, the band attracts us in their personal universe. Well approched lyrics, mindblowing music, attractive refrains, inspired by the society in derivation such as the track “Des illusions“ shows it. Even “Identité variable“ or also “Le fil“ does explains that. Sometimes the ambiance is more close-friend as on “L'expérience“, a kind of strange variation of a certain “Espérance“. We found on this opus some many tracks already played live, or unreleased till now such as “Sauvage“ and “Abrutir“, or which are present on the mCD released some months ago with the tracks “Nom“ and “Entre nous“ here provided on the new album with a different mixing. GUERRE FROIDE pulls us toward to some new unexpected musical horizons, with various inspirations. Ten tracks showing us that the band still have many things to tell us…. (Brouillard Définitif promotional text)

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.





GUERRE FROIDE – Angoisses et Divertissement CD F 2007 BD 001/1 12 Tracks 47'37'' Buy Currently sold out!

This was Brouillard Définitif’s first release, and has sold out pretty quickly. Therefore a second edition has been made available, for good as this is simply a brilliant album all through: “Guerre Froide comes back with a new line-up: Yves Royer and Fabrice Fruchart as the origins, and also has a newly-welcomed bass player: Samuel Druon. The CD is essentially made up of new tracks which have been freshly recorded and mastered between Dec 2006 and Mar 2007. The album is melancholic, gentle and marvellous. It is a tribute to great writers from past centuries, such as Saint Exupéry, with a track called "Saint Ex", and Arthur Rimbaud with "L'éternité". It also includes cover songs for older tracks such as "A corps perdus" by Pour L'Exemple, the legendary "Demain Berlin", and "Romance" which is a rendition of "La Chanson d'Ian", a track taken from their demo released in 1980.” (BD promo text)

CDs are new, second edition.

Price: EUR 12,90 plus postage & packaging.


GUERRE FROIDE – Guerre Froide MCD D 2004 gen014 4 Tracks 14'48'' Buy

GUERRE FROIDE’s first vinyl release was a 12”EP, released in 1981, on Stechak France, and nowadays fetching incredible three digit prices. Back then GUERRE FROIDE consisted of Jean-Michel Bailleux (bass), Marie-José Deffais (synthesiser), Gilbert Deffais (electronic percussion), Patrick Mallet (guitar) and Yves Royer (vocals). The EP is just a classic of French minimal electronic post punk, or Cold Wave as it may be called, with fantastic Korg KR-55 drum machine accompaniment, overall cold, melancholic, raw and dirty. “Ersatz” and “Demain Berlin” are definite super hits of genre, and “Mauve” could have also been a song by later active French combo Opera Multi Steel, … anyway, all so typical French, no?



MCDs are new, this is the second edition.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging.


GUERRE FROIDE – Nom CDS F 2009 BDFF 3 Tracks 11'53'' Buy

GUERRE FROIDE haven’t been lazy since their comeback two years ago. A lot of gigs were done and now new recordings which perfectly line up with the tracks on their last album “Angoisses et divertissement”. All three tracks on here are wonderful. “Nom” would have fitted a hundred percent onto the last album, so GUERRE FROIDE standard (good) stuff. Then “Entre nous” which is definitely a track for the Dark Wave/Goth clubs where you will see dark figures dancing slowly dancing to this track, with their eyes closed. The last track “Planète hurlante” is simply a great and powerful club hit with more synthesiser presence and driving bass, can’t stop playing it! Makes us definitely longing for the new album which is said to be scheduled for Autumn 2009, so let’s be patient and spin these three tracks on and on and on…

CDSs are new, limited, shrinkwrapped and Anna’s copies come signed.

Price: EUR 5,00 plus postage & packaging.


HERMANN KOPP – Mondo Carnale LP D 2005 VOD14 14 Tracks 49'25'' Buy

HERMANN KOPP is a German musician who started recording already in the 70’s, creating an unique sound by using mainly violin, synthesisers, and occasionally electronic percussion/drum machines, electric bass, piano, choirs and other devices. With these creates unusual atmospheres and sounds, from dark to funny, from threatening to strangely mesmerizing, from almost sacral to industrial, from weird to surreal, and always so interesting and adventurous. His first releases were “Aquaplaning in Venedig” (MLP, 1981), “Pop” (LP, 1983) and “Kitsch Tape” (MC, 1984), and he also was part-time member of the well-known electropop group KEINE AHNUNG, who are especially known for their hit “Plastik”. Later he composed parts of the soundtrack to Jörg Buttgereit’s disturbing movies “Nekromantik” (1987), “Der Todesking” (1989) and “Nekromantik 2” (1990). “Mondo Carnale” compiles tracks from the aforementioned releases as well as remixes and unreleased tracks, therefore the subtitle “Best of 1981 - 1989”. Recommended to those who dare to enter the wonderful world of Hermann Kopp, it’s truly worth it!

LPs are new and are limited to 500 copies only.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.


HERMANN KOPP – Under A Demon’s Mask CD D 2008 Galakthorroe 021 13 Tracks 42'58'' Buy

HERMANN KOPP, and the world he lives in… Still he creates pictures in your mind that you really don’t want to see at all! Paranoid violins, dark drones, spooky Theremins, children’s toy pianos, strange percussions and sparse synthesiser notes … making you wake up realizing you are in the middle of a perverted mind-blowing freak show. Suddenly a lisping narrator/HERMANN KOPP with supporting vocoder telling of disappearing women and hilarious music … Expect the unexpected. This is perfectly following up on his previous releases and a must for those loving to stray Hermann’s bizarre world, and a nice first insight for those who dare! Truly a bizarre inner cinema experience.

CDs are new and come as digipak with 20-pages booklet.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


HERO WOUTERS – Muziek voor Leven en Dood LP NL 2007 Enfant08 10 Tracks 37'40'' Buy Last copies !!!

Hero Wouters from Holland, may be known to some for being member in The TWO (the Terlaak Wouters Orchestra) who released the acclaimed and sought-after “Has it ever started” LP in 1982. He was also in DADA DI MUSICA, recording as a solo artist and collaborating with such people like Edward Ka-Spel from the LEGENDARY PINK DOTS. The tracks presented here were recorded in 1982, 1984 and 1986, and were composed for both a Dutch motion picture and theatre play. Thus, you may imagine, the music has a more soundtrack like soul, being dark, slow, and in a more experimental vein. An album that needs time and need to listen closely to.

Sound samples can be found here!

LPs are new, come in clear transparent vinyl, include info sheet, postcard and are limited to 515 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


HEUTE – “…keine Ahnung” MCD D 2010 gen033 5 Tracks 18'56'' Buy

HEUTE is der G.A.W. (Georg Alfred Wittner) and Der Mußikant (aka Der ewige Musikant, Der künftige Musikant, Der lustige Musikant, or quite banal Herr Rolf Schobert) from around Stuttgart area, Germany. HEUTE and the other mentioned bands are pure cult with their raw analogue synthesizer/sequencer sound, drum machines and mostly screamed vocals about the tortured human soul in everyday life. Comparisons may be DAF, Aloa, Ami Marie, but definitely they are unique in their own way and the CD “DisTanz” by Der Musikant laid down parts of the legacy already. Absolutely entertaining, HEUTE teamed up again a few years back (or never stopped playing together) with concerts here and there. This CD-EP compiles from various gigs and occasions: “Schlachthof” and the well-known “Traurig - Lustig” live in Stuttgart 1982; “Epileptiker” live in Stuttgart 1995 (“Ich bin happy Epiletiker”), as well as “Prinzen” a demo froom 1986, which with its Casio melodies will make fans of Charles Lindbergh neV very happy. And lastly, the wonderful “Spiel mit mir”, a demo from 1984, pretty poppy with guitars, but when HEUTE make pop, it can only be ace. Strange that Genetic Music made this a 5-track EP only, our ears could have dealt with or were longing for a complete album but maybe they will make us happy soon with more to come?

MCDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging.




HIDDEN AGENDA – More Decisions CD D 2010 GEN 029 8 Tracks 45'06'' Buy

HIDDEN AGENDA was Mark Foster (synthesisers, drum programming), Bruno Seiler (synthesisers, vocals) and Walter Stowe (vocals, synare), with the addition of Mark Lane on Electro-Harmonix Mini-Synthesizer on some recordings, from around Ventura, Ca., USA. In 1983, they released the classic electropop tape “Few Decisions”, including one of the – if not the - best ‘minimal electro’ track ever: “Life at the Top”, which made it already onto the „Night of the Banshee“ compilation back in 1996. HIDDEN AGENDA’s music was based around a Roland TR-606 drum machine and triggered analogue synths, adding melodies, synthetic percussion, and male vocals, think of IKO’83 as a comparison. Genetic Music has now re-released the complete 4-track tape plus adding the four previously unreleased tracks „Moving Pictures“, „Age of Haste“, „Living in Hollow“, and „Freeze up“ to the track list, and all tracks are just fabulous, and all remastered by no other than Andrea Sippel (Second Decay, Vendome). This is a must-buy for all into analogue electropop!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




HUMAN PUPPETS – The Future from the Past CD D 2009 Disorder Digital 02 18 Tracks 67'17''' Buy

The HUMAN PUPPETS are Stathis Leontiadis and Nikos Kapantzakis who founded the project in Athens, Greece, in 2004. Only one year later they released their first 7”EP, followed by the full-time vinyl LP album “The Future from the Past” in 2006, both on Hertzschrittmacher. Their music is pure minimalistic and raw DIY all-analogue synth with Boss DR-55, Korg KR-55, Roland CR-78 drum machones directly triggering their Korg, Yamaha, Crumar, Jen or Russian synths, and adding sparse melodies and cold vocals. Musically maybe not really masterpieces (in the sense of ultra thought-through or complex compositions), but it’s the simplicity, sounds, rawness and atmosphere that we love so much, and here all sounding like coming directly from 1982! Well, it’s just two guys having fun creating some cool music with the machines they love, pure handicraft! So if you like the way Martial Canterel works, or the following bands then you will find something on here for you: Hoffnung & Psyche (“Reise nach Deutschland”), Snowy Red (“Minimal Man”, “In the Night”, “Close your Eyes”), Solid Space (“Moving Closer”), or Horis Perideraio (“Kravgi Apognosis”). Both LP and 7”EP are included on the re-issue, thus including their ultimate minimal electro killer track “Sound Innovator”, PLAY it LOUD!!!, plus adding four bonus tracks!

CDs are new, come shrinkwrapped with hand numbered sticker and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 13,90 plus postage & packaging.


HUMAN FLESH – Second-hand Emotions and half-forgotten Feelings LP BE 2010 OS 9 Tracks xx'xx'' ' Buy

HUMAN FLESH is a long lived project of Alain Neffe. The tracks presented here are all unreleased songs recorded in the mid 80s. With a wide range of unconventional instruments Neffe & his compadres create their own dark & twisted world. With a lot of improvisation & cracked up minimal synth going on this makes up a great album. Besides synths & rythm boxes we hear zither, bells, strings, tarang, ocarina, Yugoslavian voice, reel to reel tape scratch & more. (OnderStroom promotional text)

LPs are new, include insert and are limited to 400 copies.

Price: EUR 16,50 plus postage & packaging.


HUMOUR MALADE S/t LP F 2007 BD 003 7 Tracks 40'02'' Buy

HUMOUR MALADE was Marcel Tessier-Caune (Bass, Rhythm box, Samples, Synths) and William Pierrangeli (Vocals, Guitar, Synths) from Aix-en-Provence, France, active from 1988 to 1992. “End of 1988, Aix-en-Provence. Marcel & Wil bury their common project, Phase Critique to give birth to Humour Malade. During this period they were fans of bands released by the famous Factory Records as well as artists coming from the belgian electronic wave scene like The Klinik. Combining the pure spirit of 80's coldwave with its coldness and morbidity with the rage of post punk, they created a mountain of tracks, one better than another! Brouillard Définitif is proud to release the long-deserved vinyl record of this forgotten band. It is a 33 rpm concept album, showing a sad and dark "Cold Face" and a brilliant and more rhythmic "Hot Face".” (BD promo text)

LPs are new, come on clear vinyl and are limited to xxx copies only.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging.


HUNTING LODGE – Shadows out of Time 3xLP+7” Box D 2010 VOD78 34 Tracks ' '' Buy

„Shadows out of Time“ is a collection of three LP's with unreleased and formerly cassette-only material from Hunting Lodge, representing the first blush of their creativity, a time when each sonic experiment festered into a beautiful sore. Dark Ambient, Noise, Power Electronics, all represented here before these pigeons had holes in which to fit. One LP is comprised of the now-legendary „EXHUMED“, which was formerly released cassette-only, heard here in better shape than ever - direct-metal mastered from the original two-track mixes. The second LP is all unreleased material, highlights of which include never-heard gems from the recordings for the promotional cassette „23 MINUTES OF MURDER“. On the flip-side, both literally and figuratively, are the electro-disco-teckno recordings used for intermission music at Hunting Lodge live shows in 1983. The final LP contains Live material which was formerly cassette-only, including tracks from „AT THE HARRINGTON BALLROOM“ and „S/M OPERATIONS LIVE“, as well as much of the formerly unreleased „LIVE AT THE LODGE“. Oft-bootlegged, this performance is pressed here direct from the original masters, representing the two-piece early noise-unit of Hunting Lodge in harrowing live intensity. Furthermore featured in the Box-Set is an additional Bonus 7" including studio cover version of John Wright's „Stellazine Shuffle“ b/w „Learn to Will II“,formerly released on Nekrophile Rekords "Beast 666" cassette compilation in 1983 These LP's and 7“ are presented with period-accurate, gloriously bold, black and white artwork. Each LP comes in it's own printed sleeve inside of a box printed with the Thomas Nordstrom artwork previously only seen on early Hunting Lodge stationery. Also included are liner notes by Jeff "Central" Chenault and recording details, including information on equipment used, and never before seen photos of live Hunting Lodge and of collectors minutiae. The scars will never completely heal. (Vinyl-on-Deamnd promotional text)

Box sets are new and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 58,00 plus postage & packaging.


HYBOID – Aliens ate my Synthesizer! MLP D 2010 AC02 9 Tracks 30'12'' Buy

HYBOID is the musical project of Sebastian Hübert from the Astro Chicken label himself and was already featured with the track “Vogon Poetry” on Astro Chicken’s debut release “Chicken Accelerator” compilation (12”EP, AC01, 2010). Now HYBOID is attacking your sonic system with a debut mini-LP wonderfully entitled “Aliens ate my Synthesizer!”. Sebastian serves pure electronic space electro disco minimal pop from the outer space where lunatics are lurking in interstellar slots and aliens cross your path to eat your … synthesizer (oh well!) while they leave back nothing but neon green slime, yummy! The music is yummy, too, and would have fitted also to Bunker Records, Radio Cosmos, Falco Invernale or Das Drehmoment - it’s purely electronic, melodic, entertaining, and instrumental. The record starts with the beautiful and faaar too short “Madhouse in Space Pt. I”, with a smooth Korg KR-55 and a beautiful bass/melody à la The Silicon Scientist. Next is “Multiple Personality Disorder” in Bunker Records style electro, starting as a manic dark electro piece becoming a light and joyful electropop number in the end. Then “Dr. Dabic’s Pain Amplifier” which is pure Legowelt sound, ace track for the electro dancefloor! So, you’ll get an idea what to expect, if you are ready for a cool space trip, go for it!

MLPs are new and 180 grams. The Alien Slime edition is limited to 80 copies only, the normal edition to 160 copies).

Price: EUR 11,90 plus postage & packaging (for the transparent blue vinyl edition)
Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging (for the transparent vinyl edition in Alien Slime cover)


IAN NORTH – My Girlfriend’s Dead CD UK 2006 REPEAT2 14 Tracks 44'21'' Buy

After being in two rock bands, IAN NORTH decided to go on solo in 1979 and set up his own miniature studio in Brooklyn, NY, after acquiring an 8-tracker, Korg KR-55 and MS-20. Using this equipment meant automatically that he had to do electro pop, and so he did. “My Girlfriend’s Dead” was released in 1980, but failed to succeed. Well, what to expect if the wrong people in the right position think: “You can’t make albums with a drum machine”. Kraftwerk, John Foxx, Depeche Mode or OMD proved different! Anyway, “My Girlfriend’s Dead”, while still having a slight ‘rock’n’roll touch’ to some songs, includes true electro pop classics, amongst them “We’re not lonely” and “Interview with a Vampire”. In 1982, Ian released his totally brilliant 4-track “Rape of Orchids” 12”EP, this time using a Roland TR-808 drum machine. All tracks on here are simply beautiful electropop with a lot of DIY feeling and truly a classic! So this is a great re-issue and not to be missed in any electronic pop collection.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 12,90 plus postage & packaging.




ICH WOLLTE, ICH KÖNNTE – At the Gate 7”EP D 2010 TUT015 4 Tracks 14'33'' Buy

It is written that somewhere between dawn and noon, in a place bright like the sun, there is a door…. Three years after “In Memoriam”, ICH WOLLTE, ICH KÖNNTE are back with a 7-inch EP inspired by Saint John the Apostle and the symbolism of the solsticial gates. Whilst thematically closer to tradition than in their previous works, IWIK stay musically true to their own brand of cold and melancholic electro-wave, as the four new ballads on this record follow in the steps of the acclaimed debut LP. Esoteric cold-romantica at its best! (Treue um Treue promotional text)




7”EPs are new, hand numbered golden vinyl, include three inserts and are limited to 366 copies.

Price: EUR 11,00 plus postage & packaging.




IN AETERNAM VALE – s/t LP US 2010 MW021 9 Tracks 38'23'' Buy

Minimal Wave presents a full length album by cult French band IN AETERNAM VALE. Having made over 200 recordings, I.A.V. were one of the most prolific bands of the French underground scene. Headed by Laurent Prot, the band released many cassettes all featuring his wonderful collage work. Their sound is extremely original, overflowing with character, and crossing between genres: electro, minimal, noise, and even garage. "With the passing of time, IN AETERNAM VALE 's work remains astonishingly powerful, cold and caustic with its uncompromising minimalism, but also provocative and capable to smash your ass on the dance-floor"(-Douche Froide Magazine, 2002). The record is pressed on 180 gram clear vinyl and comes in a heavyweight matte jacket with cover artwork by Laurent Prot. (Minimal Wave promotional text).



LPs are new.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging.




IRON CURTAIN – Artifact LP US 2008 Pylon 013 7 Tracks 39'00'' Buy Last copies !

IRON CURTAIN was mainly Steven Fields from Santa Barbara, USA, with some support from Doug Norton, Bruce Cooper and a few other guests. For Anna simply one the best acts ever coming from the States with some four vinyls output in between 1983 to 1988. The mood IRON CURTAIN did create is just enthralling, the unique monotony of drums and bass lines are like a “trademark” and are simply never boring. There is a darkness and a melancholy in those songs in which Anna can completely drown and find comfort. On “Artifact” early previously unreleased demos and live tracks are compiled, and there is just not a single drop out. While the songs are mostly electronic they do remind more of Joy Division or early Fra Lippo Lippi maybe. Oh Anna just loves this record or do you think you can elude tracks like “Acting out” ? Also there’s early versions of “First Punk Wars” and their probably most well-known track “Condos”. Strong advice: get it while you can! 350 copies are quite few for this release.

LPs are new, come on black vinyl and are limited to 350 copies only!

Price: EUR 18,90 plus postage & packaging.




IRON CURTAIN – Desertion 1982 - 1988 CD US 2008 Pylon 010 12 Tracks 59'19'' Buy Currently sold out!

This CD compiles IRON CURTAIN’s complete vinyl output from 1983 to 1998 and adds Steven Fields solo 7” plus “The Condos” in a 1982 live version to it. Again, in Anna’s opinion there is just no bad IRON CURTAIN song to find, they are all fantastic. Also quite unique Steve’s motivation for writing such sociocritical lyrics. Includes the “Terror Story/Anorexia” 7” (1983), “Tarantula Scream” 12”EP (1984), “Like a Family/Telephone” 7” (1985), “Shadow/The Burning” 12” (1987), “Legalize Heroin” 7” (1988). Nothing left to say but must-buy for any lover of dark minimal electronic/wave!

CDs are new and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




IRON CURTAIN – Desertion 1982 - 1988 2LP US 2010 PYLON 012 11 Tracks 54'21'' Buy

This 2LP compiles IRON CURTAIN’s complete vinyl output from 1983 to 1987 and adds Steven Fields solo 7” from 1988. Again, in Anna’s opinion there is just no bad IRON CURTAIN song to find, they are all fantastic. Also quite unique Steve’s motivation for writing such sociocritical lyrics. Includes the “Terror Story/Anorexia” 7” (1983), “Tarantula Scream” 12”EP (1984), “Like a Family/Telephone” 7” (1985), “Shadow/The Burning” 12” (1987), “Legalize Heroin” 7” (1988). Nothing left to say but must-buy for any lover of dark minimal electronic/wave!

2LPs are new, limited to 500 copies and Anna’s copies come in a kind of extravagant version: red vinyl version of LP1 and black vinyl of LP2.

Price: EUR 19,90 plus postage & packaging




IRON CURTAIN – Like a Family/Telephone 7” US 2010 PYLON 018 2 Tracks 8'39'' Buy

The original “Like a Family/Telephone” 7” was IRON CURTAIN’s third vinyl release back in 1985 (Zarlon). “Like a Family” was basically made up based on the usual and typical IRON CURTAIN formula, but added some synthetic Kalimba and saxophone to the sound. “Telephone” is more synthetic than before, melancholic and good as always. Maybe this one is not people’s favourite IRON CURTAIN record, but is still very substantial for Anna it lines up perfectly with the other releases and has been played as often as the rest. So, also a classic, and while you shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on the original, better get this one while you can. The 7” is coming on beautiful transparent royal blue vinyl, and also being a rarity soon, too, only 200 copies were made and no re-pressing will be made.

7”s are new, transparent blue vinyl and limited to 200 copies only.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging




IRON CURTAIN – Terror Story/Anorexia 7” US 2010 PYLON 017 2 Tracks 8'47'' Buy

The original “Terror Story/Anorexia” 7” was IRON CURTAIN’s first vinyl release back in 1983 (ICR-6). “Terror Story” is an almost claustrophobic track, melodic angst as Steve mentioned once, while the chorus almost gives hope in a dark and cold world full of sick people. “Anorexia” then is one of IRON CURTAIN’s most classic tracks setting straight the direction of many tracks to follow: stripped down drums, a monotonous yet lovely bass, some Moog synths, and great vocals dealing with serious topics. It’s one of the tracks you will love and play until your own death. So, cult classic, and while you shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on the original, better get this one while you can. The 7” is coming on beautiful transparent dark green vinyl, and also being a rarity soon, too, only 200 copies were made and no re-pressing will be made.

7”s are new, transparent green vinyl and limited to 200 copies only.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging




IRON CURTAIN – Shadow/The Burning/Miami Beach 12” US 2010 PYLON 016 3 Tracks 17'12'' Buy

The original “Shadow/The Burning” 7” was IRON CURTAIN’s fourth and final vinyl release back in 1987 (Zarlon). Beautiful and haunting dark wave with drum machone, dominant smooth bass and guitars on both tracks, simple but as always so effective. This re-issue adds the previously unreleased tracks “Miami Beach” to the track list, an early live track dating back to 1982 and recorded at Club Iguana, which is purely electronic, dark, cold, and monotone, you will just love it! Apart from the great music you’ll get a rather unique vinyl colour as there are many (white, red, golden marbled, pink marbled, yellow marbled, etc…). Also going to be a rarity soon, too, as only 300 copies were made and no re-pressing will be made.

12”s are new and limited to 300 copies only in many various vinyl colours.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




I SATELLITE – Auto:matic CD USA 2003 Omeganaut 001 10 Tracks 42'42'' Buy

I SATELLITE is Rod MacQuarrie and his armada of solely analogue gear. Hey, is there some jealousy when you go through his list of gear when checking the booklet or his web site? Oh yes, it is guessed so…. But anyway, what would it bring being in your hands, let’s have Rod do the dirty job and he does it so well. This is simply pure and lovely analogue synthpop and you will regret not owning a copy. A shame it wasn’t released in vinyl, but hey that’s America, isn’t it? Featured is also the well-known “Bubbleboy” (see below V/A – BubbleBoy Remixes), as well as the beautiful “12:15 Friday Night”, the minimalistic “Orion”, but anyway, all tracks are great!

CDs are new and come EXCLUSIVELY SIGNED!!

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging.




IM NAMEN DES VOLKES – Volksmusik CD D 2008 Suboptimal 003 20 Tracks 59'37'' Buy

The CD version of “Volksmusik” includes the complete „Volksmusik“ LP (2007), the sold out “Weisses Rauschen” 7”EP (2006) as well as the “Electrofu*k” 7”EP which is yet to be released on vinyl on NLW at a later date in 2008; it contains an additional four tracks from 1980 with same sound/style. As the album was praised to be album of the year in 2007 what else could be added here apart from that it is nice to have a more convenient and clear digital CD format. Twenty tracks of essential analogue synth bliss.

CDs are new and come SIGNED by Matthias Schuster.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging.



IM NAMEN DES VOLKES – Volksmusik LP D 2007 NLW019 13 Tracks 39'09'' Buy

It has to be admitted in advance: this is the ALBUM OF YEAR!!! This record will simply blow you away! For Anna, these songs incorporate the essence of analogue minimal electronics: rough and weird analogue synthesiser sounds, monotonous sequences, simple melodies and vocoded voice, indeed very reminiscent of DER PLAN. It is the second release of early material from IM NAMEN DES VOLKES on NLW, recorded between 1979 and 1982, and remastered by Matthias Schuster himself in 2007. Let’s hope Matthias finds even more tracks from the good old days, Anna now is and addict and needs more! For the gear freaks: ARP Odyssey, Korg MS10, MS20, MS50, SQ10, VC10, KR55, PPG System 300, 1002, 1020, Roland System 100, CR-78, SH-09, Space Echo … If you don’t get your own copy quickly, it’s your own fault!

LPs are new.

Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging.



KAA ANTILOPE – VPRO RadioNome MLP NL 2009 Enfant13 10 Tracks 26'16'' Buy

KAA ANTILOPE was Bernard Vranckx and Frédéric Walheer (also in Waving Ondulata and co-founder of the Sub Rosa label together with Guy Marc Hinant who also wrote the liner notes to this LP), with some support from Bernadette Dupont, all hailing from Brussels, Belgium. Unfortunately they were active only in the years 1981/82 so that they released no more than one 7”EP (“Some Other Bivouacs”, Sandwich Records, SR18, 1982) and some further unreleased tracks on the LP compilation “Coal Heart For Ever” (Sub Rosa, SUB 33011-16, 1988; re-issued on CD in 1992, SUBCD 021-40). KAA ANTILOPE is nothing but unique, and pure beauty. Their sound and melancholy are a class of is own and if you open your mind and heart you can be part of their very own universe. There are references to Throbbing Gristle (“Tribute to Walter Spiess” and “Red Bushes”), or to Death in June in their earlier electronic phase (“The Break of Day”), but most lovely are the tracks “Rise up Helicopter, like a Bird”, “Arabesques”, “Island Girl’s Games” and “Les Rameurs”. This MLP comprises their live performance, recorded April 2nd, 1982, on Dutch radio show RadioNome, which was created by Stephen Emmer, and aired between October 1981 and September 1982. A fantastic document from an unique and far too short-lived group, but they will stay in our (coal) hearts for ever.

MLPs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




KAVAL – Sky of Mirrors LP D 2011 DD 014 10 Tracks 46'52'' Buy

Mechanical rain, black acid crystals and pagan rituals. KAVAL is channeling a twisted scenario from a safe house. Look to the sky and watch a dazzling reality unfold. Rich synthesizer music for the enlightened listener. “Sky of Mirrors” is a seductive piece of occult soundtrack music made by Roberto Auser and Ian Martin. Eclipse music for eclipsed people! Soundtrack in the style of John Carpenter, David Lynch. (Das Drehmoment promotional text)

LPs are new, silk-screened sleeve and limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging




KEEN K / INFINITYNIGHT – Split Dimension 1 MLP F 2011 RC SD01 7 Tracks 30'05'' Buy

A1 Keen k (Instru), A2 Keen k & Kinky Roland (Vocal), A3 Keen k & Infam (Vocal) A4 Keen k (Vocal), B1 Infinity Night (Instru), B2 Infinity Night (Vocal), B3 Infinity Night (Vocal).






LPs are new, transparent blue vinyl and limited to 250 copies only.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging




KÉPESLAP – Power and Darkness 12”EP F 2010 FIR 004 5 Tracks 18'44'' Buy

KÉPESLAP is the joint electropop project of ImiAFan from Slovakia and Makina Girgir (aka Aratkilo, and owner of Falco Invernale Records) from France, founded in 2008. The title track “Power and Darkness” opens the record as a danceable dark electro pop track with driving bass drum and synth (sounds like a MicroKorg), synthetic percussion, vocal samples, and melodic parts and nice synths sounds all through. “Killing Lies” comes with stomping bass drum, in the vein of Silent Signals/Echo West maybe, with sparse vocals and trumpet, thus also reminiscent to Klinik (when Mark went on solo). “Ice” could also be a track by Bakterielle Infektion/Television Set, especially when it comes to the vocal- and lyric performance (“Try to dance/Try to move/I feel frozen/I feel cold/Like a piece of ice”). “Random Generator” and “Don’t stop!”may be something like Invasion Planète stuff, but not so sure and too familiar with it, could also be tracks by Plastic Noise Experience. So, somehow a dark mixture of minimal electro, electro, hard electro/EBM for those you enjoy it.

12”EPs are new, white vinyl and limited to 300 hand numbered copies.

Price: EUR 9,90 plus postage & packaging




KONSTRUKTIVISTS – Flowmotion 1981/1982 2xLP D 2009 VOD69 24 Tracks ' '' Buy

KONSTRUKTIVISTS was founded by Glenn Michael Wallis in 1981/82 out of the ashes of Heute. Around this time - in the late 70's/early 80's Glenn Michael Wallis was heavily involved with Throbbing Gristle, the UK pioneers of Industrial music. Between 1980 and 1982, Glenn/KONSTRUKTIVISTS has recorded several tracks leading to releases of a solo tape and several KONSTRUKTIV on the legendary tape label Flowmotion. The first LP includes his full solo-work, originally released as “GM WALLIS - s/t” and “KONSTRUKTIVISTS - Volume 1” while the other LP includes tracks from “NKVD HEUTE Volume 2” (which featured Dave Rouse on electric guitar and base, and Dave O’Connel on electric guitar), “NKVD Compilation” and other tracks released between 1980 and 1982. Musically ranging from dark ambient soundscapes to noisier yet ambient tracks à la early SPK, Nocturnal Emissions, and, of course, clear TG influences, this is another document of early 80’s UK industrial music and thanks to VOD not forgotten in obscurity, wonderful and important release.

2LPs are new and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging




KORD – Digital Dance 12” SE 2006 RiB 001 4 Tracks 21'31'' Buy

This is KORD’s first release on Johan Sturesson’s own Råsynth i Blekinge label. “Hey Girl” was recently featured also on the “Minimal Baby II” compilation and is a lovely and spacey minimal electropop track, mostly instrumental, only with some rare vocoder phrases, nice to dance to and let the soul go. “Görans häst” is more modern electronic dance, a little too boring for Anna after already a few seconds. “”Du, pysen” is again more early 80’s, more funny, and minimal electropop as we like it. “Digital Dance” comes in special maxi version with vocoded vocals and as a sort of italo-electro – but maybe this would have fitted to Dutch electro labels like Crème, Bunker or Viewlexx, too ? So, a nice mixture of dance sounds and 80’s space melancholia, and as it would maybe appeal to fans of electro and early S.P.O.C.K or Sista Mannen På Jorden.

12”s are new, comes with insert (in Swedish), and are limited to 200 copies only.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging




KORD – I play my Flute 7” SE 2009 dp7 2 Tracks 7'52'' Buy

KORD is the solo project of Johan Sturesson from Älmhult, Sweden, also known from the his label Råsynth i blekinge, Wobbler (with Matias Brattberg and Henrik Hellgren), Frak (with Zwarre and Birre) and now also Monster Apparat (with Daniel Persson from Adolf Filter, who have just released their first 7” on Hertzschrittmacher as well). “I play my Flute” is a little weird record, with the track title coming close to some ADN’ Ckrystall madness, yet more cheesy and psychedelic. If there wasn’t a TR-606 in there one might think this is some mid-late 70’s stoned hippies on minimalistic psychedelic synth spree. Cool stuff for sure! The flipside is a track called “KGB” and is a very simple minimal electro pop tune, not so far away from and with vocals very much reminiscent to Bakterielle Infektion. Definitely another cool analog synth record from Börft’s label Djuring Phonogram.

7”s are new, come as a stamped whitelabels and are limited to 250 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging




KURUKI – TV Scape LP BE 2009 OnderStroom OS01 11 Tracks 35'15'' Buy

KURUKI was Gerry D'Haeyer and Alain Bureau (Sally Joy) from Ghent, Belgium. They worked with electronics and a Roland TR-808 to create some nice electro wave pop similar to that of their country mates Linear Movement/Twilight Ritual. Their first single "Crocodile Tears" was released in 1981 and is said to have been a chart position hit. It was followed by the great and sought-after 12“ “Such a liar”, in 1983 by “Just a Cat” 7”, and in 1984 by “Souvenir, Souvenir” 7” and “Action” 12”. Finally they released their one and only album “TV Scape”, which also marked the bands end, probably due to lack of commercial success. Not much surprising for us though, of course, even though “TV Scape” has lots of commercial moments, but obviously the dominance of synthesizers and use of a drum machine was too much for the radio listeners back then. Unfortunately, “TV Scape” misses their earlier hits, but has lots of other great compositions and tracks, amongst them one of Anna’s all time favourite electro pop tracks: “French Beat”, as well as “Here comes the Rest”, and also the lovely synthpop tracks “Shake your Libido” and “Souvenir, Souvenir”. Although it was a pop record, KURUKI made it to no further success, and “TV Scape” ended up being a small edition and only later became a very rare item of the collector’s scene, so, great to see (hear) that newly founded Onderstroom Records is now taking care of Belgian’s unfortunately “un-popular” music history. More to come as we are told!

LPs are new, limited to 500 copies and Anna’s copies come signed by Gerry D’Haeyer!

Price: EUR 16,50 plus postage & packaging




KÜNSTLER TREU – Treutronics ’81 7”EP D 2005 krach 012 4 Tracks 14'41' Buy

KÜNSTLER TREU was Achim Treu, who recording these four tracks all alone in 1981 in his child’s room. It therefore reminds of the works of Felix Kubin. “Noie Doitsche Welle” uses excessively the Korg MS-10, also as a percussive instrument, thus pure minimal electronics. “Maalox” is also pure electronics, too, but beautifully ambient. “Fisch unter Deinem Socken” (Fish under your sock...) comes along with rough and distorted guitar (probably also run thru the MS-10), recorded live - minimal-electro-noise-punk? And “Orion” comes along very chilled-out and cheesy, with trashy analogue drum machine, organs and warm monotony. Achim performed solo and as Dauerfisch, and later became a member of DER PLAN!

7”EPs are new, come on green vinyl attached to 7” tape reel, and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 7,90 plus postage & packaging




LEGION - En tusendel av tiden CD SE 1992 LRS 002 12 Tracks 49’38’’ Buy

Yes, they even did a very nice full time album full of lovely synth pop tunes. If you liked the 7” tracks this one is right for you! CD also features “The Show” in the so called STE Mix.

CDs are new.

New Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




Click here for detailed tracklisting



LED ER EST – Dust on Common LP US 2009 VR009 9 Tracks 34'27'' Buy

LED ER EST was founded in 2007 by Samuel kKloovenhoof and Shawn NoEQ, later adding Owen Stokes to line-up, based in Brooklyn, NY, USA, the home of the Wierd. In 2008, they were featured on a split 7” with S.S.P.S. on the Avant-God label and released one track one the “Wierd Compilation Vol. II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008“. Now it was obviously time for their first long player. The opener of “Dust on Common” is “Bikini Fun” which almost sounds like more electronic - yet with lots of guitar - version of early Christian Death. Next is the first minimal electro pop highlight “Port Isabel”, just a beautiful track in every aspect, danceable, great synth sounds and great vocals. “Laredo” is more uptempo and minimal tendency with Roland CR-78, almost French sounding. “Destination Sanity” is pure and beautiful melancholic analogue minimal electro with some electronic-like high sequences. “Unkept Area” is reminiscent of Distant Locust, with a driving bass and uptempo beat. With Something for the Children” they enter the realm of industrial music, noisy, rhythmic, a cure for the mind, or destructor, as you feel. “I Wait” adds again more guitar to the electronic background (this time a Roland TR-808 drum machine), nice vocal lines again. “Scissors” is very similar to Martial Canterel/Xeno & Oaklander, thus another pearl of handicrafty analogue minimal electropop. All in all, just as good as the simultaneously released Xeno & Oaklander album, more versatile and weird, yes, but just damn good!

LPs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging




LED ER EST – Dust on Common CD US 2010 VR-009-2 11 Tracks 39'56'' Buy

LED ER EST was founded in 2007 by Samuel kKloovenhoof and Shawn NoEQ, later adding Owen Stokes to line-up, based in Brooklyn, NY, USA, the home of the Wierd. In 2008, they were featured on a split 7” with S.S.P.S. on the Avant-God label and released one track one the “Wierd Compilation Vol. II: Analogue Electronic Music 2008“. Now it was obviously time for their first long player. The opener of “Dust on Common” is “Bikini Fun” which almost sounds like more electronic - yet with lots of guitar - version of early Christian Death. Next is the first minimal electro pop highlight “Port Isabel”, just a beautiful track in every aspect, danceable, great synth sounds and great vocals. “Laredo” is more uptempo and minimal tendency with Roland CR-78, almost French sounding. “Destination Sanity” is pure and beautiful melancholic analogue minimal electro with some electronica-like high sequences. “Unkept Area” is reminiscent of Distant Locust, with a driving bass and uptempo beat. With “Something for the Children” they enter the realm of industrial music, noisy, rhythmic, a cure for the mind, or destructor, as you feel. “I Wait” adds again more guitar to the electronic background (this time a Roland TR-808 drum machine), nice vocal lines again. “Scissors” is very similar to Martial Canterel/Xeno & Oaklander, thus another pearl of handicrafty analogue minimal electropop. „CC Exit“ is another trip into spacey electronica with some John Carpenter also shining through, beautiful. The CD version adds two bonus tracks to the list the list : “Poll Gorm“ from the 7“ of the same name, sounds again much like Martial Canterel, plus a new classic track: “Orange“ with some Joy Division characteristics. All in all, just as good as the simultaneously released Xeno & Oaklander album, more versatile and weird maybe, but just damn good! Highly recommended!

CDs are new and come shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging




LED ER EST / ANCIEN RÉGIME – Split LP IT 2010 MNQ 012 9 Tracks 30'18'' Buy

LED ER EST hailing from Brooklyn are one of the leaders of the new cold wave and minimal synth scene, signed to scene leaders Wierd Records and recently released their „Dust On Common“ album which could have quite happily been released on Mute in 1979 alongside Fad Gadget and The Normal. Cheap drum machines and synths hammer away relentlessly forming a post-industrial soundscape for sombre yet emotive vocals. ANCIEN RÉGIME hailing from Rome, moving closer to the spirit of the 80s new wave, the band's sound incorporates influences from '80s dark wave music and modern indie-alternative rock. For the 12'' Split the 4 tracks were produced by Alessandro Adriani with a full analog synths and drum machines setup at Mannequin studio. (Mannequin promotional text).


CDs are new, hand numbered include 2 inserts and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 15,40 plus postage & packaging




LES SIRÈNES DÉBROUILLARDES – ?ena (Lena) CD D 2010 pfr021 13 Tracks 41'33'' Buy

LES SIRÈNES DÉBROUILLARDES was Sebastian H. and Karina S. (or Tiret et Deux-Points) from Witten, Germany, who were already somehow involved in CHROMATRON (who released one 7" on NLW in 2008). As LES SIRÈNES DÉBROUILLARDES they released one three-track 7" on Hertzschrittmacher and submitted two further tracks to samplers and now come up with the album "Lena". The album is a wonderful surprise as it is indeed a very very good and unique one! As inspiration they point out Kissing The Pink and Vicious Pink, but there is more: already in the first track you are being lead to what this is all about: minimal electronics! - and in its raw and earlier forms. "Science" not only has a name reference to Vice Versa's "Science - Fact" - some sounds and notes are too familiar! But don't be fooled, then LSD (oh what an abbreviation…) are on their glory - coolest minimal electronics galore with cool both male and female vocals! More references: early Polyphonic Size, DAF, Gen Ken Montgomery, Rescue 1, … A rare occasion that a contemporary band plays so authentically early 80's (even though they probably use a Roland TR-707) in all sound, song structure and vocals - somewhat a small revelation. Anna loves this album, probably the best one on Plastic Frog so far, and btw mastered by no other than Andreas Sippel (Second Decay, Vendome), thus highly recommended (only why weren't more tracks added?!)..

CDs are new, come as digipak and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging




LIGNE D’HIVER – Für Immer MLP F 2009 BD LP 004 5 Tracks 26'22'' Buy

LIGNE D’HIVER was founded in 1985 by Loïc d'Hiver (vocals, guitar, programming) and Frédéric Hameury (bass, synth, programming) from France, soon to be supported by Marc Mathey (synth) and Jean-Luc Tessier aka Lord de Vere (synth). They played along a Roland TR-606 and TR-707 drum machine with synths and bass. Maybe they can be best described being a mixture of early to mid-80’s Kirlian Camera (“Walls and Bridges”), Clair Obscur (“Trouble”) and Opera Multi Steel (“Pourquoi”). “Für immer” is German and means forever; maybe they will not be remembered forever, but now they are not forgotten, which is only fair and good, as this is a great record for those into mid-80’s electronic dark wave music.

MLPs are new and include printed innersleeve.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging



LIGNE D’HIVER/SAISON FROIDE – Split 7”EP F 2008 BD SP01 4 Tracks 14'34'' Buy

This is the first 7” vinyl from French label Brouillard Définitif that is specialized in the French Cold Wave. Always amazing to hear that this is indeed a genre of its very own, the French groups just had their very own style, their very own atmosphere. LIGNE D’HIVER was Loїc d’Hiver and Frédéric Hameury from Rennes, using bass, synth/keyboard and a Boss DR-110, here performing “Tired” and “Crime Passionel (live)”, which are incredibly close to Clair Obscur in both musical and vocal performance. SAISON FROIDE is Flav who formed this project in 2001, and here performing “Une certaine Elégance” and “Les Appartements tristes” with lovely and melodic bass and guitar playing accompanied by sinister vocals and a light drum machine, definitely close to and thus a must-have for fans of Clair Obscur and Opera Multi Steel! For Anna, the best release on BD so far along with Guerre Froide.

7”EPs are new and come with an accompanying withered leaf.

Price: EUR 7,90 plus postage & packaging



LIMBO – Early Works (1984-1987) 2CD I 2008 Spittle 9 20 Tracks 77'06'' Buy

LIMBO was formed in 1984 by Tuscan artist Gianluca Becuzzi (vocals, synthesisers, programming and songwriting) and fellow art students Bruno Farese (synthesisers) and Carlo Mallegni (bass synthesiser). Beautifully equipped with Roland SH-2, TR-606 (oh how lovely rough it sounds), Korg MS-10, Poly-800 and a Solina String Ensemble, the band soon compiled its first demo tape "Limbo" full of dark and rough analogue electronics maybe in the vein of early Attrition, purely electronic yet with a kinda gothic touch and including the killer track “Sense of Sin”. Already in 1985 they recorded the tracks for their first vinyl, the mini LP “(Poisoned Kisses) In Limbo”, eventually released early 1986 on Spittle Records. Equipped with new digital synths, the sound already changed a bit, yet fully electronic with lots of gothic tendencies. Both aforementioned releases were compiled on this 2CD, together with additional compilation submissions, demos and lost tracks. Quite a piece of Italian electronic music history here with no need to hide behind Neon or Pankow.

2CDs are new.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging



LINEAR MOVEMENT – On the Screen LP US 2008 MW013 9 Tracks 40'22'' Buy

LINEAR MOVEMENT was Belgian electronic music wizard Peter Bonne (of Twilight Ritual, Autumn, and A Split Second fame) with by Peter Koutstaal (also in Autumn), and Lieve Van Steerteghem on vocals. “On The Screen” comes as a collection of songs originally planned for release in 1983. Five of those tracks then appeared on the “Pulse Music” cassette (released by the Micrart Group and re-released on digital formats in 2003) while the rest remained unreleased. While Autumn and Twilight Ritual (both also with Geert Coppens) often had a more dark and experimental edge, LINEAR MOVEMENT was clearly more electronic pop oriented even drifting into a slight commercial edge (synthpop) with the album’s opener “Way out of Living” or with that synthetic wind instrument-like chords in “Due to you” which are not so common in the underground minimal synth scene. But the remaining tracks are similar to Autumn’s greatest electropop phase like “Cytogenetic Movement”, which was released earlier on the “Reminiscent” compilation on genetic music, “Another Soul”, or the wonderful instrumental “In My Head”, or the super hit “The Game”, all with greatest sequencing and bass synth sounds, lovely melodies/chords and the ever-present Roland TR-808. Fantastic album with music that really deserved a re-release on our beloved spinning vinyl!

LPs are new, 180 grams vinyl, include glossy sleeve & large postcard and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging



LOS INICIADOS – Druidas Químicos 2CD ES 1999 LOL 108 108-4 36 Tracks 107'30'' Buy Currently sold out!

LOS INICIADOS was a side project by Servando Carballar Heymann (aka Componente Norte, Biovac N) and Marta Cervera Bravo (aka ArcoIris; both also in El Aviador Dro Y Sus Obreros Especializados), which they formed in 1981. They combined performance art and and the line-up was constantly evolving while the member's identities were never revealed. In 1999, Lollipop released „Druidas Químicos “ which features on CD1 their to that date current material: „Druidas Químicos - premera & segunda parte“, a mix of experimental dark electronic pop (eg. „Nautilus“ and „Conjuro de Niebla“) and electronic world music („La Casa Antigua II“ and „Rey Salomón“). CD2 presents their early material in digitally remastered form: „El Cantor de Jazz“ (7“EP, DRO-004, 1982), „La Marca de Anubis/La Penumbra“ (LP, DRO-012, 1982), as well as a video clip for „La Marca de Anubis“. Some of those tracks could have easily been Aviador Dro tracks, and actually all four tracks (incl. the wonderful „Peter Pan“) that were re-released on the limited 7“ on Minimal Wave (MW 002) fall into that category and are included here (for those who missed out), but in general LOS INICIADOS is a bit less easy to consume, it’s darker and more experimental and mythical.

2CDs are new.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging




LOWFISH – 1000 Corrections per Minute CD CDN 2003 Suction 018 13 Tracks 48'30'' Buy

In 2003, LOWFISH released its third full time album and the cover – depicting a loudspeaker system like being taken off a noble audiophile magazine - gives a hint on what to expect: precise sound and precise composing. The sequences and drum machines punch in quite powerful, while the beautiful strings and lead synths lay very clear within the mix and anyway every sound is a revelation. On this album Gregory seemed to have pursued an approach to record a somewhat more straight electro that it’s good to dance to, the vanished earlier high complexity has made room for more melody and danceability, so to cut the story short, this is simply beautiful electronic music of which one cannot get enough. The CD version contains seven tracks more than the stripped down vinyl EP version. Very recommended!

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




LOWFISH – Fear not the Snow and other lo-fiing Objects CD CDN 1999 Suction 004 16 Tracks 50'15'' Buy

LOWFISH is Gregory De Rocher from Toronto, Canada. Gregory has been founding Suction Records in 1996, together with Jason Amm from Solvent, on which they released their unique sound of complex and intelligent compositions of purest electronic music. “Fear not the Snow” was LOWFISH’s first full-length album and was mainly recorded using Roland gear (Jupiter-6, System-100, S-750, TR-808) along with an ARP Odyssey. Acknowledging among others Skinny Puppy and Autechre, you may get a clue of what to expect: sophisticated synthesiser sounds, complex arrangements, lovely distorted TR-808 and enlightening sounds to keep the soul soothed. Maybe “Fear not the Snow” is not Gregory’s most melodic work, but interesting any time. CD is soon out-of-print, so secure yourself a copy if this is your thing.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




LOWFISH – Frozen&broken CD CDN 2008 NoiseCD941 10 Tracks 51'19'' Buy

When Suction Records slowly ceased to exit, LOWFISH could obviously concentrate on the music production and it seemed to have been the right choice: frozen&broken is simply a masterpiece of electro(pop) music! The first track “Things fall apart” already slingshots you directly into the analogue electro(pop) heaven where you will stay in high ecstasy state for almost one hour. Those sounds and melodies are just amazing, so this is without any doubt very highly recommended, or in other words: a must-buy, or in even other words: if you won’t love this album then you’re definitely visiting the wrong web site here.

CDs are new, shrinkwrapped and come as digipak.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




LOWFISH – Maintain the Tension 12”EP/MCD CDN 2002 Suction 014 6 Tracks 25'01''/23'34'' Buy

In 2002, “Maintain the Tension” already showed LOWFISH fancy with more electropoppy structures as given in “Theme to parked Cars” and the electroesque “The Superuser”: beautiful Roland TR-808 as always, less complex sequencing and sparse but lovely melodies make this mini-album so easy and lovely to listen to. On the CD version “The Superuser” replaces “Suversive Rats” which is included on the 12” only in order to make up the overall LOWFISH CD versus vinyl availability ratio of those tracks as “The Superuser” has only been available on 7” before, while “Suversive Rats” was only featured on the CD compilation “Snow Robots Vol. 1”.

12”EPs/MCDs are new, the MCDs shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging




LOWFISH – Memories are uncertain Friends CD CA 2010 Suction 021 13 Tracks 58'43'' Buy

“Memories are uncertain Friends” marks the official return of the Canadian Suction Records label, still run by Jason Amm (Solvent) and Gregory De Rocher (Lowfish), and gives us a (first?) peek into their archives. All material on this CD was recorded in between 1995 and 1999 in one-take recording sessions. The Roland TR-808 sounds as harsh and brilliant as always, the sequencers run overtime and as on all Lowfish or Solvent releases quality analogue synthesizer sounds simply everwhere! Some of the tracks may indeed have a slight demo character but as electro tracks that you feel like wanting to listen to if even it may be only for the sound, they work perfect the way they are. All of the tracks have more of an ‘easy listening’ feel and pop structure rather than the experimental and complex nature of parts of the early LOWFISH output (eg the “Fear not the Snow” album), so, apart from the usual Aphex Twin and Autechre fans, all electro, minimal synth, minimal electro and early Portion Control and Skinny Puppy fans should not hesitate at all and give it a good try, here is an electronic music artist at work that still deserves more attention! CD comes in a metal tin case with handnumbered sticker.

CDs are new, limited to 250 handnumbered copies only and Anna’s copies come even signed by Gregory!

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging




LOWFISH – Now we are dead 12”EP CDN 2008 Suction 020 4 Tracks 16'49'' Buy

Now we are dead – Suction Records is dead. A sad thing one might think, but it’s good to see (or hear) that Gregory and Jason can now fully concentrate on recording music. The A-side brings us LOWFISH’s “Theme to a Dead End” and SOLVENT’s “Divided into Units” and both are just pure instrumental electropop beauty. It should appeal simply to anyone … B-side brings SOLVENT’s “Incision” and LOWFISH’s “Shattered”, which are both a bit darker, yet great tracks, of course. Anna is happy to offer the Suction Records mailorder edition with ‘blood spattered’ labels to illustrate the dead end, limited to 250 copies only. Of course, as always highly recommended!

12”EPs are new, limited to a total of 400 copies only.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging




LOW RED CENTER – Momentary Switch 7” USA 2009 AMR LRC00001 2 Tracks 6'23'' Buy

LOW RED CENTER is Seth Nemec (Medio Mutante, Zom Zoms), Erich Ragsdale, Yasmine Kittles, Chad Allen (Zoms Frenchman, Zom Zoms), Jason Chronis (Belaire!), John French and Matt La Comette from Austin, Texas, USA. In 2008, they released their self-titled first album as CD-R on Instincto Records. This is their first vinyl appearance on newly founded Answering Machine Recordings focusing on Texas based synth music. “Momentary Switch” is just beautiful, and actually the reason Anna had to have this 7” in her shop. A montone manually played wonderful bass synth, some lonely-lovely strings, minimalistic guitar sparkles, a trumpet/trombone (?) synth blurbs and a beautiful rough female vocals reminding almost of Björk, what a lovely melancholic ballad this is! Maybe not truly minimal electronic music, but it touches Anna’s heart. Anyway, weird it is released as a 7” a-side, but truly then this is an honest release! Flipside brings us “Alles klar” which while having basically same instrumentation but with drum machine, is more experimental like some American No Wave/German post punk bands, very much in the vein of Malaria and the likes.

7”s are new, come in individual vinyl colour/sleeve combinations and limited to 200 copies.

Price: EUR 6,90 plus postage & packaging




LUC VAN ACKER – VPRO RadioNome MLP NL 2009 Enfant14 5 Tracks 27'00'' Buy

LUC VAN ACKER is from Tienen, Belgium, and a rather enigmatic figure of the Belgian electronic music scene, both recording solo and being a member in – amongst others - Arbeid Adelt and the Revolting Cocks (together with Front 242 and Ministry members). In 1980 (or 1982), when at the age of 18, he self-produced his first album “Taking Snapshots” (which includes the minimal electro hit “Find a Way” and the beautiful “Frozen Tears”) and sold it in the streets of Europe as it is said. This MLP features his live performance, recorded December 18th, 1981, on Dutch radio show RadioNome, which was created by Stephen Emmer, and aired between October 1981 and September 1982. Incredible to hear that “Samadhi” and “Buharata” already sounds like what later the Revolting Cocks were doing. “Dohan Viola” sounds like one of the tracks from Brad Fiedel’s The Terminator soundtrack, with brooding dark synth drone and scratching violin, metallic percussions and strange creatures howling, a masterpiece of ambient drone industrial music. “Fanfaro Piano” is a mix of ambient industrial electronics and modern classical touches. Another historical document, maybe not so much for the electropoppers out there but for those with a tendency towards more experimental structures.

MLPs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




MAKiNA GiRGiR - The Spell 12”EP D 2007 Das Drehmoment 008 5 Tracks 21'58'' Buy

The latest Das Drehmoment release brings us fantastic instrumental Electropop from Philippe Hayet’s project MAKiNA GiRGiR hailing from France. All tracks are catchy and melodic and danceable with great ideas and wonderful synth sounds. They come in a good flow though “The Spell” is the outstanding track with its punchy bassline. The tracks make Anna dance at home and thus Anna thinks this is the best release on Das Drehmoment so far. Highly recommended! Tracks: “Plans For Today”, “Grey Shape”, “Join Us”, “Moonshower” and “The Spell”.

12”EPs are new and come in wonderful blue vinyl.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging.





MARK LANE – Inner Most Folds MCD US 2006 ECD-01306 4 Tracks 12'44'' Buy

In 2006 MARK LANE returned with a self-released 7”/MCD on his own label, not losing any control over his work and showing he hasn’t lost his ability to write equally great music than in his earlier days: “Inner Most Folds” is actually rather instrumental neo-classical music for a small ensemble consisting of violins, cello, brass and percussions, all electronically recorded, of course and more soundtrack-like, and reminiscent of works of Philip Glass. “The Wealth of Experience” is rather Mark Lane as we know and love him: brilliant synth sounds and a much better vocal performance when compared to his early days. This track is maybe missing a great climax at the end, but a great track nonetheless. “Halcyon Sentimental” sounds like an typical early Mark Lane track but transported into the now and here, more smooth and friendly, very nice track that fans of his music will love for sure, no doubt. “Elephant” is another short instrumental piece with lots synthetic strings, but more rhythmic in nature. All in all a very nice release that needed to grow with Anna for like three years, but has now been added without any hesitation. Not only for Mark Lane fans – great synth sounds and arrangements all around!

MCDs are new and all come signed by Mark Lane.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging




MARK LANE – Love is so aggravating 7” USE 1981 ML-001 3 Tracks 6'22'' Buy

MARK LANE comes from Ventura, CA, USA and is a well-known figure in the fields of minimal electronic pop music. In the early 80’s he was very active as a musician, label owner, magazine issuer, with many international contacts and collaborations (among them with The Klinik, De Fabriek, Hidden Agenda). In 1981, he self-released his first 7“ on his own Artwerk label. Equipped with only a Electro-Harmonix DR-32 Rhythm Machine and Mini-Synthesizer and his typical voclas, the 7“ starts off with „Love is so aggravating“, well that’s as minimal as electronics can get! „They call it Game“ adds a playful bass to the ultra minimalism, and the track fades out too soon, it lasts only 1’22“... „Mystery Hero“ adds an additional guitar, pretty Velvet Undergound-ish! A true minimal electronics gem.


7”s are new (original pressing), and Anna’s copies come signed by Mark Lane.

Price: EUR 20,00 plus postage & packaging




MARK LANE – Shadow Merger MCD US 1994 4 Tracks 19'28'' Buy

In 1995, MARK LANE self-released the „Shadow Merger“ MCD on his own Spider Disc Int label. „Shadow Merger“ is a beautiful melancholic electronic pop ballad, with very soft and atmospheric synths in the light parts of the tracks and dark and chilling synths in the darker parts of the track. After that comes the really beutiful „All the Flowers in Holland“ which comes along accompanied by Steve Hart’s acoustic rhythm guitar. Definitely more pop-oriented and two of MARK LANE’s best songs ever. „Tempest“ is a bit less pop, almost theatrical. The MCD closes with a ’95 remix of one of MARK LANE’s most known songs „Sojourn“, whose basic structure has not been change but many nice synth sounds have been added. Great music, and great artwork by MARK LANE himself.


MCDs are new and all come signed by Mark Lane.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging




MARK LANE – The Anti-Tech Testament 1981-1985 2CD US 2006 ECD-0306 24 Tracks 83'40'' Buy

MARK LANE himself compiled and released this anthology of his music dating back from 1981 to 1985. Taken off various original releases (including all tracks from the original “Who’s really listening?” MLP) plus adding further rare tracks (some of which were only available before on the very limited CDR release “Kill Joy”), this is a wonderful overview on the early works of one of America’s most persistent figures of minimal electronic pop music. His music was truly minimal, basically no more than an ancient rhythm box synced to a bass synth, and adding weird synth sounds all along, and, of course, his rather unique voice. There is a big load of fantastic tracks on here: “I want you” (similar to group: XEX), “Mystery Hero” which will make you shake in ecstasy your body in the dancefloor like mad, “All of my Dreams” reminds even of Death in June anno 1985, “The Lights of March” in which John Carpenter could have played the bass synth, the great “Sojourn”, “Who’s really listening?”, “Tsar” and “White Glove”, probably Mark’s most famous tracks with great Roland TR-808 action. Then the beautiful “The Poison for Me” which nearly ended up on the “Reminiscent” box set, but only “America’s List”, which is also included here, made it onto the comp. Also there are a few more experimental tracks like “Devils” that show his link to his Dutch mates De Fabriek. No doubt, essential American independent electronic music history and belongs to any collection of early 80’s electronic music.

2CDs are new and all come signed by Mark Lane.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




MARK LANE – When the Night is cruel 2LP D 2010 VOD76 28 Tracks 110'01'' Buy

The package includes two chocked full LPs of 80’s tracks that include rare songs previously not made available on vinyl, never heard and previously unreleased material, as well as classics from that era that have not been available on vinyl for nearly three decades. The two discs will be packaged in one of those 70’s style gatefold covers first popularized by the progressive bands of that time. It will contain rare MARK LANE photographs of that era, and liner notes that include interesting facts about each track. If that’s not enough it will be a limited edition of only 600 copies making these beauties extremely rare. (Vinyl on Demand promotional text)


2LPs are new, include two inserts and are limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 23,23 plus postage & packaging




MARTIN LLOYD – L’amant electronique 7”EP US 2010 MW024 4 Tracks 13'44'' Buy

Minimal Wave presents an exquisite 7" EP release by MARTIN LLOYD entitled "L'Amant Electronique". Martin is mainly known for his Oppenheimer Analysis (MW) and Analysis (Survival Records) projects, yet through the years he recorded over two dozen tracks on his own, most of which never saw the light of day. The four selected tracks were recorded between 1980 and 1984 in his own "Feedback Studios" in Battersea, London. MARTIN LLOYD delivers vocals via the vocoder and carefully layers synth melodies which range from upbeat and danceable, to what could be the soundtrack to a 1981 post-apocalyptic science fiction film. The record is pressed on white vinyl with a heavy black jacket. (Minimal Wave promotional text)


7”EPs are new, come on white vinyl and are limited to 999 copies.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging




MARSHEAUX– Lumineux Noir CD GR 2009 CDUN16 12 Tracks 51'25'' Buy

Airy melodies, playful sounds and beats, without fear of crossing the border into sweet catchiness, paired with coolness, energy and a small hint of dark pathos – if there is one band these days that manages to preserve the spirit of the Golden Eighties, it must be the electronic girlie-duo MARSHEAUX. Fortunately, Sophie and Marianthi do not revert to blindly copying well-tried success formulae from Pop-eras past, but rather use the same tools to cook up a delicate and delicious Electro Pop stew of their own. On their third album, the two girls prove yet again that they have got a formidable talent for writing irresistibly catchy melodies, this time around spiced up with a healthy dose of modern club sensibility. The darker note that haunts a few of the tracks, quite befitting of the album title, provides an interesting counterpoint, as well. On their new album, MARSHEAUX are as versatile as never before: Minimal Disco anthems like the singles “Summer”, “Ghosts” and “Breakthrough” go hand in hand with picture-prefect Pop tunes and excursions into more beat-oriented territories. “Lumineux Noir” is the perfect fusion of Pop and Club, an irresistible Minimal Disco trip… in short: an album to fall in love with! (Out Of Line promotional text)


CDs are new, this is the greek digipak edition with 6 posters!

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




MARTIAL CANTEREL / SILENT SIGNALS – Views beyond the City Wall CD BE 2007 TNT002 17 Tracks 58'21'' Buy

Martial Canterel (famous ever since releasing Confusing Outsides on Genetic Music) and Silent Signals (Echo West side-project) come together on this split CD release. Neither Silent Signals nor Martial Canterel needs an introduction with minimal lovers. Nevertheless, what is quite surprising though is that both projects have their own typical style of minimal music – Silent Signals going really dynamic whereas Martial Canterel is more into 1 take, less dynamic, more 'rough-diamond' style of minimal music - and yet both projects blend really really nicely together on this album. (Tarantulla promotional description)

CDs are new digipaks and come with an extra sheet.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




MARTIAL CANTEREL – Occupy these Terms/The Case 7” US 2011 VR017 2 Tracks 7'45'' Buy

“Occupy These Terms” is the second single from MARTIAL CANTEREL's new album “You Today”. The A side is an aggressively raw uptempo dancefloor track backed by a fiercely melodic hook in the vain of “Windscreen” and so many classic MARTIAL CANTEREL trax. “The Case” is a moody midtempo song available exclusively as a B-side on this release. (Wierd promotional text)

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging




MARTIAL CANTEREL – Refuge Underneath CD US 2007 VR003 18 Tracks 74'03'' Buy

Wierd Records is proud to present MARTIAL CANTEREL‘s first full-length CD release entitled Refuge Underneath, a compilation of the artist‘s first two long-deleted self-released cassette tapes Drilling Backwards (2006) and Sister Age (2004) as well as 5 previously unreleased tracks, all digitally re-mastered. Over the past 5 years the state of electronic music has seen artists slowly remove themselves from their work and visceral musical ‘expression‘ in general. Traditional electronic machines have been replaced by the computer as the dominant generator of contemporary sounds. It is in this climate that Sean McBride, aka MARTIAL CANTEREL, began performing at bars, clubs and private parties in Brooklyn, NY in 2002, functioning singlehandedly as the pioneer and instigator of what has now become a new movement of minimal electronic bands in the United States. Martial Canterel records and performs using only vintage analogue synthesizers and sequencers, producing a highly-crafted, complex, and idiosyncratic form of electronic music that is simultaneously romantically melancholic and affirmatively aggressive. Inspired both by the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in Northern Europe (a musical genre also often referred to as ‘minimal synth‘) and the seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and Cabaret Voltaire, MARTIAL CANTEREL presents a new optimistic paradigm for electronic music in which the analogue synthesizer functions anew as a folk instrument of humanist resistance to a virtual ‘soft synth‘, iPod, and iTunes saturated world of ‘click and drag‘ dematerialized abstraction. (Wierd promotional text)

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging




MARTIAL CANTEREL – You Today/Champion 7” US 2011 VR015 2 Tracks 6'42'' Buy

Wierd Records is proud to present the first 7" single for the title track off of the forthcoming new full-length album from MARTIAL CANTEREL entitled You Today. Since his first live performances in 2002, Sean McBride, aka MARTIAL CANTEREL (who also performs as half of the duo Xeno & Oaklander), has produced a rich catalog of self-released and limited edition LPs, cassettes, and compilation tracks. The carefully crafted, private, raw, and often feverishly aggressive 'minimal synth' sound he has pioneered has been a pillar influence for the Brooklyn minimal electronics scene and and beyond. You Today incorporates bright, urgent melodies that snake and and swagger between major and minor keys, emanating a subtle melancholic darkness and a rhythmic, militant propulsion keeping things moving against all odds. Thoughtful yet distinctly danceable and infectious, the two songs on this gem of a disc are the apex of McBride's icily idiosyncratic oeuvre. (Wierd promotional text)

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging




MARTIAL CANTEREL – You Today CD US 2009 VR018-2 11 Tracks 41'30'' Buy

Wierd Records is proud to present the new album by MARTIAL CANTEREL entitled You Today. Since his first live performances in 2002, Sean McBride, aka MARTIAL CANTEREL (who also performs as half of the duo Xeno & Oaklander), has produced a rich catalog of self-released and limited edition LPs, cassettes, and compilation tracks. The carefully crafted, private, raw, and often feverishly aggressive 'minimal synth' sound he has pioneered has been a pillar influence for the Brooklyn minimal electronics scene and and beyond. Merging the influences of the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in northern Europe, and seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle and SPK, with the smoothly stylish songcraft of early British New Wave, MARTIAL CANTEREL records and performs using analogue synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines exclusively. Thoughtful yet distinctly danceable and infectious, this record is the apex of McBride's icily idiosyncratic sound. You Today incorporates bright, urgent melodies that snake and and swagger between major and minor keys. The songs emanate a subtle melancholic darkness and a rhythmic, militant propulsion keeping things moving against all odds. Lyrically, the album continues McBride's exploration of the increasing difficulty in trying to connect with real people and real things as technology renders the material substance of bodies and objects ever more abstract and distant. This yearning for unmediated human contact with the world is appropriately echoed throughout the album by the hands-on, entirely live approach to recording and performance ("the molding of electricity" as he has referred to his compositional technique.) "Market" and "Sidestreets" each delve into the disconcerting atmospheres of crowds, buildings, objects and intimates; the city with its boulevards, by-ways, and dead ends complicating the meeting of two lost and wandering figures (perhaps lovers?) The restrained, sensual haze of "The Empty Sand" conjures oceanic imagery while the title track is a lament to love lost, ambiguously addressing the listener as a memory image of potential connection and attraction. The solitary listener can certainly enjoy the music of MARTIAL CANTEREL, but its visceral intensity also translates directly to the dancefloor. Amidst a flurry of flesh in motion, in a blissful atmosphere of material connection with others, the concepts that permeate the music and its creation become a reality. (Wierd promotional text)

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging




MARTIAL CANTEREL – You Today LP US 2009 VR018 9 Tracks 34'50'' Buy

Wierd Records is proud to present the new album by MARTIAL CANTEREL entitled You Today. Since his first live performances in 2002, Sean McBride, aka MARTIAL CANTEREL (who also performs as half of the duo Xeno & Oaklander), has produced a rich catalog of self-released and limited edition LPs, cassettes, and compilation tracks. The carefully crafted, private, raw, and often feverishly aggressive 'minimal synth' sound he has pioneered has been a pillar influence for the Brooklyn minimal electronics scene and and beyond. Merging the influences of the first wave of relatively unknown minimal electronic bands in northern Europe, and seminal industrial noise bands such as Throbbing Gristle and SPK, with the smoothly stylish songcraft of early British New Wave, MARTIAL CANTEREL records and performs using analogue synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines exclusively. Thoughtful yet distinctly danceable and infectious, this record is the apex of McBride's icily idiosyncratic sound.You Today incorporates bright, urgent melodies that snake and and swagger between major and minor keys. The songs emanate a subtle melancholic darkness and a rhythmic, militant propulsion keeping things moving against all odds. Lyrically, the album continues McBride's exploration of the increasing difficulty in trying to connect with real people and real things as technology renders the material substance of bodies and objects ever more abstract and distant. This yearning for unmediated human contact with the world is appropriately echoed throughout the album by the hands-on, entirely live approach to recording and performance ("the molding of electricity" as he has referred to his compositional technique.) "Market" and "Sidestreets" each delve into the disconcerting atmospheres of crowds, buildings, objects and intimates; the city with its boulevards, by-ways, and dead ends complicating the meeting of two lost and wandering figures (perhaps lovers?) The restrained, sensual haze of "The Empty Sand" conjures oceanic imagery while the title track is a lament to love lost, ambiguously addressing the listener as a memory image of potential connection and attraction. The solitary listener can certainly enjoy the music of MARTIAL CANTEREL, but its visceral intensity also translates directly to the dancefloor. Amidst a flurry of flesh in motion, in a blissful atmosphere of material connection with others, the concepts that permeate the music and its creation become a reality. (Wierd promotional text)

LPs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging




MARTIN DUPONT – Hot Paradox CD F 2009 Fin 043 14 Tracks 62'30'' Buy

1987 saw the release of MARTIN DUPONT’s last album: “Hot Paradox” with probably their most accessible material as their most (electro) poppy and least analogue, but not for bad as they had fantastic synthesiser programming abilities. From the dark, slow and oriental sound of “My Analyst” to the catchy title track “Hot Paradox”, which is even reminiscent of Strawberry Switchblade, they have many yet typical facets. Includes “He saw the Light” and the super beautiful “Inside Out”. This CD re-issue includes four unreleased bonus tracks plus a video of “He saw the Light”.

CD are new and come as digipak.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




MARTIN DUPONT – Just Because CD F 2009 Fin 041 17 Tracks 54'08'' Buy Currently sold out!

MARTIN DUPONT was formed in Marseilles, France, in 1981 and consisted of Alain Seghir, Brigitte Balian and Beverley Jane Crew, and Catherine Loy in the original line-up. After the first 7” Your Passion (Turquoise D) in 1982, their first album was released on Facteurs d’Ambiance in 1984: “Just because”. And what an album! 13 tracks of probably the most amazing dark electronic wave ever coming out of France! Wonderful Roland TR-808, brilliant synths sounds and song writing including also discreet basses and guitars plus both female and male vocals. The four bonus tracks are obviously from the very same era and do perfectly form a queue. Essential analogue electronic wave, simply a classic!

CDs are new and come as digipak.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




MARTIN DUPONT – Lost and late LP US 2008 MW012 11 Tracks 40'32'' Buy

Minimal Wave was the first label to re-release MARTIN DUPONT, truly a legendary French electronic wave group (for info see other releases in this shop). In 1985 they released a tape entitled “Inédits 83-85” on Facteurs d’Ambiance which one could have been ordering with early copies of their second album “Sleep is a Luxury”. It featured previously unreleased tracks from the era between their first two albums – a miracle they didn’t release a proper full length LP back then (instead of the MLP) or even double LP as there is almost only great material to be found on there, ranging from most beautiful electronic wave (“Just because”, “Wagui”) to darker or weirder minimal electro (“No Hands”, “Other Souvenir”, “Without Face”) to almost post-punk (“Lost and late”) and everything inbetween. The “Lost and late” LP features eight tracks from that tape adding their first release from 1982, the “Your Passion/Lost and late” 7” thus including “Your Passion” which is a beautifully mesmerizing ballade erotique with “a strange fascination for death …. Mmmmmh” to the track list, plus the original 1983’s LP version of “Just because”. Strange that Minimal Wave did not re-release the complete tape, but that has fortunately been done later by Infrastition in the “Other Souvenirs” box set. But what shall Anna write a lot, you all know and love MARTIN DUPONT anyway, and this is just another great release from a damn good 80’s French group that should have also had more

LPs are new, 180 grams vinyl, include an insert and limited to 999 copies.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging




MARTIN DUPONT – Sleep Is A Luxury CD F 2009 Fin 042 14 Tracks 49'24'' Buy Currently sold out!

1985 saw the release of MARTIN DUPONT’s “Sleep is a Luxury”, a six-tracker. Equipped with a new drum machine they followed their path of writing lovely tracks, maybe getting a little more playful and New Wave. Includes the fantastic tracks “It’s so” and dark minimal electro hit “Broken Memory” which is reminiscent of Twice A Man’s greatest early sound. Then this CD re-issue has been put an additional eight (!!) bonus tracks to the disc including the first 7” from 1982, which included the beautiful dreamy and seducing “Your Passion”, as well as tracks ranging from electropop to experimental New/Dark Wave.

CDs are new and come as digipak.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




MASSENDEFECT – Sicht der Dinge 7” D 2011 PFR048 3 Tracks 9'15'' Buy

Wonderful playful German Minimal Electro(pop) with lots of analogue synths and old computer sounds à la Neue Jugend, Kabelbrandt, New Dimension: “Sicht der Dinge”, “2010 (The Rorschach Garden-Remix)”, „München“. Recommended, get it while you can!



7”s are new and limited to 200 copies only.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging



MATTHIAS SCHUSTER – Atemlos (+ Bonus) CD D 2004 NLW005 22 Tracks 78'02'' Buy

Hamburg’s MATTHIAS SCHUSTER is truly a pioneer in German Minimal Electronics, Electropop, NDW and Dark Wave, playing in various well-known projects like GEISTERFAHRER, BAL PARÉ, and IM NAMEN DES VOLKES, of course. This CD compiles his brilliant early Minimal Electronics/Wave works: “Atemlos” LP (solo, 1979-81), “Ritual” 12”EP (with Hans Keller of GEISTERFAHRER, 1981), the famous 7”EP by IM NAMEN DES VOLKES (1979) plus a 1998 remix of “Ritual IV”. Essential piece of history, what else?!

CDs are new, come with informative booklet and SIGNED by MATTHIAS SCHUSTER.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.



MEDIO MUTANTE – Boom Boom Romance/Mutant 7” D 2008 PDSW 777 2 Tracks 6'15'' Buy

MEDIO MUTANTE are José Cota, Mariana Saldaña and Seth Nemec from Brooklyn, New York, USA, bringing us that typical wonderful handmade analogue electropop coming out of Brooklyn that we all love so much (Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, 2VM, Xeno & Oaklander, Three To Forgotten). To cut the story short: this 7” is brilliant! “Boom Boom Romance” comes along with the Korg KR-55, beautiful soft bass synth, simple melodies and Spanish language thus very reminiscent of Metal Y Ca or Ultimá Emocion, and the aforementioned Xeno & Oaklander. “Mutant Menace” is of the same calibre, less romantic with the Boss DR-110 bringing in a bit of drive. Killer record and far too short! Must-buy!

7”s are new and are limited to 500 (250 for USA, 250 for the rest of the world) copies.

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging.



METAL Y CA – Superavit CD ES 1996 LOL CD 076 16 Tracks 53'53'' Buy

METAL Y CA (aka METAL & CA, METAL Y CA.) was Curro Rodriguez (aka El Humano Mecano; composer, synthesisers, vocals), Fernando Cañada (bass, synthesisers, computer, vocals), Fernando Cabello (sax, vocals, and co-founder of Discos Lollipop), with female vocal support by Ana Villacorta and Ana Valenzuela, from Madrid, Spain, active between 1981 and 1984. They released three 7”s (“Datos”, 1982; “Velocidad”, 1983; “Oriente”, 1984) before they disbanded in 1984. Their music was mainly electronic driven by a programmable Korg KR-55 (the only one Anna knows of apart from Italy’s Central Unit’s KR-55) with lots playful synthesiser playing (Korg MS-20) and a little bass and guitar here and there, as well as a sax which isn’t too annoying here as it fits to the atmosphere of the tracks in which it’s been used. The tracks are quite fast and joyful, inspired by Rock’n’Roll (clear proof: “Velocidad”), but do not worry, this is pure brilliant tecnopop espanol and together with Aviador Dro they were at the forefront of the movement. Actually many tracks are too similar to early Aviador Dro (“El último superviviente”, “La sala de control”). And then, there is “Humano”, of course, alone worth the buy and one the best dark minimal electro songs ever made! So “Superavit” compiles all three 7”s plus adding four additional METAL Y CA tracks (two remixes and two tracks from 1981), and two further tracks by EL HUMANO MECANO, Curro’s solo project from 1980. Pure tecnopop cult from Spain, a must-have.

CDs are new, shrinkwrapped and Anna has only very few copies.

Price: EUR 17,00 plus postage & packaging.



METRO DECAY – Σκιές (Skies)/Κειμήλια (Keemilia) 7” GR 2009 Eirma 02 Tracks 8'01'' Buy

METRO DECAY was Γιάννης Μανιάτης (Yannis Maniatis, drums), Κώστας Μάστορης (KP Mastoris, synths & bass) and Αντώνης Μανιάτης (Antonis Maniatis, guitar & vocals) founded in Athens, Greece, in 1981. They signed with Creep Records, probably Greek’s only relevant label for electronic, dark wave and goth music, thus “a haven for bands flirting with the darker side of ‘new wave’" as the band put it. Eventually they released the 7” Σκιές/Κειμήλια (CR06, 1983) and the LP "Ypervasi" (Creep 05, 1984) which have both become highly collectible vinyls. The still young Athenian label Eirkti has now re-released the 7”: Σκιές (Skies, engl.: shadows) is finest dark wave with lovely lead guitars, real drums and electronic percussion, a synth sequence replacing the bass, and male vocals in Greek. Then Κειμήλια (Keemilia, engl.: treasures) is simply a dark wave cult hit, an amazing track with an unequalled emotional atmosphere, the perfect dark wave hymn - this time with bass and the synth playing chords and a lead while it is suddenly crashing with an unexpected analogue synth sequence, Anna is in heaven! Wow!

7”s are new, include an insert and are limited to 800 copies.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging.



METRO DECAY – Υπέρβαση (Ipervasi) LP+7“ GR 2010 eirma 03/s 12 Tracks 43'28'' Buy

This is Eirkti’s second release concerning METRO DECAY’s material. Thus, running through the band’s basics again might seem unnecessary. METRO DECAY already enjoys a high-status in terms of recognition within the Greek and foreign underground circles. However, its sole album’s (i.e., ‘Υπέρβαση’ / ‘Ypervasi’ or ‘Transcendence’ in English) re-release is of special importance this time, a fact, that convinces us to re-conduct a short review regarding the group’s story. METRO DECAY formed in 1981 as a trio and became known with their seven-inch release called ‘Κειμήλια’ (heirlooms) / ‘Σκιές’ (shadows). This single, apart from offering a true taste of inspiring and intense dark wave music acted as a pathway to the group’s second work ‘Υπέρβαση’ in 1984 (Creep Records, CREEP 05, actually the album was printed twice that year as the initial print sold-out almost immediately after its release). This long play, one of the most essential points of reference regarding the Greek dark wave scene is comprised of ten exceptionally arousing compositions moving from the quiet to the wakeful, from the placid to the fearful! One has just to listen to ‘Απειλή’ (threat) or ‘Μαύρος Κύκνος’ (black swan), ‘Λίμπιντο’ (libido) or ‘Εβενος’ (ebony) [and all these among all others] in order to get an idea of how a musical piece of art can ‘forcibly involve’ a listener. As per the words of C.M., main figure of the group, ‘Υπέρβαση’ was the result of 80 to 85 hours of studio handling and preparation. “We only wish we had a few more hours in order to re-record several tracks....however, lack of money and overall resources made it impossible to conduct further sound adjustments”. Υπέρβαση was released for a second time (both in LP and CD format) back in 1995, and as was the case with the original two prints, it soon became an out-of-print and sought-after gem among collectors. Eirkti decided to realize an additional re-edition which nevertheless, presents the older and newer fans with an absolute surprise. At last, after 26 long years (!!!) new material by METRO DECAY sees the light of day!!! After such a long period of silence the group was finally convinced to provide the audience with a taste of their post Υπέρβαση (that is, after the mid ‘80s) musical endeavours. ‘Brand New Day’, a demo song recorded in 1986 presents us with a further METRO DECAY facet, one in which the group is found performing in a more nostalgic-oriented new wave manner. Moreover, not only this is the first time the band reveals this additional musical aspect but it also demonstrates its literal / lyrical explorations by employing the English language. That’s right! METRO DECAY singing in English, something perhaps unknown to the group’s younger fans and possibly forgotten by their older ones!!! Two emotion-driven versions of a truly inspired new wave song! (slightly edited Eirkti promotional text)

LP+7”s are new and limited to 400 copies only.

Price: EUR 25,00 plus postage & packaging.



MITTAGEISEN – 1981-1986 2CD CH 2008 Mital-U U-7CD-A8 19 Tracks 84'56'' Buy

MITTAGEISEN were Markus Schulthess (guitar, voice), Daniel Schnüriger (guitar), Markus Stocker (bass), Manuela Heer (synthesizer) and Bruno Waser (synthesizer, rhythm, voice) from Lucerne, Switzerland. In varying line-ups they released “Im Niemandsland am Ende des 20. Jahrhunderts” (MC, 1981), “Mittageisen“ (LP, 1983), “Automaten“ (7”/12”, 1985), and the compilation “…alles ist anders…nichts hat sich geändert” (CD, 1994) which are all out of print and highly collectible. Their name is derived from Siouxsie & The Banshees’s track of the same name which was dedicated to John Heartfield’s drawing of “Hurrah, die Butter ist alle!”. Both musically and topically they were following clearly the path of their country mates Grauzone while using monotone drum machines, lots of synthesisers, simple bass patterns, sparse post-punk/NDW guitars and Bruno’s critical lyrics in German. Truly a piece of Swiss electro, post-punk and new wave history, fully remastered and with four previously unreleased tracks from 1983 and 1986!

2CDs are new, come as digipak with 24-page booklet.

Price: EUR 21,00 plus postage & packaging.



MONSTER APPARAT – Moster Dajm/Rymdmotstånd 7” D 2009 Hertz 029 2 Tracks 9'02'' Buy

MONSTER APPARAT is Johan Sturesson from Älmhult, Sweden, also known from his label Råsynth i blekinge, Wobbler (with Matias Brattberg and Henrik Hellgren), Frak (with Zwarre and Birre), and here joining forces with Daniel Svraka from Adolf Filter. They say they formed only for a ‘suddenly happening’ and forgotten gig, but after blowing away the audience with their minimal analog synth pop attacks and cheesy robot dress performance, they simply had to go on... “Moster Dajm” is a lovely and very simple instrumental minimal electro pop tune with the drum machine triggering the arpeggio of the Korg Poly-61 (my guess) and adding a simple melody and spacey sounds on top. “Rymdmotstånd” adds some vocoder to the synth soup, sounds like a little more Adolf Filter influence on here. So, there’s two pretty cool tracks on here with a massive do-it-yourself feel, directness, spontaneity and fun. And for those not being into German: MONSTER APPARAT … hmm, okay dudes, look down inside your panties, and if you have one, feel happy!

7”s are new, come in hand-made sleeve, transparent blue vinyl and insert and are limited to 250 copies only.

Price: EUR 8,40 plus postage & packaging.



MORAL – And Life is … and more CD DK 2007 Karma KMCD ARP 1 16 Tracks 54'08'' Buy Currently sold out!

MORAL were Ingolf Brown (synths), Hanne Winterberg (vocals) and Marco Andreis (guitar) from Århus, Denmark. They were active between 1981 and 1984, releasing the two cassettes "Dance of the Dolls" (Ådsel Service, 1981) and "Whispering Sons" (Ådsel Service, 1982) and one LP "And Life is...." LP (ARP Records, 1984), as well as contributing three tracks to the 2LP compilation "Somewhere Outside - Etellerandetstedudenfor" in 1983 on the well-known Irmgardz label. Their music is almost all synths, ranging from playful electropop (with a Roland TR-606, Boss DR-55) to ambient electronic soundscapes with Hanne’s mesmerizing vocals making many of the tracks sounding very similar to The Vyllies or some of the ethereal bands from the Projekt Records label, and musically also some similarities to Twice A Man. This CD re-issue is more than justified as the music is just superb and the original releases are ultra rare and if available at all, very expensive. Includes, of course, their cult hit “Lady Happiness”.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 15,90 plus postage & packaging.



MONUMENT – Feel Failure 7”EP SE 2011 DISKRET 4 4 Tracks 11'40'' Buy

With the band's own words: "Monument consists of parts of the three bands PC Phobia, Grateful Orange and Optical Rites. We started really as a fyrmannaband (Andreas, Mattias, Jonas and Tobias), but at the first rehearsals, when we failed to get our pre-recorded drums (from a Atari 1040) that sound good, did Fred and Chris joined the band. In this first scoring was done Frozen Fashion - it is actually recorded from that time on a cassette somewhere. It sounded the same then, just a little bit slower. Out went Atarin and we started playing everything live instead. Pretty soon, perhaps after only 5-6 months, we recorded the first demo. Sent off a few items, sold zero. For the second demo, however, we sent several pieces, but sold zero. And we never had any gig. We turned down the one of different reasons. So, in other words, almost nobody had heard these recordings (at least no one cared) before now then. Our inspiration came from quite different directions. It was very Cure, Ultravox and Sisters of Mercy. And Kraftwerk. And Yvonne. Jonathan recorded a playlist (C60), which perhaps says something about where the influences came from. It contained what is going to remember: Tunnel Vision - Watching The Hydroplanes, a song by Kraftwerk (probably Hall of Mirrors), Stockholm Monsters - Party Line, an old song by Pulp and Invincible Spirit - Down By The Riverside. Then it did not sounded so was probably not so much, we were pretty happy anyway." (automated translation from Diskret Förlag promotional text)


7”EPs are new, come with photo and insert,and are limited to 200 hand-numbered copies only.

Price: EUR 8,50 plus postage & packaging



NAGAMATZU – Sacred Islands of the Mad LP US 2010 DE-009 11 Tracks xx'xx'' Buy

Dark Entries is honored to present the highly limited second cassette by British duo Nagamatzu for the first time ever on vinyl. “Sacred Islands of the Mad” is a collection of eleven tracks recorded between December 1984 and March 1986 in London by Andrew Lagowski (SETI, Legion, Terror Against Terror) on synths, guitar, and drum machines and Stephen Jarvis (Pure Motorised Instinct, Terraform) on synths, bass and programming. Nagamatzu began in 1982 after messing around with old tape machines and drum boxes, making numerous contributions to international compilations and erratically releasing their own cassettes. Their name comes from a character in JG Ballard‘s “Atrocity Exhibition” and their music reflects his influence and incorporates carefully chosen samples from the Challenger shuttle disaster, Gregorian chants and films including “Dawn of the Dead” and “The Omen.” All the songs were recorded onto a Ferrograph reel to reel in a small room at their parent’s house and some of the backing rhythms and sequencers were recorded first onto cassette and then the band played along live. Nagamatzu’s instrumentals combine stuttering bass, guitar bursts and funeral keyboards draped over a dragging drum machine beat, calling to mind Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire and early New Order or Cocteau Twins. “Sacred Islands of the Mad” is a complex, textured tapestry of sound full of dark electronics, fresh harmonies and danceable rhythms. All songs have been remastered especially for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios from the original cassette masters. Each LP is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies and includes a newsprint zine full of fliers, gig tickets, ads, and photos.

LPs are new, come with fanzine and two cards and are limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Price: EUR 18,50 plus postage & packaging



NEON – Crimes of Passion CD IT 2011 SPITTLE28 14 Tracks 69'05'' Buy

The project “Crimes Of Passion” was built around three mini-albums, released on the second half of the Eighties. Finally this body of work has been repackaged in a single CD with bonus tracks – alternate dance versions of classics such as “I Am On My Way” and “Fire” – showing how much the band was crossing paths with both rock’n’roll tradition and EBM. Includes an amazing cover version of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”. (Spittle promotional text)




CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging



NEON – Memories 1980-1986 CD RU 2010 INT28004/VOX2CD 68'26'' Buy

This CD on Russian label Intuition comes as a best of NEON and thus compiles 13 tracks from Italy’s leading early-to-mid-80’s electro/new wave/goth band. Starting as an experimental electronic duo in 1979 (see “Oscillator” CD) NEON went on being a minimal electronic, then electronic dark wave and lastly goth rock group. “Memories 1980-1986” includes “Information of Death” (7”, 1980), “Boxes”, “Spiders”, “Lobotomy” (from “Tapes of Darkness”, 12”EP, 1981), “Drivin’” (from “Obsessions”, 12”EP, 1982), “My Blues is you (12”, 1983), “Dark Age” (12”, 1984), “Isolation”, “Last Chance”, “The same Ritual”, “Harry” (from “Rituals”, LP, 1985), and “Red Light (12”, 1986). Also it includes a video clip of “Isolation” directed by Carlo Isola in 1986. All in all you get a good overview on their early 80’s work and all hits for small money.


CDs are new, this is the 2nd edition, remastered, 4 panel digipak with different artwork and slightly different tracklisting, limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



NEON - Oscillator CD I 2008 Spittle12 7 Tracks 56'31'' Buy

NEON that was… Information of Death … Tapes of Darkness … Obessions … and several other great releases from 1981 onwards, and simply pure minimal electronics/dark wave cult on vinyl. But NEON, who in their earliest incarnation consisted of Marcello Michelotti (synths, voice) and Stefano Gasparinetti Fuochi (synths), regarded themselves more as a live electronics group, and they were already active and performimg before any of the aforementioned vinyl releases. In winter 1979, they performed a live set (which was recorded by Maurizio Fasolo and Massimo Michelotti who later themselves founded Pankow) at the Banana Moon club in Florence, Italy, that was pure electronics, “the synth rules”: noise, drones, distortions, metallic effects, roughness, and triggered synths thus rhythmic, definitely in the tradition of Throbbing Gristle. Also coming to mind are, of course, Cabaret Voltaire, S.P.K., Nocturnal Emissions, and also to some extend early Kraftwerk though in a more influential aspect. Fortunately Spittle Records have made the performance widely available as this is truly a historical recording, showing that NEON was definitely the most influential electronic act in Italy’s early electronic musical landscape.


CDs are new, come in shrinkwrapped digipaks and are limited to 1000 copies.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging.



NEON - Rituals (Expanded Edition) CD I 2009 Spittle15 11 Tracks 58'33'' Buy

NEON from Florence, Italy, has seen some renewed and continuous interest in their 80’s works leading to the releases of various re-issues (“Boxed” on Contempo) and compilations (“Memories” on Intuition), and letting them enter the live stage and recording studio once again over the last few years. Spittle Records now re-issues a digitally remastered version of NEON’s legendary first full-time album “Rituals” from 1985. Combining lots of electronics with post-punk/gothic rock guitars and lively pounding rhythms this album became one of the greatest and well-known dark wave albums ever coming out of Italy. Includes many cult hits like “Runnin’”, “Last Chance”, “Isolation”, “Dark Age” as well as a cover version of Jimi Hendrix’ “Burning of the Midnight Lamp”. This Expanded Edition also includes three bonus tracks, the 12” versions of “Dark Age”, “Last Chance” and “My Blues is You”. Surely for those being into dark wave with synths à la Days Of Sorrow, Marcie’s Still Waiting or related.


CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



NEON – Rituals LP IT 2010 Spittle15LP 8 Tracks 40'57'' Buy

From the beginning, the band’s music was perfectly aligned with continental trends integrating the attitude of early post-punk with certain types of electronic music that had timidly begun popping up on the club circuit, and an aesthetic that was a cross between late romanticism and decadentism. Inimitable bands like NEON breathed new life into even the most disagreeable and angular rock‘n’roll, flirting with war-like dance music, and creating musical scenarios that were unheard of up until that point, placing them in harmony with some of the most talked-about British and German bands of the time. After a string of 12”s (five altogether) and a 7”, the band finally released their first LP, “Rituals” (originally released in 1985 for the KinderGarten label and distributed by the major label, Polygram). This crucial album, which unquestionably represented the band’s creative peak, has now been re-released by Spittle not merely for the sake of the album itself, but also as part of a wider campaign to document the Italian New Wave scene. The eight tracks that make up this digitally remastered reissue represent one of the most original possible journeys into the Italian underground. Obsessively rhythmic, like a pagan ritual, with the vagueness and asperity of primordial rock and roll and an inkling of late seventies / early eighties electronica; a cultured dance, officiously contaminated by the sound of guitars that lead us on our journey - if for no other reason than the act of faith performed for guru Jimi Hendrix in their cover of “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp”. This ‘return to the scene of the crime’ is essential in the rediscovery of one of the most sober and adventurous breeds of Italian rock. (Spittle promotional text)


LPs are new and come shrinwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



NEONCOIL - Non-Stop Electronic-Cabaret CD D 2008 KD.05 12 Tracks 74'03'' Buy

NeonCoil is Felix Keuling from Stuttgart, Germany. Equipped with the all-time favourite Roland TR-808 drum machine and a great armada of synthesisers Felix brings us fantastic (apart from some vocal samples) instrumental electro that will appeal to everyone sharing a similar taste to Anna. The tracks are dark and mysterious on the one hand, bright and rhythmic on the other always in brilliant harmony with each other. If you know the Swedish project RAISON D’ÊTRE and imagine it to sound slightly more electronic at times then you shall have a good idea how NeonCoil sounds like. This album was long overdue (since a planned record on wrlc never happened due to the label’s unfortunate decline), but now NeonCoil’s time has come.


CDs are new and come EXCLUSIVELY SIGNED for Anna’s shop.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



NEONGRAU - Spam n Space CD D 2007 Das Drehmoment 007 10 Tracks 48'18'' Buy

NEONGRAU is Oliver Gerling from Germany bringing us a wonderful mixture of 80’s influenced electronics and modernist minimal electro(pop). GARY NUMAN and JOHN FOXX are mentioned as main influences and this is indeed evident throughout the tracks! “Short” for example has a deep FOXX-ish feel to it. Also there’s a bit of electroclash (“E-chicks Hero”). All in all, no drop-outs really (apart from a cover of DEPECHE MODE’s “Photographic” which is maybe a bit weak) and for Anna maybe the German counterpart to FISCHERSPOONER (“Lunar Motel”). Great album!

CDs are new, digipaked and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



NEON JUDGEMENT – Early Tapes LP US 2010/11 DE-007 10 Tracks 43'53'' Buy

THE NEON JUDGEMENT was formed around 1980/81 by Dirk Timmermans (aka Dirk Da Davo - synthesisers, vocals) and Frank Vloeberghs (aka TB Frank - guitars, drum machines, vocals) from Leuven, Belgium. Influenced by Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd they started with a minimalistic set-up comprising a Boss DR-55 drum machine, Yamaha CS-10 synthesiser and a Fender Stratocaster. In 1981, they released their debut six-track tape „Suffering“, including a first version of their classic track „Factory Walk“, of course being more rough with a pretty thin sounding guitar and less strong vocals as on later recordings. Then there’s the monotone and upbeat tracks „Sweet Revenge“ and „Schyzophrenic Freddy“ which undoubtely have drawn their inspiration from Suicide, the almost claustrophobic sounding „Harem“, and „Army Green (WOIII)“ that have more reminiscence to Cabaret Voltaire or even Throbbing Gristle (electronics paired with noisy and weird guitar parts), as well as the minimal electro pop track „The Machine“ that will appeal to any Absolute Body Control fan. The sound of those earliest tracks thus is as raw as it gets, but well that was the times in 1981! With the addition of a Korg Mono/Poly and Roland TR-808 and with no other than Ludo Camberlin as their engineer they recorded their second and already more sophisticated tape „TV Treated“ in 1982. The title track made it to much publicity, a great track for the more sinister dancefloors. „Stay mad“ almost uses the very same sounds as „TV Treated“ and is almost equally great. „Sister Sue“ and „On my own“ is preceeding Revolting Cocks’ sound by many years, and will surely appeal to fans of Luc Van Acker and Front 242. After those two tapes THE NEON JUDGEMENT started to release only vinyl records and were lucky to swim on the Belgian Electronic Body Music (EBM) hype in the mid-to-late 80’s. While they really were not part of that artificial genre their sound already changed at that time, actually, they have always been more of a rock band using electronics. Anyway, even though their early sound was so do-it-yourself and raw, it was kind of still pioneering, while their later efforts just became rather insignificant in the 90’s. Anyway, at the height of the electroclash hype, THE NEON JUDGEMENT was rediscovered and remembered of their earlier classic hits, leading to many remix projects and re-releases. Independent from that Dark Entries are now celebrating THE NEON JUDGEMENT’s 30th birthday with the re-release of their first two tapes on vinyl while the boys are going to hit the streets again.


LPs are new, include an 11×11 lyric sheet including rare photos, a mini poster and two silk screened die-cut diagrams taken from the band’s original synthesizer workbooks, and are limited 500 hand numbered copies, second edition, blue cover.

Price: EUR 18,50 plus postage & packaging





NEURAL CIRCUS – Neural Circus 7”EP D 2009 MM 06 4 Tracks 14'26'' Buy

After releasing the great Strange Devotion 7” Mauerstadtmusik comes up with another masterpiece of early 80’s UK minimal electronics. NEURAL CIRCUS were from Harrogate, UK, and they released only one 7”EP in 1980 on the Luggage label, not even with a sleeve, ultra rare piece of vinyl! Not only the rareness, but, of course, its amazing raw and pure analogue electronics made this a so sought-after record, therefore great that Mauerstadtmusik rereleased this great EP in remastered sound plus adding the originally intended artwork to the package. The whole EP will cause orgasmic states in those who love Transparent Illusion (“Exit” sounds like off the “Still human” LP), Bern Balders or Dark Day. So, no discussion: a true classic, definitely a must-have!

7”EPs are new, includes card and is limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 7,70 plus postage & packaging





NEVA – Untitled 12”EP F 2010 BD MP 001 4 Tracks 15'40'' Buy

Finally, yeah, finally! Now we're proud to purpose you our very first picture record, and even more happier about because this one is consecrated to a cult band from the french scene: NEVA. This emblematic trio from the scene between 1982 and 1991 was suggesting a music at half way between cold wave and batcave rock. Weird live scenic-performances, minimal but nor minimalistic music, voices from graves, NEVA never let anybody indiferrent to such point the band was considered as the French Virgin Prunes. They left behind them a discography composed by an unique two-titled 7'' and two tapes, today, requested by collectors from all over the world. Brouillard Définitif purpose you to discover or discover back this band throught this present 12'' – two tracks from each tape period: “Individu“ and “Fausse conscience“, two tracks per face – four tracks never edited before on vinyl since nowdays. (Brouillard Définitif promotional text)

12”EPs are new, 180 grams picture discs and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging







NEWCLEAR WAVES/OPUS FINIS – Split 7” I 2009 MNQ 003 2 Tracks 4'58'' Buy

NEWCLEAR WAVES is Alessandro Adriani from Rome, Italy, and OPUS FINIS is Ramiro Jeancarlo (synths, composition) and Carlos E. Oni (lyrics, vocals) from Miami, USA, joining forces on Mannequin’s third but first vinyl release. Both projects work with analog machines only, with a Korg KR-55 drum machine triggering directly the bass synth. The NEWCLEAR WAVES track “Ruins” is pretty monotone with no change at all in the bass note, but as Ale once put it, he’s making minimal electronic music, hehe, alrighty then! Anyway, there is a cold voice as from some industrial/hard electro bands and some brighter tones here and there, too. The KR-55 pattern lets memories to Snowy Red arise, but Ale is a bit more dark and nihilistic. OPUS FINIS present “Trying Times” which is a bit more versatile and playful. Pretty cool track similar to way Martial Canterel works. Nice release from Italian’s latest and soon leading label for minimal electronic and dark wave sounds!

7”s are new and limited to 300 copies.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging





NINA BELIEF – System of Belief 10” D 2009 NEB 001 5 Tracks 21'03'' Buy

NINA BELIEF is Tushna from Miami, USA, and already known from being the female half of RONIN, but here recording solo. She has already appeared with “Android Emotions” on the “We’re Punch addicted” compilation CD (Punch Records) and is now delighting the world with five more fantastic songs from the realms of the analog synth underground. Like the other usual suspects (the analog synth freaks from the US: Martial Canterel, Sleep Museum, Staccato Du Mal, etc.) she appears to only play original early 80’s analog synthesizers and drum machines (Roland CR-78, TR-808, Boss DR-110), which gives this music much heart and soul, and authenticity – for Anna it makes the difference! The music is cold and dark, due to the vocals some similarities to The Vyllies (“Exile Queen”), November Növelet, and also Anne Clark (“Ice in Air”). This is the first release on newly founded German label No Emb Blanc Records, actually a side label of Genetic Music. Well done, Tushna.

10”s are new and come in an edition of 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging





NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS – Lest We Forget 4xLP+7”EP box D 2008 VOD56 65 Tracks 235'40'' Buy

NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS is an UK outfit born in 1980 from the creative minds of Nigel and Danny Ayers, as well no other than our beloved, and so sadly late Ms. Caroline K. NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS have an extremely huge catalogue of releases comprising various styles over the years (noise, experimental, ritual/natural, electropop, ambient, etc.) among them several recordings leaving indeed lasting impressions (e.g. Anna thinks that everyone should have heard their “Stoneface” CD at least one time in their lives). Thanks to VOD a huge collection of tracks comprising recordings from some of their rare early tape only releases – namely “Deathday” (live 1981, Sterile Records 3, 1983), Whisky (live 1982, Sterile Records 5, 1983), “Dyskinesia” (Sterile Records 7, 1983), “The Fight Goes On” (Staaltape 00D, 1984), “Duty Experiment 1982-1984 Years (Soleilmoon 05, 1988), as well as some previously unreleased outtakes and material from THE PUMP which was their project prior to NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS – is now available again in lovely high quality vinyl. Many will be happy to finally see “Don’t believe it’s over” coming from the black spinning little thingy. Highly recommended from the furry friends.

Boxes are new, include 4 LPs as well as bonus 7”EP in black vinyl (member edition includes 7” in red vinyl).

Price: EUR 69,00 plus postage & packaging.




NORMA LOY – Message from the Dead 2LP+DVD D 2009 VOD64 22 Tracks (+12 Tracks on DVD) 79'46'' (+DVD) Buy

NORMA LOY was founded in 1981 in France, performing Cold Wave. The members were not connected to music only, but also into other art forms including the writing of books, making exhibitions and performances. In 1983 they released their first 12“ Romance (New Wave Records, NWR 01) followed by a tape, 12” and video on their own CPM label. Anyway, they are still active on many fields up to today. This 2LP on Vinyl-on-Demand includes their very first recorded track “Crazy” from 1981 as well as unreleased demos, rehearsals and live tracks. Also included is the DVD: “Live at Atheneum 87” which is “mixing concerts' images with minifictions..” as the band say itself.

2LP/DVDs are new.

Price: EUR 26,90 plus postage & packaging.




NOSZTALGIA DIREKTÍVA – Nosztalgia Direktíva 7”EP NL 2008 petit003 4 Tracks ' '' Buy

NOSZTALGIA DIREKTÍVA is a project from Hungary that obviously prefers to remain anonymous, so not much is known about them. A member has already appeared as G.K. Agenda on the defunct French Invasion Planete Records label. As NOSZTALGIA DIREKTÍVA one track was released on Enfant Terrible’s last compilation “Festival der Genialen Dilettanten”. All tracks are pure analogue synth, very early 80’s, and very cold, most comparable to November Növelet sytel with Laibach-alike vocals.

7”s are new and are limited to 300 copies.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.




NOVEMBER NÖVELET – Magic CD D 2007 Galakthorrö 019 12 Tracks 46'11'' Buy

After one single and one album - and also recording as HAUS ARAFNA - this is NOVEMBER NÖVELET’s second album again released on their own Galakthorrö label. We are being served beautiful analogue synthesisers, synthesised percussions and monotonous rhythms always set to dark mode with some sparkling undertones here and there. Maybe somewhere between IM NAMEN DES VOLKES, RITUAL and MARTIAL CANTEREL, with cold female vocals though. The title track “Magic” makes any dancefloor being filled with people … though probably all will be dressed in black.

CDs are new, come in digipak, with booklet and EXCLUSIVELY SIGNED!!

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.




OHAMA – Earth History Multiambient 2CD+MP3 album CA 2010 ehm-04112010 24 Tracks 162'46'' Buy

After Tona had chopped his recording studio including his synths for including parts to his own monumental document, the OHAMA 10xCD/DVD box set, released back in 2006, Anna thinks that not many people ever expected him to be back on the scene, but here is the fact: Tona Walt OHAMA is back! And, it seems like he’s never been away! This double CD set includes a totally new album recorded between March and September 2010 called „Earth“ and that’s where you’ll find out you’re still listening to the very same man doing his very own honest thing, his very own art, his very own sound! There is maybe two reasons for his: Tona was already back then a master of both composition and his electronic machiner, and for sure he would have deserved a bigger career in the music bizz (in other words, he was inventive, creative, experimental and thinking about sound and structure, maybe he was even ahead of his time – in terms of pop music - or just to true to himself to become more popular? The honest man’s fate?...), and then what use would it be to make an album that prooves popular sounding in 2010? As: OHAMA is OHAMA, and OHAMA was and is just damn good electronic pop music by someone with an own vision and who knows what he’s doing (while now he is using nothing but a laptop and softsynths, but you won’t hear the difference!). There is need to review each and every track in detail, they all could have been in one form or another on previous OHAMA records, but there is no drop out, all tracks are wonderful. A special mention though for title track „Earth“ which sounds like a later track from Scapa Flow or Controlled Bleeding in their dub songs phase and vocal-wise similar to Tobias Bernstrup plus adding Def Method, who’s the son of the one Rachel in OHAMA’s song „Rachel’s Dream“ („On the Edge of the Dream“, CD, 1994) on rap which doesn’t sound stupid or annoying at all at this point (more professional like Linkin Park): and Tona says „I know who killed the planet Earth – it was me.“ That’s what Anna calls an understanding and insight! „Earth“ is nothing but a great album all through with great synth action (tweaks and bends and solos) and great vocals, and more acoustic sounding drum sounds replacing the DMX drum machine that was never any of Anna’s favourite drum machines to be frank. Anyway, for those who missed out on the box set and wanting to hear some of his earlier works, there is CD #2 called „History“ including many of OHAMA’s hits from 1982 to 2006, with „Midnite News“, „My Time“, „Julie is a TV Set“ (the 1983 7“ version!), „Of Whales“, „Where do you call Home?“,... And last but not least, the physical CDs include a third virtual disc, which comprises one hour of ambient electronic music called „Multiambient“. Six tracks, each exactly ten minutes long, designed to be played on multiple systems simultaneously with hints on experimentation in the set up. Once again, an audio experience par excellence by someone who thinks and cares about music. Also, there is a full colour 16 page booklet including lyrics, and song information, so what more could you ask for? Signatures, yes, so, okay, Anna’s copies come signed by Tona! Go for it, and support a true independent artist, the music and concept are nothing but worth it! For Anna, this release marks the highlight of 2010, because any content, both music-wise and lyrics-wise is relevant, thus highly recommended for those who care, too. Or, buy or die!

2CDs are new, come in a very nice six panel digipak, are limited to 1030 copies and Anna’s copies come signed by Tona with an additional card!.

Price: EUR 18,90 plus postage & packaging.




OPERA MULTI STEEL – La Légende Dorée 2CD BR 2010 W028 16 Tracks 86'00'' Buy

Frankly, Anna wasn’t following the whole career of OPERA MULTI STEEL over the all those years, but is surely knowing their early works. Now, after not having released a new album in 8 years, they return with “La Légende dorée”, released on the Brazilian label Wave Records. It is clear that OPERA MULTI STEEL have gone back to their roots, the Roland TR-808 is the main drum machine on nine of the 12 tracks, and the Roland TR-909 on the remaining three (if not both are used on a single track like on the first track “Karma sous Trame” which could also be one of the latest Guerre Froide tracks), and the Casio VL-1 is present on truly every single track to make up that typical OPERA MULTI STEEL sound, and, well, it makes the difference! Some may think that living in the past is wrong and Anna agrees, but the music and sound of the early 80’s was simply honest and substantial, so it’s not about living in the past, but living on with it. The whole album is wonderful, but there is some major hits on there which need special mention: “Détention” which partially reminds Anna a bit of Psyche’s wonderful instrumental “Dreamstreet” while the chorus is typical OMS. “Le Cachot”, “Au sein de l’Essence-même”, “Homélie mélodique” and especially “NS – ND” are classic OMS tracks and potential live and discotheque hits and those DJs who are not playing the same crap over and over again should check them out. So, OPERA MULTI STEEL are back and just the way we love them!

The bonus CD includes four additional tracks (remixes) of „Vision Holistique“, „Perdre Connaissance“, „Fureur en Asie“ and „Karma sous Trame“ as well four individual cards for each song.

2CDs are new and limited.

Price: EUR 19,00 plus postage & packaging.




OPERA MULTI STEEL – La Légende Dorée CD BR 2010 W028 12 Tracks 63'14'' Buy

Frankly, Anna wasn’t following the whole career of OPERA MULTI STEEL over the all those years, but is surely knowing their early works. Now, after not having released a new album in 8 years, they return with “La Légende dorée”, released on the Brazilian label Wave Records. It is clear that OPERA MULTI STEEL have gone back to their roots, the Roland TR-808 is the main drum machine on nine of the 12 tracks, and the Roland TR-909 on the remaining three (if not both are used on a single track like on the first track “Karma sous trame” which could also be one of the latest Guerre Froide tracks), and the Casio VL-1 is present on truly every single track to make up that typical OPERA MULTI STEEL sound, and, well, it makes the difference! Some may think that living in the past is wrong and Anna agrees, but the music and sound of the early 80’s was simply honest and substantial, so it’s not about living in the past, but living on with it. The whole album is wonderful, but there is some major hits on there which need special mention: “Détention” which partially reminds Anna a bit of Psyche’s wonderful instrumental “Dreamstreet” while the chorus is typical OMS. “Le Cachot”, “Au sein de l’Essence-même”, “Homélie mélodique” and especially “NS – ND” are classic OMS tracks and potential live and discotheque hits and those DJs who are not playing the same crap over and over again should check them out. The last track “Un Art fatal” is an almost balladesque showing again OMS’ strength mixing electronics with guitar and Gregorian choruses to the one and only OMS sound. So, OPERA MULTI STEEL are back and just the way we love them! Recommended!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK – Architecture & Morality CD UK 2003 DIDCDR12 16 Tracks 61'24'' Buy

“Architecture & Morality” was OMD’s third album and proved to become their most successful album and “our finest hour” as Paul put I, with being “a culmination of everything we had learned to that point about song writing and song textures”. It included the massive worldwide mega hit “Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans)” plus the highly successful and popular “Joan of Arc”, “Souvenir” and “She’s leaving”, along with all-through great compositions with deep atmosphere and sound experimentation in “Sealand” or “Architecture and Morality”. The album here comes in perfect digitally remastered sound and having a total of seven bonus tracks added, including an extended version of “Souvenir”, the minimal electropop pearl “Sacred Heart” (if you don’t know it yet, change it, it’s truly a discovery and revelation with its Roland CR-78, string synths and deep’n’dark synth attacks) plus “Of all the Things we’ve made”

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.





February 1980 saw the release of OMD’s debut album featuring tracks Andy and Paul had written when aged between 16 and 20 years old, or “two teenagers […] playing with the most ridiculously cheap load of second-hand equipment and playing the with self-taught knowledge – one-fingered melodies and simple primary chord structures” as Andy later put it, recorded in their self-built studio with the money they had been given by the record company (a wise decision). Actually, they created a wonderful lively synthetic sound with synthesisers, brilliant electronic percussions (plus the Roland CR-78) and Paul’s bass guitar. Numerous catchy and classic tunes like “Bunker Soldiers”, “Almost”, “Electricity”, “Messages” plus slight experimental approaches (“Dancing”) make the album a time-capturing all-time classic, here in perfect digitally remastered sound and having added a total of six bonus tracks including a cover of Lou Reed’s “Waiting for the Man” and alternative versions of “Electricity” and “Almost”. Of course, a must-have for anyone.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK – Peel Sessions 1979-83 CD UK 2000 Virgin 15 Tracks 50'13'' Buy

OMD need not much presentation, everyone knows and surely love at least some of Liverpoolians Andy McCluskey & Paul Humphreys’ tracks, and Anna is proud to finally offer some of their wonderful music here. “The Peel Sessions 1979-1983” combines four different OMD recording sessions (20.08.79, 14.04.80, 29.09.80, 29.01.83) for and aired on John Peel’s legendary show BBC Radio 1. The first three sessions thus cover tracks from the first two albums “Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark” (e.g. “Bunker Soldiers”, “Messages”) and “Organisation” (e.g. “Enola Gay” and it’s 7” flip-side “Annex”), while the fourth session covers the album “Dazzle Ships” (e.g.“Of all the Things we’ve made”). The Peel Sessions generally revealed a more raw and unpolished sound giving ways to more popular versions versions, but truly they reveal all their potential and organic nature, and some may even prefer this. Lastly, added is the original 7” version of “Electricity” on Factory Records as a bonus track.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




OTHERS IN CONVERSATION – Two Instrumentals 7” D 2009 AC-4 2 Tracks 7'09'' Buy

OTHERS IN CONVERSATION recently had their debut on the split 7” with SKANFROM on Genetic Music and is now coming up with two more instrumental tracks. OTHERS IN CONVERSATION was formed in September 2008 by M. Steward. He plays guitar and bass/synth bass along a drum machine with synth/guitar noise adding to the mix - “We like noise as much as we like melodies” as he puts it. “23” is a lovely 80’s dark wave track going straight forward with a driving synth bass, drum machine and beautiful gothic lead guitar plus some noisy guitars at the end. “25” sounds like homage to Arms Of Someone New with a kinda psychedelic touch. While these tracks happen to have a clear demo recording feeling, it is unclear whether the project is ever working out any of those ‘basic ideas’, or if the tracks remain that minimal and youthful. Both is fine, Anna likes it raw’n’dirty, and these tracks as they are. Looking out for more to come.

7”s are new and are limited to 200 copies only.

Price: EUR 6,90 plus postage & packaging.




OPERA MULTI STEEL – MCMLXXXIII-MCMLXXXVII K7-Tapes Archives 3xLP box D 2008 VOD55 36 Tracks 143'05'' Buy

OPERA MULTI STEEL was formed in late 1983 by Franck and Patrick Lopez, and Cathérine Marie in Bourges, France. There is no other way than to describe their music as unique and just beautiful - analogue synthesisers, drum machines (mostly a Boss DR-110) along with acoustic instruments like recorders and percussions. This box set on VOD includes rare tracks from their 80's cassettes "Opera Multi Steel" (promo-only, 1984), "Autres Appels" (1985), "Eternelle Tourmente" (1986), "Opera Multi Steel & Modern Art" (1987), "Je regarde la Pluie" (1987), "Regret qui s'écaille" (1987), as well as never ever released before demo recordings! For most collector's it's even a pleasant news that are also demos from tracks from their first EP and "Cathédrale" LP, with a more rough and minimal touch. A must-have for any fan and those daring to enter their world.

Boxes are new, include 3 LPs, booklet, T-shirt (member edition).

Price: EUR 60,00 plus postage & packaging.




OPERA MULTI STEEL – Parachèvement de l’Esquisse 2CD BRA 2008 Wave W014 30 Tracks 120'07'' Buy

Unlike the recent vinyl box set on Vinyl-on-Demand which presented mostly unreleased/unavailable cassette material from OPERA MULTI STEEL’s early phase, this double CD compilation on Brazilian label Wave Records gives you a wider overview on OPERA MULTI STEEL’s work covering their official releases from 1984 to 2002. A total of 30 tracks described as the ‘Ultimate Anthology’ have been compiled by the band members themselves ranging from their very first 4-track vinyl EP “Eponymous EP” (1984), to “Cathédrale” LP (1985), “À Contresens” LP (1988), “Les Douleurs de l'Ennui” CD (1990), “Stella Obscura” CD (1992), “Histoires de France” CD (1996), “Eternelle Tourmente” CD (1999) and “Une Idylle en péril CD (2002). Therefore you get a good opportunity to get known to this exceptional French group working with lots of electronics in combination with natural instruments, e.g. flutes and acoustic guitars, thus creating and maintaining their very own and unique sound. On the later recordings you will also find members of Collection d’Arnell-Andréa contributing.

2CDs are new and come in transparent plastic sleeve (not original plastic tray).

Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging.




PASCAL COMELADE – Back to Schizo (1975-1983) CD F 2010 GA 8679.AR 26 Tracks 41'39'' Buy

Long before the large audiences came to discover him in the middle of the Eighties, PASCAL COMELADE has always been an electronic and electro-acoustic music lover. Influenced by or having relationships with musicians like Richard Pinhas, Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Carla Bley or Michael Nyman, this French artist has been able to create a music often described as "minimalist", made of concise melodic fragments and brief musical experimentations. Listening to "Back To Schizo - 1975-1983" enables to measure how much the master of toy-instruments has been a precursor of the present electronic fashion, particularly by the use of the famous AKS/EMS synthesizer. This sampler, released by the Gazul label and directed by PASCAL COMELADE himself, comes back to the best sequences of the three studio albums ("Fluence", "Paralelo" & "Sentimientos"), various tapes and numerous contributions to compilations. The right moment to open a brand new thematic collection on the Gazul label: "Les Zut-O-Pistes". This is a fascinating collection of evocative and innovative music, to be discovered as soon as possible! (Musea promotional text)


CDs are new and shrinwrapped.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




PERFECT JEWISH COUPLE - Time Capsule CD USA 2007 7 Tracks 27'24'' Buy Currently sold out !

The PERFECT JEWISH COUPLE is Shari Lauter and Kelly Hale from Cincinnati, USA. You surely know their greatly acclaimed track “The Fall” from their 1985 7”EP “Ménage à trois”, which is, of course, also included on this CD. Also here you will find “Nuclear Blues”, which will also be featured on the first Anna Logue Records vinyl compilation coming this year, as well as “Heart on my Sleeve”, “April 85”, “New York Rain”, “In Search of an Atonal Thunderstorm” and “Voo Doo Dance”, all dating back from around 1984 to 1987 and being digitally remastered.

CDs are new and come EXCLUSIVELY SIGNED!!

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging.




PESTEG DRED – Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice LP US 2010 DE-008 7 Tracks 35'48'' Buy

Dark Entries has tapped into their Gothic roots to unearth a 29-year old lost album now available for the first time on vinyl. ‘Years Of Struggle Against The Lies, The Stupidity And The Cowardice’ was written, recorded and produced by a trio of Danish 18-year olds during a weekend in December 1981. Unable to pay for the recording session, the master tapes were confiscated and the album remained unreleased until the summer of 1985 where it was issued as a bonus cassette with the Danish art magazine Atlas. This is the first and only album from PESTEG DRED, a trio from Denmark made up of Martin Hall (Ballet Mécanique, Under For, Before), Per Hendrichsen (Dialogue, Uté-Va) and vocalist Inge Shannon, who later starred in Hall’s project SS-Say. The band combines dark rumbling basslines with austere guitar shrieks and the occasional cello/violin/autoharp to create the perfect tension of soft/loud synthesized post punk. But what steals the spotlight of Martin Hall’s well-crafted production are the dynamic vocals of Inge Shannon who ranges from cold Teutonic monotone to shrill cacophony at times bringing to mind Nico, Xmal Deutschland, Bettina Koster of Malaria! or Simona Buja from Kirlian Camera. This landmark album could have fit perfectly on the 4AD or Factory Records roster alongside A Certain Ratio, Bauhaus or Joy Division. (Dark Entries promotional text)


LPs are new, include a printed interview with Martin Hall as well as a silk-screened image of the original reel to reel master tape and are limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

Price: EUR 16,50 plus postage & packaging




PINK INDUSTRY – Low Technology CD D 2008 Isegrimm 002 20 Tracks 62'21'' Buy

PINK INDUSTRY were basically Jayne Casey (vocals; also in Big In Japan, Pink Military) and Ambrose Reynolds (bass, guitar, synths, drum machines; also in Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Royal Family & The Poor) from Liverpool, UK, being active between 1981 and 1985. In the height of post-punk they perfectly line-up with Joy Division and the likes, combining lovely bass patterns with sparse guitars, dark atmospheric electronics, various industrial percussions, fortunately mostly the all-time classic Roland TR-808 drum machine and Jayne’s voice which is a bit reminiscent of Claudia Brücken’s. They created a rather melancholic and hypnotic atmosphere that one cannot easily escape. This CD re-issue includes PINK INDUSTRY’s first 12”EP “Forty-five” (1982), “Low Technology (1982) plus 7 previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1982/83 including the fantastic “Taddy up”, all remastered in 2005! Includes, of course, the all-time classic “Don’t let go”. The remaining albums are said to be re-issued in chronological order soon. Looking forward!

CDs are new, comes in a beautiful digipak and are limited to 1000 copies.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




PINK INDUSTRY – New Naked Technology (2010 Remasters) CD BR 2010 W018 24 Tracks 74'05'' Buy

Great British band (from Liverpool) started in the beginning of the 80´s after Pink Military had split up. Jayne Casey (singer of Pink Military) and Ambrose Reynolds (bass player founder of legendary Frankie Goes to Hollywood) started Pink Industry, and later called Tadzio for guitars. The band mixed new wave and experimental sounds with sexy vocals. Pink Industry did 3 full albums, some 12"s and one 7" and recorded 4 Peel Sessions at BBC in the 80´s. They split up in 1987 with Jayne going to business music side and Ambrose working with his new music project USL and Tadzio just disappeared. Two compilations were released in 1990 and 1995 by German label Parade Amoureuse and Brazilian label Cri Du Chat. In 2008, the first album, „Low Technology“ was re-released by Isegrimm Records from Germany with EP bonus on digipack format. Now, after almost 30 years of the band, Wave Records bring all fans around the world with the new compilation bringing some song versions never released. Classics like: „What I Wouldn´t Give“, „Pain of Pride“, „The Corpse“ and „Empty Beach“, never will be missed! (Wave Records promotional text)

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




POLYPHONIC SIZE – Saison 1979-1982 4xLP Box D 2009 VOD63 56 Tracks 206'10'' Buy

POLYPHONIC SIZE was founded around 1979 in Brussels, Belgium, by Roger-Marc Vande Voorde with Dominique Buxin who wrote the lyrics, They released their first 7” in 1979, thus probably starting the first minimal electronics project in Belgium even before Alain Neffe or Front 242 enter the scene. In 1980 Jean-Jacques Burnel (The Stranglers) started to produce them. PS was then joined by Martine Bourlée and Jean Marc Lederman (Kid Montana, The Weathermen), France Lhermitte and Bernard Dradin (Noh Mask) and Kloot Per W played bass. Other guests were Luc Van Acker, David Salamon (Arbeid Adelt) and Phil Wauqaire (Digital Dance). This brilliant box sets documents the early stage of the group and includes all official releases when they were going from pure minimal electronics to electro pop: Algorhytmic 7”EP (Sandwich Records 001, 1979), Pragmatic Songs 7" (Sandwich Records 002, 1980), Nagasaki Mon Amour 7” (Sandwich Records 005,1980), Kyoto from Nagasaki Mon Amour 7" (Radical Records 001, 1981), Mother’s Little Helper MLP (Enigma Records 002, 1982), Kyoto from B 9 compilation LP (Sandwich Records 007, 1981), Live for each Moment/Vivre pour chaque Instant LP (Sandwich Records 014, 1982), P.S. 12“ Sandwich Records 009, 1981), Winston & Julia 12" (Lark Records ind 127638, Sandwich Records SR 25, 1982) plus 26 (!!!) previously unreleased outtakes, demos and instrumentals.

Boxes are new.

Price: EUR 65,00 € plus postage & packaging.




PORTION CONTROL – Progress Report 1980-83 7LP/DVD/T-Shirt/Book Metal Box D 2010 VOD73 138 Tracks 380'52'' Buy

This 7LP metal box with 60-pages book, T-shirt and DVD is an ultimate collection of the godfathers of Electronic Body Music, Hard Rythmic Electronics and Minimal Synth. PORTION CONTROL’s work from 1980 to 1983 contains all official releases and even unreleased tapes on their own POR CON label incl. “Gaining Momentum“, “Dining on the Fresh“, “Private Illusions I & II“, “Video Soundtrack“, and “Progress Report“, and more obscure and unreleased tracks from PORTION CONTROL’s archive plus compilation tracks as well as the releases on In Phaze Records “With mixed Emotions“, “Surface and be seen“, “I staggered mentally“ and Third Mind Release “A-Mag/Shot in the Belly“ and the highly searched for „Assault“ tape. The heavy box is accompanied by a 60-pages book full of memorabilia and photos dated 80-83. Also included is a DVD with self-made videos from the V-Mag-Archive, all dated back between 81-83. A true classic release and a definite must for every serious collector and listener to Minimal-Wave/Synth and EBM music.

Boxes are new and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 115,00 € plus postage & packaging.




PSEUDOCODE – Europa CD BE 2010 EE20 19 Tracks 74'15'' Buy

Reissue of PSEUDOCODE's vinyl legacy (2 EPs + 1 LP) remastered in superb sound quality by original member Alain Neffe of Insane fame, 30 years later! PSEUDOCODE (1979-1982) were a coherent unit of 3 individuals (Xavier S., Guy Marc Hinant and Alain Neffe), non-musicians even, combining emotions with electronic experiments, mostly improvised. They called it 'potlatch music' and were only trying to express themselves through sound rather than pleasing an audience. Within just a couple of years they released a fine body of work on vinyl and cassette (Insane Music, Pseudo Records, Sandwich Records) and international network compilations (Datenverarbeitung, Ding Dong, Korm Plastics, Grafika Airlines, Third Mind, Trax,....) and were even noticed by fellow experimentalists such as Harold Budd or Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire). They could have been bigger than.... Unfortunately the story didn't last for too much longer and everyone moved on with his life before any breakthrough of some sort.... Buy with confidence: these classic tracks between hope and despair deserve a second life within a renewed 'Europa', now much worse off than 30 years ago... (EE Tapes promotional text)

CDs are new – this is the standard edition including brown 7” sleeve and additional sticker, limited to 300 copies (total edition 500 copies).

Price: EUR 13,50 € plus postage & packaging.




PSEUDOCODE – Slaughter in a Tiny Place 2LP BE 2010 SVR298 12 Tracks 91'38'' Buy

PSEUDOCODE was a legendary Belgian improvised electronic music band featuring Xavier Ess (also in Thrills), Guy-Marc Hinant and Alain Neffe (also known for his Insane Music label, and also being in BeNe GeSSeRit, Human Flesh, Subject, I Scream). While Xavier S. contributed most of the lyrics and vocals, it was Guy-Marc Hinant who often played the core melody on his Pianet electric piano. Neffe's contributions are particularly noteworthy throughout, as he weaved together the bulk of the sonic cloth through overdubbing and mixing. One of his parts was remotely virtuosic (hence his self-identification as a non-musician), but they were always unexpected and perfect in and of themselves, emotionally and sonically, and in that sense they are deeply musical. This record with 12 unreleased tracks recorded between early 1980 and end of 1982, is the missing link between the two EPs, the two Potlach cassettes and Europa, the final record - and probably their best work. Guy-Marc Hinant remembers the Captagon Years: “In that time, the onset of the eighties, we had the opportunity to create from sound itself instead of notes, from noise, screams, any chord, relevant or irrelevant. Xavier (with Stéphane Barbery, Digital Dance), had been in one of Brussels' first punk bands, Thrills. Alain had over 10 years of music experience and was influenced by kosmische musik and all kinds of weird and experimental music; he had put together several improvisation ensembles in the area, including the noisy Kosmose, which I joined as a teenager. Now that I had digested punk, I was into Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, The Pop Group, Red Crayola, This Heat... and all these influences show up upon listen. This double vinyl was made with in mind the urgency of these times. All tracks are unpublished and in this sub-collection, we intend to release a series of LP like they would be released at that time.” (slightly edited from Sub Rosa promotional text)

2LPs are new and limited to approx. 600 copies.

Price: EUR 19,90 € plus postage & packaging.




PSYCHE – Tales from the Darkside (1982-1987) CD D 1990 Animalized 16 Tracks 55'06'' Buy

PSYCHE was always one of the most underrated bands and would have deserved to achieve the major breakthrough at least in the late 80’s but fate was obviously against them. Founded in 1982 by brothers Darrin and Stephen Huss (and joined by Dwayne Rudolph Goettel of later Skinny Puppy fame in the early days) in Edmonton, Canada, they created outstanding electronic music combined with horror elements in the vein as it was done simultaneously by their country mates Skinny Puppy – for example their tracks “Eraserhead” and “Empty Spirit” – that’s raw, pure and noisy electronics, just brilliant synthesiser sounds and only preceded by the likes of Portion Control, Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle and Soft Cell. This CD compiles previously unreleased early tracks as well as alternative versions and a live track from their early period. When you listen to “Another Billion Eyes” for example with its Boss DR-55, fantastic punchy bass synth line, lovely lead and great synth effects then you are in analogue synth heaven – alone worth the buy! But the CD includes also, of course, “The Brain collapses”, “The Crawler”, “Waiting for the Stranger”, etc. Essential group, essential material.

CDs are new and getting rare these days!

Price: EUR 14,00 € plus postage & packaging.




PSYCHIC YOUTH – Step in Time/The Future now 7” US 1982 private 2 Tracks 6'15'' Buy

This top notch cult 7” from 1982 starts with a Korg KR-55 drum roll intro, so what else can you ask for ? You mean: brilliant synth sounds and sequencing, synth percussions, cool vocals and futuristic lyrics ? OK, you’ll get it all on here! “Step in Time” sounds perfectly like an early hit from EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS (Prototype era), even the male vocals are so very similar. “The Future is now” is even better and comes along with female vocals and oh-what-fantastic synths! Pure analogue synthesiser bliss! Maybe this is the best Minimal-Electropop 7”s from the United States ever?! And most probably this is your very last chance to grab an unplayed copy (that also does not have a water damaged sleeve). Now or never, killer record!

7”s are new and available in very limited supply only.

Price: EUR 30,00 € plus postage & packaging.




PTÔSE (PRODUCTION) – Early Recordings 79-83 2LP D 2006 VOD34 33 Tracks 91'18'' Buy

PTÔSE is a French cult Minimal/Experimental Electronics group with quite a number of rare original releases on tape and vinyl format. This release on VOD is a collection of rare, mostly tape-only material recorded between 1979 and 1983. All in all a total of 33 tracks coming from the tapes “Hand-made electronics”, “Seigneur des Mouches”, Apparaitre/A Paraitre”, “Moxisylyte N.”, “Poisson Soluble”, “Night of the Reptiles” and “Women on the Moon” from their vinyl 7”. Wonderful analogue synthesiser weirdness all through and maybe somewhere between THE RESIDENTS and DER MUßIKANT.

LPs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 20,50 plus postage & packaging.




RASPUTEEN – Minimal Scheissegal 7”EP D 2009 hertz 027 4 Tracks 11'46'' Buy

RASPUTEEN is a side project by well-known electronic music activist Philip Münch, known for his works in THE RORSCHACH GARDEN, SYNAPSCAPE or with keen K. RASPUTEEN is like an out-of-control version of Rorschach Garden, not so melodic and just much weirder with lyrics that must be ‘heaven-sent’…. After a few CD albums here’s RASPUTEEN’s first stand-alone vinyl and the tracks are: “Minimal Scheissegal”, “Ein Kinderspiel“, “Vorbei“ and “Die Mordkommission“. Solid minimal electro with some similarity to DAF maybe.

7”EPs are new, come with insert and limited to 300 copies.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.




RATIONAL YOUTH – Cold War Night Life CD SE 1997 OCT 043 11 Tracks 48'01'' Buy

RATIONAL YOUTH … well, actually no other group has so deeply inspired Anna and reinforced her love for synthesisers (and especially the Roland TR-808 drum machine) and electropop than Bill Vorn and Tracy Howe did with their 1982 album “Cold War Night Life”. Anna has no doubt that it is THE BEST EVER RELEASED ELECTROPOP ALBUM OF ALL TIMES, simply pure and incredible synthesiser pop perfection with the most amazing synth sounds and pop compositions full of wonderful harmonies and ideas. RATIONAL YOUTH was formed in 1981 in Montreal, Canada, when Bill and Tracy found out they had the same fascination for synthesisers and the German electropop pioneers Kraftwerk. It is guessed they didn’t think they could do even much better than their idols, but they did! In 1981 they released a first 12” on YUL records featuring the classic tracks “I want to see the Light” and “Coboloid Race”, soon to be followed by “Cold War Night Life”, recorded with a maximum efficiency gear of Moog Source, Logan String Melody, Roland SH-5, MC-4 MicroComposer, TR-808, System-100, System-700, Vocoder SVC-350, Space Echo 201 and Casio VL-1. CD includes the complete album plus the aforementioned 12” tracks plus “Power Zone” from the “City of Night” 12”. This is synthesiser poetry and this album belongs to any collection of any sort of electronic music, if not in any collection in general!

CDs are new and available in very limited quantity only as these are the last copies of the original edition on October Records.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging.




RATIONAL YOUTH - To the Goddess Electricity CD SE 1999 OCT 054 11 Tracks 42'43'' Buy

While RATIONAL YOUTH ceased to exist already within the 80’s their classic album “Cold War Night Life” left an ongoing interest in the group, mainly in Europe and especially in Sweden where they still have had many fans. In the late 90’s this led to the decision to play a few gigs there and also to record some new music. Bill Vorn was unfortunately too busy with his work on robotics to further play in RATIONAL YOUTH, so he was needed to be replaced by Jean-Claude Cutz (Digital Poodle, Din) and Dave Rout (Datafreq). It is clear that a mastermind like Bill Vorn could not be replaced and that the new material shouldn’t be a plagiarism of the early 80’s RATIONAL YOUTH. Anyway, they tried to retain the spirit while transporting RATIONAL YOUTH into the here and now. So “To the Goddess Electricity” turned out to be a great electro-/synthpop album with a modern awareness still with lots of references to old RATIONAL YOUTH and, of course, Kraftwerk. And Tracy’s unique and warm vocals contribute to the fact that this is a justified RATIONAL YOUTH record and worthy follow-up album. Unfortunately, again after this album RATIONAL YOUTH was put to rest, hopefully ready for the next resurrection.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




RBE – Raudive Bunker Experiment 2LP D 2009 YouDo 04 24 Tracks 91'41'' Buy

The RAUDIVE BUNKER EXPERIMENT (RBE) was Any Wilson from the UK, who also played in experimental electropop group Bourbonese Qualk, and sunseastar. In RBE he played fully electronic minimalistic music with lots of synthetic percussions and simple beautiful melodies and electronica elements, most comparable to Gen Ken Montgomery. This 2LP on Youdonthavetocallitmusic compiles the LP “Industrial Estate/A Knot” (Distant Heat DH 001, UK, 1982) and tracks from various tapes, among them the “Dub Flack” (Trench Musik Kore TM2, UK, 1983), which they described as ‘pop musik’ in contrast to the “usual more extreme music” on the LP. Some impressions: “Introduction” sounds like Dark Day, “Trash” is even proto-IDM music with its percussive and ambient elements. “Tiny Animals” lets you think of Cabaret Voltaire. “Unearthing Gradiva” or “Song for Robert” sound like tracks from Chris Carter’s “The Space between”. “Industrial Estate” (recorded live at the T.A. Hall, Weymouth, 13.3.82) and “Atzec Poppies” are close to Throbbing Gristle. “A Knot” is a beautiful long dark droney piece with many sound effects and recorded noises, just great! All in all, a wonderful release with minimal electronics and industrial music and everything inbetween, but unlike other records of those genres never annoying and still easy to listen to with many sparkling moments and lots of interesting ideas. A forgotten classic, now back in full bloom!

2LPs are new, 180 grams vinyl include three postcards ad limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging.




RBE (RAUDIVE BUNKER EXPERIMENT) – Falling/The Message is received 7” D 2009 YouDo 04A 2 Tracks 8'13'' Buy

Additionally to the just released 2LP we are being served a 7” by Youdonthavetocallitmusic with two tracks: “Falling” is minimal electronics at its best, very very very reminiscent of Kaa Antilope both vocal and atmosphere-wise, both cold and beautiful, with synthetic percussion and probably all sounds anyway from the Korg MS synthesizer. “The Message is received” is equally sounding like Kaa Antilope, but it’s a bit weirder than “Falling”, comparable to early works of Gen Ken Montgomery. As Anna is big admirer of Kaa Antilope’s works, this 7” by RBE is a true highlight to end this year.



7”s are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 7,00 plus postage & packaging.




RESCUE 1 - Movie Viewers LP NL 1981 Plexus MKF 218709 8 Tracks 25'42'' ' Buy

Recorded in 1980 and released in 1981/82 on both Plexus USA and the Netherlands, this one really deserves to be called a cult record in the field of minimal electro. Otto von Ruggins and Robert Crash performed pure and weird synth stuff using our beloved Korg KR-55 drum machine. The record includes the well-known “Movie Viewers”, as well as “Chateau 19”, “Waveland Avenue” and “My Name Isn’t Here”. And as if this wouldn’t be enough, all tracks come in two versions - original and Charles Ball mixes - running on two double-grooved sides… no more than a must-have!

LPs are new, a few are still sealed and include the 4D glasses.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




RICHARD BONE – Emerging Melodies CD-R US 1982/2008 11 Tracks 30'22'' Buy

RICHARD BONE is, of course, not unknown to the connaisseurs of early 80’s minimal electronics and electropop. His hits “Alien Girl” or “Monster Movie” are familiar with everyone, no? “Emerging Melodies” though was one his first more experimental works and originally released in a very limited run of 50 vinyl LPs in 1982. Created as the soundtrack to a pioneering piece of experimental video, “Emerging Video”, which aired on the USA cable channel, these tracks contain 11 amazing forays into early electronica before the term ambient became a household word. Some tracks are slightly rhythmic, some are experimental but all feature Richard's unmistakable sense of melody with wierd analogue synths sounds, synthetic percussions, and deep atmospheres lurking in every corner.

CD-Rs are new and are made on-demand only.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging.




RICHARD BONE – Experiments ‘80-‘82 CD US 1982/2008 10 Tracks 48'38'' Buy

Many RICHARD BONE fans have spent half of their lives on trying to track down copies of his most rare recordings which were released on the cassettes “Quiz Party” and “Life in Video City”. Less than 50 copies of these original cassettes were ever made and it still seems impossible to find an entirely intact copy of them. Fortunately, at least 7 of those tracks have been saved from vanishing into obscurity by re-releasing them on the limited CD “Experiments ‘80-’82”. The other three tracks, with the collective title “Alternate Music for the Hindenberg Lounge”, come from “The American Music Compilation LP”. All of these abstract recordings were inspired by the pioneering electronic works of Morton Subotnick, Charles Dodge and Tod Dockstader and were made using a MiniMoog, Korg MS-10 and a Roland SH-1, recorded in New York on a 4 track cassette and mixed to 1/4 track reel between '80-'82. Really a rare opportunity to get your hands and ears on some of Richard’s most rare recordings ever.

CDs are new, limited to 300 copies only!

Price: EUR 11,00 plus postage & packaging.




RICHARD BONE – Untold Tales (1979-1985) CD SE 2004 Orlandomaniac OMM 01 19 Tracks 77'02'' Buy

Get prepared for some more synthesizer madness from Richard BONE! Man, 1979/80, these were the times when synthesizers were analog, most of the rhythm boxes were still preset only, synthetic percussion was just too cool and a vocoder so futuristic. But all this would have been useless if BONE wouldn’t have been so endlessly cool and unique. 1979 saw their first release “Pirate the Islands” and after that the recorded many more brilliantly mad Sci-Fi-like tracks (with wonderful titles like “Nobody discos on Pluto” or “Mars needs Women”) which were way ahead of their time (it is guessed that most Americans were not prepared for this…)! Starting in 1978, it seems that Richard Bone was truly the pioneer in American synthetic pop music, playing also in Shox Lumania and then going solo and recording until today. Most of the tracks on this compilation come from mysterious and long lost tapes like the “The Candelabra Sessions” from around 1981. Made available only through the passionate and tireless efforts of Swedish fan Janne Slätth who convinced Richard to release this CD in 2004 on Janne’s founded-for-this-purpose-only platform Orlandomaniac Music. Anna was told there is more material so don’t be shy and write Richard and Janne a message for issueing an “Untold Tales II”. Other keywords: Roland SH-1, Roland TR-606, Korg MS-20, Moog Source, Pearl Syncussion SY-1.

CDs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging.




ROBERT MARLOW – The Peter Pan Effect CD SE 1999 Energy 138 11 Tracks 34'47'' Buy

In between 1977 and 1982, Basildon, UK born ROBERT MARLOW already played in various bands featuring Alison Moyet (Yazoo), Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure) and Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode). With obviously some massive help from Vince Clarke (“programmed by Vince Clarke and Eric Radcliffe”) he recorded a couple of tracks between 1982 and 1984, under his own name and released on Vince and Eric’s Reset label. In no doubt, these tracks do perfectly line up with Vince’s other works in Depeche Mode and Yazoo, but the Robert Marlow material, though easily accessible pure electropop, failed to succeed commercially. Thanks to Energy Rekords, the back then recorded but never released album was made available in 1999 at last. The CD also features a CD-ROM track with the video of “The Face of Dorian Gray”. Essential stuff for any Vince Clarke, early Depeche Mode or simply synthpop fan!

CDs are new and long out-of-print.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging.




SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS – Epic Garden Music LP IT 2011 RRS004 14 Tracks 55'16'' Buy

SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS originally formed in 1981 and produced ‘classy alternative pop music’, a psychedelic post punk sound. The guitars chimed above atmospheric keyboards held together by a rock solid rhythm section underpinning very accessible song writing and the strong haunting voice of singer Garce. Think Chameleons, early Cure and latterly bands like Interpol. After their initial split in 1984 interest in the band grew at home and abroad prompting them into reforming in the late 80’s and producing several more great albums but ‘Epic Garden Music’ is the starting point. (Radiation promotional text) This vinyl re-issue includes six (!) bonus tracks!



LPs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS – Feeding the Flame LP IT 2011 RRS005 10 Tracks 50'49'' Buy

SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS ‘ first full album, a brilliant atmospheric post punk album, elements of Joy Division and The Chameleons and more tellingly of bands that followed. Recorded in 1983, Feeding the Flame showcases the original line up at their very best. Featuring the bonus track “Close To The Sea”. (Radiation promotional text)





LPs are new, include lyrics innersleeve are and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging




SCATTERED ORDER – Prat Culture Plus CD AU 2009 gg134 17 Tracks 61'19'' Buy

SCATTERED ORDER was founded by Michael Tee (synthesiser, percussion, vocals; also in Ya Ya Choral and working with The Barons) and Mitch Jones (bass, guitar, vocals) in Sydney, Australia, in 1979. They added Patrick Gibson (synthesiser, guitar, drums; also in Systematics, Severed Heads, Ya Ya Choral, 3 Musketeers) and Michael Prowse (drums, percussion, clarinet) to the line-up and first released their LP “Prat Culture” (1982, M Squared, M 2020) and the “Screaming Tree” 7”EP (1981, M Squared, M 2008). Soundwise somewhere between Experimental-Guitar-Noise-Industrial and Post-Punk, think of early Cabaret Voltaire, Einstürzende Neubauten, SPK, Hula, Tuxedomoon and the likes. This CD re-issue comes remastered and includes both releases plus 4 previously unreleased tracks.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.




SCIENCE PATROL – Bandit Ducks from Outer Space 7”EP US 1981 ZR 001 5 Tracks 16'32'' Buy

SCIENCE PATROL was Andrew L. ’Our Hero’ Jackson (also in Zru Vogue), Rick ’Magnum’ Cuevas (also in Zru Vogue), Mark C. ’Spike’ Bracewell, Michael Brian ’Dad’ Calder and Christopher M. ’Pity’ Pitman, formed in 1981 in San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Their songs drew inspiration from pop culture, comics, snack foods, religious icons and passion for the absurd, or, in other words, in the studio, chaos went untamed when tape recorders rolled, or, in other words, they performed some sort of weirdest dadaist experimental post-punk minimal electronics. They often traded instruments, and there were never any rules. Instruments were run through delay effects or synths, just to see what happens. In 1981, they released this cult 7“EP mini album including the ever-green „Bandit Ducks from Outer Space“: a monotonous (but as always so brilliant sounding) Boss DR-55 Dr. Rhythm drum machine and the bass lay the foundation to this almost 8 minutes lasting opus while beautiful and weird and industrial synth sounds and coolest guitars come and go all the time, adding cool vocals and weird lyrics on top, not to forget the toy pistol! „Pop A B C D“ is four tracks flowing into each other, in the same manner as Bandit Ducks but less pop. All tracks develop an almost ambient atmosphere in itself, very unusual, very unique. Truly a cult classic! Hep! Hep!

7”EPs are new, come with insert and are signed by Rick and Andy and limited to 2000 copies (the sold copies are original copies).

Price: EUR 20,00 plus postage & packaging (EUR 30,00 for the 7”EP + The Sounds of Science CD plus postage & packaging)




SCIENCE PATROL presents The Sounds of Science CD US 2010 Not on Label 17 Tracks 64'00'' Buy Currently sold out!

SCIENCE PATROL was Andrew L. ’Our Hero’ Jackson (also in Zru Vogue), Rick ’Magnum’ Cuevas (also in Zru Vogue), Mark C. ’Spike’ Bracewell, Michael Brian ’Dad’ Calder and Christopher M. ’Pity’ Pitman, formed in 1981 in San Francisco Bay Area, USA. Their songs drew inspiration from pop culture, comics, snack foods, religious icons and passion for the absurd, or, in other words, in the studio, chaos went untamed when tape recorders rolled, or, in other words, they performed some sort of weirdest dadaist experimental post-punk minimal electronics. They often traded instruments, and there were never any rules. Instruments were run through delay effects or synths, just to see what happens. In 1981, they released one 7“EP mini-album and were featured with two previously unreleased tracks on the highly acclaimed 3LP box set compilation „Reminiscent“ in 2004 (Genetic Music, gen010). The 7“EP, the two compilation tracks as well as an additional eleven tracks were now put a retrospective CD entitled „SCIENCE PATROL presents The Sounds of Science“. All tracks were recorded between 1981 and 1983 and incorporate the same weirdness as known from the previously available tracks, so prepare yourself for a trip through the very unique world of the SCIENCE PATROL.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped, and are made on demand.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging (EUR 30,00 for the CD + Bandit Ducks from Outer Space 7”EP plus postage & packaging)




SECOND DECAY – La Décadence Électronique LP US 2009 DE-003 12 Tracks 37'03'' Buy

SECOND DECAY was Andreas Sippel (synthesizers, rhythm machines, voice) and Christian Purwien (voice, electronic percussion, additional synthesizer) from Germany. “La Décadence Électronique” was originally self-released on CD in 1992, but we are told: “This album was produced without MIDI. It is dedicated to our beloved Synthesizers”, lovely, and definitely against all trends of the early 90’s by recording synthpop music exclusively with a massive armada of analogue synthesisers, drum machines and other devices. Anyway, their sound was very lively and clean, and not as raw as today’s re-creators of the analogue DIY sound, hence it may easily be referred to as synthpop with greatest synth sounds, danceability and underground hit potential. John Foxx must have been a great idol to Andreas, not only is there a coverversion of “Burning Car”, also “Chronomatic” is basically like written by Foxx, and “The Emerge”, too, so incredibly close, and simply a fantastic song! Definitely highly recommended to those with a faible for the lighter side of analogue synth music, and those who liked A.W.o.L.’s output in more recent years, hehe. Andreas is currently recording again as Vendome.

LPs are new, includes lyrics sheet and limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

Price: EUR 17,50 plus postage & packaging.




SEPÜLCHRE INC. – Celebration/Resurrection 7” SE 1988 FMP 005 2 Tracks 10'30'' Buy

Not much is known about SEPÜLCHRE INC. apart from them having been from Sweden and having releasing only this vinyl 7” on the Front Music Production label. Their music was pretty much inspired by Vomito Negro, Front 242 and Skinny Puppy and lines up nicely with the debut album by their colleagues Cat Rapes Dog, with voices directly coming from the cold grave. “Celebration” is minimalistic hard electro track with lyrics like “the empty brains – celebrating Christ – I … celebrate myself”. “Resurrection” is pretty much in the same vein, with madman’s vocals, metallic percussions, dark and monotonous synths and threatening sounds and atmosphere. The 7” was also always a wanted item in the minimal synth scene, and if you like the bands mentioned (in their earlier stages), then don’t let it go!

7”s are new and long out-of-print.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.




SHAITA – Inside CD D 2011 NEB003 16 Tracks 49'58'' Buy

We are proud to present you the first release of the lovely Shaita from Croatia! Her songs are very intense & atmospheric, minimalistic & without beats. She is playing with sounds, effects, words and her very enchanting voice! Follow the journey and let her take you... inside! (NEB promotional text)





CDs are new with plain white glossy digipak with front/back info in braille-embossed printing.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging




SHEMALE – Supreme Beings 12”EP F 2009 FIR002 5 Tracks 22'54'' Buy

Falco Invernale Records say it “focus on the exploration of various faces and interpretations of contemporary electronic music with artists displaying their own personal world” and with this second release they prove themselves right. After the rather italo-influenced electropop of the first FIR release (Tobias Bernstrup 12”, see below), SHEMALE is much more dark, with great reminiscence to Sleep Museum, using analog synths and drum machines (Roland TR-606). The tracks one here range from dark minimal to industrial soundscapes (“Evil Winds”) and psycho killer movie soundtracks à la John Carpenter (“North Sea Funeral”). SHEMALE has already released three 12”s on the well known Dutch label Bunker Records, and its story is that “a failed laboratory experiment in the Bio-weapons division of the military-industrial complex known as ManCorp, mysteriously transformed mild-mannered lab technician Pete Plus+ into the SHEMALE a hybrid humanoid robot … SHEMALE retreated from the world into a parallel universe to create dark, dystopian machine-music, influenced by a synthetic dream of Hyperborea the land beyond the North Wind.” Alrighty then…

12”s are new and are limited to 300 hand numbered copies only.

Price: EUR 9,90 plus postage & packaging.




SIEDLERHEIM – Westhafen LP D 2009 WSDP 115 10 Tracks 35'10'' Buy

SIEDLERHEIM was Mr. Beyer and Mr. Vollmer from Berlin, Germany, who released two cassettes in 1980 and 1981 on the German Kompakt Produkte label including the famous “Plassette” which also featured Bodenpersonal and Tumoorbeus/Tumorboys. SIEDLERHEIM recorded various songs ranging from dark minimal electro-wave (including the hits “Im Sommer war das Gras so tief” and “Die Zeiten ändern sich, doch sie wiederholen sich”) to electro-funk (“Alles meine Freunde”) to electro-punk (“Komm mit mir”), thus using anything from drum machines (a Roland TR-808 can be heard on “Das häßlichste Paar der Welt”), drums/percussion, bass, piano, trumpet, guitar, and of course, synthesisers. The LP’s name is derived from the harbour area Westhafen in Berlin Wedding where they and Bodenpersonal had their rehearsal room. Another typical WSDP release, so you know what to expect!

LPs are new and limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 15,50 plus postage & packaging.




SIGLO XX – S/t LP BE 2010 OS06 11 Tracks 40'29'' Buy

“I hear noises, imaginary sounds”. Re-issue of their first tape. Recorded in April 1981, distributed among friends and at gigs, this tape was the first product of their collaboration. And what a tape this is! Heavily influenced by the likes of Joy Division & the whole Factory scene, Belgian’s finest produced a total of nine incredible dark but catchy cold wave tunes. Add to this two bonus tracks from their first demo cassette & you have an essential document of the first SIGLO XX years. (OnderStroom promotional text)

LPs are new, 160 grams vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging.




SILENT DIANE – Riverside 7” US 2010 SD0001 2 Tracks 7'02'' Buy

SILENT DIANE is Christine Aprile and Eli Welbourne from Austin, TX, USA, and this is their debut on Answering Machine Records. “Riverside“ is a nice dreamy synth pop ballad though still upbeat (but only TR-808 rim shot and bass drum that triggers a monophonic analog synth) adding some electronic flutes, organs and strings and lovely female vocals. With “Juliet the Painting“ the give us one of the definite minimal electro smash hits of 2010 – opened by stripped down and monotone Korg KR-55 drum machine, simple cold bass synth sequences plus brilliant vocals in the verses with a sudden change into a lovely chorus that musically is like greeting the springtime. On this 7“, SILENT DIANE create a beautiful mixture of pure analog minimal electro and sort of ambient electronic pop with lovely reminiscences to mid-70’s Kraftwerk, not to forget the great vocal performance. Only comparison that is coming to mind is the of the dreamy ambient electronic pop of Other People’s Children. Definitely a 2010’s highlight, thus highly recommended, or simply a must-have!

7”s are new, come on lilac vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

Price: EUR 6,90 plus postage & packaging.




SILVIA – S/t CD D 2003 gen011 9 Tracks 37'17'' Buy

TOMMI STUMPFF is a legendary underground musician from Düsseldorf, Germany. He first performed in the punk combo DER KFC, but fortunately he started to record music on his own with synthesisers only. His early tracks are pure minimal electronics galore, brilliant analogue synth sounds, sequences and raw synthesised drum sounds. Besides his own solo-LP “Zu spat ihr Scheisser” he wrote enough tracks for another album to be sung by female punk girl Silvia. The album was released in 1982 on the German Schallmauer label and includes numerous killer tracks, amongst them the well-known “Zuerst ich”, as well as “Ich bin nicht die”, “Sauf und stirb” and “Das Ende vom Traum”. If you like raw analogue synth music in the vein of IM NAMEN DES VOLKES or TI-THO this one is a must for you!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.




SIXTH JUNE – Eyerytime CD D 2011 NEB 002 12 Tracks 38'39'' Buy

SIXTH JUNE is Laslo Antal (synths, lyrics and working on visuals) and Lidija Andonov (vocals, lyrics and actress) from Belgrade, Serbia, who joined forces at the end of 2007. Laslo has already been playing in A3 Format that have made a couple of demo recordings a few years back, but probably he’s been the most creative mind in that project, so better the decision to concentrate all efforts in recording solo and adding a female vocalist. Musically, SIXTH JUNE serve a mix of 80’s nostalgia (synth sounds, sequencing, melodies) and danceable beats from the hard electro/EBM genre, or electro dark pop as they describe it themselves, maybe think of File Not Found as a comparison. Laslo’s skills have impressively improved since his days in A3 Format. The songs are well programmed and structured, and pretty catchy while still being dark and melancholic, in the end not too rich in textures (thus, the tracks are pretty pretty short), but above the standard of some other contemporary acts for sure. Lidija’s vocals add nicely to the sound even though there is still room for improvement, variation and adding more character to her voice. SIXTH JUNE play live as often as they can and combine music with visuals, so check them out when they play near you. Really a nice debut album, making hungry for a follow-up. The CD version includes one bonus track: “What’s there left” originally by Nine Circles.


CDs are new and shrinrwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging







SIXTH JUNE – Eyerytime LP D 2010 neb 002 11 Tracks 35'32'' Buy

SIXTH JUNE is Laslo Antal (synths, lyrics and working on visuals) and Lidija Andonov (vocals, lyrics and actress) from Belgrade, Serbia, who joined forces at the end of 2007. Laslo has already been playing in A3 Format that have made a couple of demo recordings a few years back, but probably he’s been the most creative mind in that project, so better the decision to concentrate all efforts in recording solo and adding a female vocalist. Musically, SIXTH JUNE serve a mix of 80’s nostalgia (synth sounds, sequencing, melodies) and danceable beats from the hard electro/EBM genre, or electro dark pop as they describe it themselves, maybe think of File Not Found as a comparison. Laslo’s skills have impressively improved since his days in A3 Format. The songs are well programmed and structured, and pretty catchy while still being dark and melancholic, in the end not too rich in textures (thus, the tracks are pretty pretty short), but above the standard of some other contemporary acts for sure. Lidija’s vocals add nicely to the sound even though there is still room for improvement, variation and adding more character to her voice. SIXTH JUNE play live as often as they can and combine music with visuals, so check them out when they play near you. Really a nice debut album, making hungry for a follow-up.

LPs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.







SKANFROM – Are you alone? 7” D 2009 AC-3 3 Tracks 9'38'' Buy

After some silence finally some new tracks by Roger Semsroth aka SKANFROM, recorded April 2009. Musically, and fortunately, nothing new, really, so we get more of our beloved simple, melodic, melancholic, beautiful, instrumental and analog Roland SH-101 action with the already familiar Talking Translator asking us “Are you alone?” at the end of side A. The flipside comes with “I will miss you 1” and “I will miss you 2”. Well, what to say, Anna just can’t get enough of this, it’s just such beautiful music! And Solvent fans will love this anyway. The sleeve is hand stamped and the vinyl comes as whitelabel.

7”s are new, include an insert and come in an edition of 500 copies.

Price: EUR 6,90 plus postage & packaging.




SKANFROM – Hand-picked Fragments CD CDN 2002 Suction 012 20 Tracks 52'37'' Buy

SKANFROM is Roger Semsroth from Berlin, Germany, and the only German ‘robot’ having released on Suction Records. This CD compiles 13 tracks from his earlier tape- and vinyl-only releases on a.d.s.r. from 1998 to 2000, plus seven previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1999 and 2001. SKANFROM is simply some of Anna’s all-time favourite music, just listen to tracks like “England” and “Data 6”, and you’ll know why …. And there’s a lot of early Kraftwerk influences on here (“Phon A”, “Synthetic”), also mentioned are Bochum Welt, Aphex Twin, Isan, Solvent, so you’ll get a clue, but anyway SKANFROM seems to create tunes totally freed from any outer input like a child creating things from heart and soul, simple, pure, in harmony with the world, and just beautiful. As a technical note, this is pure Roland SH-101 action.

CDs are new, shrinkwrapped and getting rare these days as almost out-of-print.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




SKANFROM – Soothing Sounds for Robots CD D 2003 Genetic 013 22 Tracks 55'08'' Buy

The CD starts with a voice sample telling us “The music you are listening to is completely electronic.”, haha, wonderful! And well, that is exactly what Roger Semsroth from Berlin, Germany, serves us. Anna cannot stop loving this wonderful simple, melodic minimal electropop music. The tracks are short, instrumental, occasionally with some voice samples from a Talking Translator. "Soothing Sounds for Robots" was released on Roger’s a.d.s.r. label by the end of 2002 as a 12"EP limited to 800 copies. The digital version on genetic music includes the tracks 14-22 as additional unreleased bonus tracks.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




SLEEP CHAMBER – SixSixSix 4xLP+7” Box D 2010 VOD79 43 Tracks ' '' Buy

Six Six Six iz a collection ov material from the first 6 years ov SLEEPCHAMBER. Mastermind John Zewizz gave permission to and VOD-Records to choose the tracks. The outcome reveals and demands for a renewed and extended perception of Sleep Chambers artistic synthesis of the last 30 years. On Lp1 as well as the 7“ you will find pure and very strong minimalsynth-tunes from his very early "cassette"- only releases like „Ze Wizz Kidz“(released 82 but recorded in 79/80), „Dream Distillate“(82) or „Music for Mannequin“(83). Lp2 and Lp3 reveals so far unreleased recordings from 82 to 87 that range from minimal to the typical percepted Sleep Chamber-Sound as known from the mid 80’s. The two Lp’s are furthermore riddled with alternative versions, demos and unreleased tracks, based around the Admit to Desire-period. Any SLEEPCHAMBER admirer would be in the Garden ov Eden with such a selection especially when listening to Lp4 which is an unreleasd Lp called „Seremony“, recorded in the beginning of thee Satanic Sanction Session in 1985/86. This completes the leak ov the SLEEEPCHAMBER vaults for another six years... (Vinyl-on-Deamnd promotional text)

Box sets are new and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 66,66 plus postage & packaging.




SOLITAIREN EFFEKTEN - S/t 7” 10” NL 2007 Enfant Terrible 07 6 Tracks 16'06'' Buy

SOLITAIREN EFFEKTEN is the German language alter ego of SOLITUDE FX releasing exclusively on Enfant Terrible. Due to the limited equipment and experience in recording back then you will want to expect a very rough and very early 80’s sounding minimalistic uptempo Electropop with considerable influences from the Neue Deutsche Welle, maybe basically due to the use of the German language. The artwork or the whole release package is just awesome: white 10” vinyl, gold imprinting, double-sided lyricsheet and an oh-so-matching-the-concept sleeve design.

10”s are new and are limited to 529 numbered copies.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




SOLVENT – Demonstration Tapes (1997-2007) 2CD US 2007 Ghostly GI-70 27 Tracks 108'14'' Buy

For those who want to get an overview on SOLVENT’s backcatalague, Ghostly International have released a double CD set with material from across all SOLVENT releases plus sampler contributions (incl. SOLVENT’s amazing version of Slowdive’s “When the Sun Hits”) and four new previously unreleased and brilliant tracks: the vocoder track ” In Light”, “Creepy Crawler” with its mixed Roland CR-78 and TR-808 drum sounds, the spacejourney-like “Sample And Hold” and the dreamlike “An Introduction To Ghosts (Extended)”. Of course, “My Radio” is included in its extended version plus some remixes, as well as “Think like us”, “For You”, “Quiet Life” (with GD Luxxe) and many more tracks you will enjoy.

2CDs are new and come exclusively signed!

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging.




SOLVENT – Loss for Words 7” CDN 2010 Solvent/GI-105 2 Tracks 7'39'' Buy

Hard to believe it’s been six years since Solvent’s „Apples & Synthesizers“, the immaculately composed synth-pop opus whose Toronto-based producer came to define the early Ghostly aesthetic. And yet, here we are in 2010, listening to Jason Amm’s new single as Solvent, „Loss for Words”—the first taste of Solvent’s upcoming full-length „Subject to Shift“, and a sterling example of what happens when classic pop songwriting meets analogue circuitry. Buzzing synths, crisply understated drum programming, and an air of gentle melancholy—it’s as if no time has passed at all. And yet, “Loss for Words” is also a significant step forward for Amm, as his singing has matured into a clear, organic tenor and sweet orchestral sings dominate the song’s climax. “Loss for Words” is a robotic ballad with a human heart. The “Loss for Words” vinyl single comes packaged with two remixes: SOLVENT’s “CompuRhythm mix”, which pares the song’s starry haze down to a minimalist series of blips and clicks; and Berlin producer VECTOR LOVERS’ remix (7“ edit), which busies up “Loss for Words” synthetic swirl into a club-ready electro track. (slightly edited from Ghostly International promotional text)

7”s are new and come signed by Jason.

Price: EUR 6,50 plus postage & packaging.




SOLVENT – Subject to Shift CD US 2010 GI-109 11 Tracks 42'23'' Buy

More than most, Jason Amm’s work as SOLVENT embodies the original ethos of “synth-pop”: hook-laden music built lovingly out of the buzz and hum of analogue synthesizers. SOLVENT’s newest full-length on Ghostly International—his first in nearly six years—is called „Subject to Shift“, and its title reflects the changing tone of Amm’s music. On „Subject to Shift“, the “cute, happy robots” of 2004’s „Apples & Synthesizers“ are few and far between, and in their place is a mix of dystopian, acid-tinged futurism and bittersweet romantic ache. While SOLVENT’s brightly hued synth tones are still very much in effect on „Subject to Shift“, Amm’s sound has grown deeper and more burnished, hinting at darker conceits and moods than on previous records while laying their creator’s emotions bare. “Formulate”’s micro-disco throb and slippery vocoder’d lead hint at Amm’s earlier dancefloor leanings in menacing style; and “Don’t forget to Phone” wraps a bevy of dark vocal hooks around a jaunty schaffel beat, evoking the paranoia and conflicted feelings inherent to every break-up; while “Caught a Glimpse” and lead single “Loss for Words” display two different shades of SOLVENT’s love affair with technology-aided melancholy, recasting new-romantic tropes in a machine-only context. Unlike his previous releases, „Subject to Shift“ is full of Amm’s vocals, which have only grown more confident (and, in many cases, vocoder-free) with time. To say that SOLVENT is “back” would be a misnomer—Jason Amm has been with us all along, steadily producing new material, nudging the SOLVENT sound towards something grander and more rewarding than anything he’s previously produced. Laced with live vocals and dripping with Amm’s blood, sweat, and tears, „Subject to Shift“ is machine-made but palpably, beautifully human. (Ghostly International promotional text)

CDs are new and come signed by Jason.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging.




SOMNAMBULIST / M.BRYO – Split 7” US 2007 MW006 3 Tracks 8'21'' Buy

SOMNAMBULIST and M.BRYO were both projects of Mark Burghgrave from Belgium. “Facing the Moon” and “The Tribe” are taken off SOMNAMBULIST’s “Withered Land” cassette, and “Show me your Hands” is taken off M.BRYO’s “Homo Fabre” cassette, both originally released in 1982 (Central Tapes). “Facing the Moon” is a dark depressive minimal electronics track with a Roland TR-808, simple synth accompaniment and organ. “Show me your Hands” is as minimal as it gets – only a one-note synth ‘sequence’ and vocals, wowy! “The Tribe” is a lovely little tune with a slightly Asian touch it. Definitely for those who love the minimalistic nature and sound of Absolute Body Control or group: xex.

7”s are new, come as transparent vinyl, include insert and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.




SONNENBRANDT - Urlaubsgruss mit Sonnenbrandt ep MCD D 2004 NLW008 5 Tracks 19'20'' Buy Last copies !

SONNENBRANDT are one of the most promising Electropop/NDW groups, hailing from Hamburg, Germany. Consisting of Stefan Bornhorst (aka THE SILICON SCIENTIST), Jojo Brandt and his lovely wife Frau Sonne, they perform entertaining Electropop with mainly analogue gear, male and female vocals, funny German lyrics. The MCD contains their sold-out four-track 7”EP plus the wonderful previously unreleased track “Radio”. Irresistable tunes that make you sing along and dance to. To cut the story short: five songs - five hits! …speed up things guys, we’ve been already waiting for too long for the fulltime album!

MCDs are new and come in shrink wrapped DVD case.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging.




STEPHAN EICHER – spielt NOISE BOYS 12”EP/MCD F 2010 BB024 7 Tracks 17'29'' Buy

STEPHAN EICHER was born in a suburb near Bern, Switzerland, where he got in musical experimentation already as a kid. He then moved to Zürich and apart from other art related studies and interests, he formed the NOISE BOYS with him on guitar, one of his art professors on bass and other friends. In 1980, when occassionally back to Bern for working as a waiter in a local punk hangout, he snatched Starter’s equipment (Roland CR-78, MS-20 and Pro-Mars) after the police has cleared the place (later he produced Starter, so obviously no hard feelings there). STEPHAN EICHER then re-recorded some seven NOISE BOYS songs (incl. the Lou Reed cover „Sweet Jane“) running the CR-78 through a Big Muff, and recording it to a dictaphone! The recordings reached Urs Steiger from Off Course Records who wanted to release them. Five of the songs made it onto the vinyl. STEPHAN EICHER later joined forces with his brother Martin, Marco Repetto and GT to form the legendary Grauzone. After Grauzone, STEPHAN EICHER started a solo career with a great following especially in France. So, no wonder, that this re-issue is coming on French label Born Bad Records. (Text edited from the booklets original liner notes) The songs have been beautifully remastered and are now available in its entirety to a wider audience fort he first time. All tracks are the most raw’n’dirty DIY minimal electronics are most likely ever to hear, with one of coolest-ever sounding CR-78, rather standard MS-20 bass and sounds, playing mistakes and STEPHAN EICHER’s typical vocals. A true cult classic, and long overdue, but it was worth waiting, as Born Bad Records have done a marvelous job! Includes „Disc Mania“, „MiniMiniMiniMiniJupe“, „Noise Boys Song“, „Hungriges Afrika“, etc.



12”EP/MCDs are new.

Price: EUR 13,90 plus postage & packaging.


STEREO – Somewhere in the Night CD US 2008 MW015 10 Tracks 52'48'' Buy  

STEREO were Terry Noritop and Michael Billes from France being now re-issued on both LP and CD on Minimal Wave Records with use of some original artwork on the cover. In some way a strange release for MW as we are being served pure Italo-Disco-Synth-Pop, very catchy, fortunately with some dark undertones ‘justifying’ the release for a dark wave/synth oriented crowd, while still it is believed this was/will be given more rotation in gay clubs than in dark wave clubs. “Somewhere in the Night” comes from their first 12” (Carrere, 1982) and must definitely not hide behind the super hits of the Italo movement, and so does “No More”, and “Then I kissed her” from their second 12” (CBS, 1983). Then six tracks from their only album “Assembly Line” (Bernett, 1985) plus the previously unreleased track “Lover on the Run” from 1985. The CD includes 2 bonus tracks not featured on the vinyl edition.


CDs are new, come as digipak with insert and mini-poster and are limited to 999 copies.

Price: EUR 16,00 plus postage & packaging.




STEREO – Somewhere in the Night LP US 2008 MW015 8 Tracks 41'27'' Buy  

Minimal Wave's 15th release is an LP by STEREO called “Somewhere in the Night”. The LP brings together the French band's best material recorded between 1982-1985, including the cult songs “Somewhere in the Night” and “No More”. The release is a limited edition. The LP comes with a printed insert of photos and includes full versions of each song, as well as an unreleased track from 1985 “Lover on the Run”. (slightly edited Minimal Wave promotional text)


LPs are new, 180 grams, includes an insert and limited to 999 copies.

Price: EUR 20,00 plus postage & packaging.




STÖRUNG – Europe Calls/Radio Lines 7" USA 2007 MW008 2 Tracks 7'20'' Buy  

STÖRUNG were Eugenius and Arian Brunwin from the Netherlands who formed the group in 1981. In 1982, they released the “Dreadful Dance” 7” (Störung Records 001) and the “This is Future” LP (Clogsontronics 002) both recorded/produced by no other than Ton Willekes from Ensemble Pittoresque. “Europe calls” is great and danceable minimal dark electropop track, very simple with TR-808, sequencer driven synth and female vocals reminiscent of X-mal Deutschland or Malaria, so perfect for your dark wave disco dancefloors. “Radio Lines” is also very minimal, dark, slow, threatening, with guitar and vocal experimentation.


7”s are new, limited to 500 copies and come with a photo from 1985.

NEW Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.




STÖRUNG – This Is Future LP+CD NL 1982/2008 SG 008 10 Tracks 38'37'' (x2) Buy  

First released in 1982 as SG002, Clogsontronics now puts out a re-release of the STÖRUNG album “This Is Future”. The original master tape still in perfect condition was used for this one. Carefully some minor corrections were done to make it sound like it should have compared to the original pressing. Clogsontronics brings out this one in a new concept: A release both on vinyl and CD in one package. The buyer gets the art and analog feeling of the vinyl as well as the convenience and technical quality of the CD. For best result the vinyl was cut using the DMM cutting process and pressed on 180 grams vinyl. Also included in the package are 2 stickers similar to the ones the band used for promotion back in the old days. (Description taken from Clogsontronics)


LP+CD sets are new, 180g vinyl, limited to 700 handnumbered copies and include two stickers.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging.




STRANGE DEVOTION – Again the new Formation 7” D 2008 Mauerstadtmusik 05 2 Tracks 8'35'' Buy

STRANGE DEVOTION is Dominic Butler from the UK who recorded a single demo cassette in April 1982. “Again the new Formation” sounds perfectly like a mixture of VICE VERSA and TRANSPARENT ILLUSION using Korg MS10 and Sound Master Memory Rhythm SR-88. “Danger Line” sounds like the perfect mixture of HUMAN LEAGUE’s “Being boiled” and VICE VERSA, pure minimal analogue electronics heaven!!! Can’t wait to see VOICE PATROL being released, oh boy … TIPP!!

7”s are new, include postcard and come as a limited edition!

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging.





SUB MURIS – Honesty/Open Doors MCD-R UK 2008 Sub Muris 7 Tracks 34'48'' Buy

SUB MURIS were David Palmer, Bruce French, David Rollisson and Sarah Deekes from the UK, and they only released one 7” back in 1983 (Dog Rock Records SD 104). Now, 25 years on, the band members re-issued the two tracks (adding 5 additional mixes, too) once they noticed that still their music is still appreciated by connaisseurs of early 80’s minimal electro, cold wave, post punk or new wave. SUB MURIS are in the tradition of Joy Division/New Order with a melancholic attitude transported via mainly bass, keys, drums, sparse piano and male/female vocals similar to maybe A Modest Proposal, Arte Moderno, Die Unbekannten or such and they would have fitted perfectly on the “Your Secret's Safe With Us” compilation if this is of further help. Good to see

MCD-Rs are new and made in limited quantity.

Price: EUR 6,50 plus postage & packaging.




SUICIDE BOOTH – Aura EP 12”EP D 2007 Das Drehmoment 009 5 Tracks 22'59'' Buy

SUICIDE BOOTH are Spif Anderson and Stefan Fenzel from Munich, Germany, saying their music is inspired by Science-Fiction movies with B-movie character. Well, the concept makes sense when seeing the cover artwork, but when listening to the record a “B-character” should not be applied. Wonderfully versatile they do present danceable Electro (“I am Legend”), kind of Italo (“Aura”, “Rendezvous”) and a fantastic instrumental Minimal Electropop track (“Raumpilot”). As a last track this EP comes up with a great remix of “Rendezvous” by DIVIDER (keen K). Cool record!!

Listen to sound samples here!

12”EPs are new, black vinyl, come with sticker and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging.




SUICIDE BOOTH – Terror from the Sky CD D 2008 Biohazzard 14 Tracks 64'42'' Buy

After the “Aura EP” on Das Drehmoment Records from 2007, SUICIDE BOOTH have finally released their first full time album. It starts with sampled surface noise and crackles from vinyl records giving you an idea where Spif and Stefan are aiming at: a nostalgic voyage through 80’s electropop landscapes with influences ranging from New Wave to Italo Disco, from Minimal Electro to Synth Pop with lots of melodies, spheres, danceable beats (among them sampled analogue drum machines), some sparse guitars and vocoders, as well as Dead Can Dance-like guitars (“Arrival”) or “Hypnotic Tango”-like sequences (“Unchanged Love”) and whatever... Also B-Movies, Sci-Fi, Trash and Horror seem to have been influences here. SUICIDE BOOTH is a great new band with a great potential and a great capability of writing catchy tunes. And btw, a suicide booth is said to be a fictional machine for committing suicide. Okay!

CDs are new and come SIGNED by Stefan and Spif.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging.




SUDETEN CRECHE – Are Kisses out of Fashion? 12”EP US 2009 MW014 4 Tracks 19'18'' Buy

SUDETEN CRECHE is Mark Warner and Paul Carlin from the UK and probably they need not much presentation. Their melancholic minimalistic electropop track “Are Kisses are out of Fashion?”, originally released on the 1982 compilation EP “Europe in the Year Zero” is widely known and respected. In 1983 they released their only original 80’s record, the four-track 12”EP “Kindergarten”, on Illuminated Records. The 12”EP on Minimal Wave includes their cult song “Are Kisses out of Fashion?”, as well as an unreleased version of “Kindergarten”, plus “Dance” and “Asylums (in Beirut)” both from the b-side of the “Kindergarten” EP. SUDETEN CRECHE’s music was very simple but very effective, not even sequencers or such were used, but this created their unique dark and melancholic atmosphere. All songs are from 1982 and were remastered from their original tape reels.

12”s are new, 180 grams vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 18,50 plus postage & packaging.




SUNEATERS – Cosmic Insight, Baby (Part One) 10” D 2007 RUR 005 2 Tracks 25'54'' Buy

The SUNEATERS are Tobias Fischer and Mirko Uhlig from Germany teaming up on this release to bring us cosmic sequencer electronica anno ‘70s. The tracks presented here are mythically entitled “Embryonic Pancake Empire” and “Solar Suneaters Transmission”. The first track is indeed referring very much to the 70’s TANGERINE DREAM with lots sequencing, strings and cosmic fizzing. The second track reminds a bit of COIL, a bit more atmospheric and drone-like than the first track with many great sounds. A very interesting and exciting release as this kind of electronics is freed from time.

The artwork and packaging is outstandingly beautiful, so all in all a great release for those interested in electronic music.

10”s are new, come in golden vinyl and are limited to 347 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




TASTE OF DECAY – 1984-1986 CD IT 2010 MNQ 006/END 004 17 Tracks 54'19'' Buy

Mannequin and Infrastition are always searching for forgotten and truly awesome gems from the 80's underground. So, we are really excited to introduce you to this great post punk band, based in Harrislee (Germany) and existed from June 1984 until August 1986, splitting after few live appearances in Flensburg and Kiel. TOD recorded 2 Tapes, but the most important publication was 'The Calling', a self-produced 7'' EP with 5 tracks, nowdays nearly impossible to find, as it was printed in 512 copies. Reissue of the 7'' EP 'Calling' from 1986 + their first Demo tape from 1984. (Mannequin and Infrastition promotional text)

CDs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,40 plus postage & packaging.




TECHNOQUAKE – You say I said/Trust in me 7” SE 1989 EBA 001 2 Tracks 9'28'' Buy

TECHNOQUAKE was Rob Stroud, Firyal and Kevin Taylor from London, UK. Rob Stroud is well-known for having been the early drummer in Sex Gang Children, but for us he entered the Hall of ElectroFame by releasing the brilliant 12”EP “Sometimes I wish” under the name of PINK AND BLACK (Illuminated, 1984). This group also featured Andy Cousin later in All About Eve. With TECHNOQUAKE Rob went further down the electro path fancying the hard electro trail that was hip in the late 80’s. So, no wonder TECHNOQUAKE ended up on the Swedish label Electronic Beat Association set up for this sort of music. But don’t be fooled, TECHNOQUAKE is still fine and pure electropop, and “Trust in me” is truly a pearl having made this 7” a sought-after vinyl also in the minimal electronics scene. Long deleted, a few remaining stock copies were found and Anna is happy to offer them here!

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.




TELEVISION SET – Consumer Price Index 7” D 2010 GEN032 2 Tracks 5'17'' Buy

From the artwork to music, from information to lyrical content, TELEVISION SET stay as minimal as it gets. This time, on “Consumer Price Index” it’s gets a little bit more noisy and stomping with a fast and machine gun-like bass drum and late 70’s synthetic noise snare drum (yay!), yet with Roger’s typical bass sequences and Uwe’s vocals as we are used to hearing them from TELEVISION SET and Bakterielle Infektion. Only an additional simply gothic guitar adds to the super short track – as always nice for any dark minimal, dark wave or noise dancefloor. “Newport Pan Lane” is more poppy and Skanfrom-like again and instrumental, with the typical sounds and also adding a simple guitar melody line and then suddenly a Joy Division bass to the soup. So, not really anything new on here, but as always, a must-buy for fans of the label or the aforementioned bands.

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 6,00 plus postage & packaging.




TELEVISION SET – Normal Day 12” D 2004 GEN 019 2 Tracks 6'31'' Buy

TELEVISION SET is a project by Roger Semsroth a.k.a. SKANFROM, BAKTERIELLE INEKTION, SLEEPARCHIVE and obviously having been given its name fro an early DEPECHE MODE track. Having already released a 12”EP and LP on Genetic Music, this 12” marked the last output from this project. It actually doesn’t differ from BAKTERIELLE INFEKTION apart from Roger seeming to sing on his own here. “Normal Day” comes along with simple synth sequence, distorted Korg KR-55 and the usual nice little melodies and sounds that Roger is so famous and loved for. “Future Today” sounds like a hybrid of Skanfrom and BI, and seems to have Uwe on vocs (a guess). So, essential stuff for all lovers of Roger’s music, well Anna is one of them!

12”s are new.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.




TELEVISION SET / OTHERS IN CONVERSATION – November Session 7” D 2009 gen028 2 Tracks 6'41'' Buy

Anna has been longing for some new SKANFROM or TELEVISION SET material since long, so happy here’s finally something new: Roger teamed up with Helena Roos (vocals) and M. Steward (guitar) from OTHERS IN CONVERSATION. While Roger is still sticking to very simple and minimal structures by use of his Korg KR-55 and Roland SH-101, the addition of the female voice and guitars are so refreshing and enriching the sound - a great mixture. “Words unspoken” will surely become the summer dancefloor smash hit, sort of minimal electronics-industrial-dark wave with November Növelet-like vocals and rhythm, and lovely Faith and the Muse-like guitars in the end. “Untitled 08” is similar though instrumental, and again the guitar adds so well to the picture. In general, the music is very simple, but so effective and the sound is just fucking great. Actually a shame we are being served two tracks only as now there is this desire for more ... Ah, and let’s not to forget: Genetic Music is back on the scene!!!

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 7,00 plus postage & packaging.




THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW – Love, Power & Justice CD US 2000 Projekt:Archive25 17 Tracks 73'13'' Buy

The second Projekt:Archive release of THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW material brings together previously unreleased tracks and demos, alternative versions and rare compilation tracks from around 1985 to 1987. Since the release of their first album they had acquired a new drum machine (Roland TR-707) as well as some new synths (Casio CZ-101, Yamaha DX-100) which gave their sound an even softer tone. With some contributions by The Moon Seven Times members Brendan Gamble (also in !Ack-Ack!), Henry Frayne (also in Lanterna) and Lynn Canfield (also in Area together with Steve), “Love, Power & Justice” was meant to become an album on its own in 1986, and marks in Anna’s opinion in this CD format the groups’ best release, with some of their most wonderful tracks, eg. “Next Year in Jerusalem”, “Your Evening at Home”, “The Sense of an Ending”, “Everything at once”, etc… Has been getting regular rotation at Anna’s place since years, so truly recommended!

CDs are new, and come in a transparent plastic sleeve (not original plastic tray).

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging.



THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW - Susan Sleepwalking CD US 2000 Projekt:Archive24 18 Tracks 73'22'' Buy

THE ARMS OF SOMEONE NEW was Mel Eberle and Steve Jones originally from Champaign, USA, with a little support from Nick Rudd. They formed in 1983 and with a limited amount of gear and recording equipment they composed some beautiful music in a genre of its own at that time, giving ways of what Projekt Records soon was about to release, like a sort of atmospheric, ethereal sound combining beautiful soft vocals, sparse simple bass and guitars with synthesiser/keyboard/organ and drum machine (Boss DR-110) accompaniment. This CD release in the Projekt:Archive series compiles the groups first three and nowadays very rare vinyl releases on the groups on label Office Records: “Susan Sleepwalking” LP (1985), “Burying the Carnival” MLP, 1984” and the “Holy Dance” 7” (1984). This compilation might appeal to those into minimal wave as well as those into sort of Alex Fergusson/Psychic TV/Current 93 style.

CDs are new, have a cut-out in inlay spine and come in a transparent plastic sleeve (not original plastic tray).

Price: EUR 11,50 plus postage & packaging.



THE HIGHER PRIMATES - Taking in the Summer/Living in a Vacuum 7” USA 1980 Tekno Tunes/Irresponsible Music Les035 2 Tracks 5'39'' Buy

No, you are NOT dreaming! This is the ORIGINAL 7” by THE HIGHER PRIMATES from 1980!!! With a friends’ help I managed to track down the band members and fortunately they had some stock of this brilliant minimal synth pearl. In agreement with the band members, Anna is not selling this gem at exorbitant prices, and there’s quite some copies left so everyone being interested shall be able to get a copy.

7”s are new and come with the original sleeve (very few copies signed).

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging.




THE METRONOMES – The Ballad of the Metronomes 2LP+7” IT 2010 MNQ 015 24 Tracks 92'30'' Buy

Mannequin is more than enthusiastic to announce the re-release of both the LPs (“Multiple Choice” from 1980 and “Regular Guys” from 1985) plus the two singles seven inches “Saturday Night/Sunday Morning” and “A Circuit Like Me” from this legendary minimal synth band from Australia, THE METRONOMES. The group was an integral part of the early electronic music scene in Australia and their records have become collector’s items as they are mostly impossible to find. THE METRONOMES first appeared in Melbourne in 1979, original members were rock journo-synth player Al Webb, the bass player Andrew Picouleau (Secret Police, Sacred Cowboys) and the synth-pioneer Ash Wednesday, nowadays a live tour member of Einstürzende Neubauten. Al himself will admit later that Ash’s ingenuity in creating something out of very little was the key to THE METRONOMES sounding as ‘produced’ as they did. When their first 7” single “Saturday Night/Sunday Morning” came out in 1980, it featuring a real metronome as rhythm section with instrumentals layered over. The second 7” “A Circuit Like Me/Closed Circuit” from 1980 had a drum machines then, the rhythm sections for both sides were recorded using a borrowed Roland CR-78. It was the first time in their compositions that vocals were used, courtesy of a lady called Talking Judy. The first full-length album “Multiple Choice” was recorded in the winter of 1980, using Roland Strings, a Mini-Korg, some Arp synthesizers and a Boss DR-55, a drum machine that was intensively used by many minimal synth bands during the 80’s and by legendary bands like Sisters of Mercy or New Order on their first songs. The second album “Regular Guys”, released in 1985, was recorded after a break in which all the members various lives and careers took left and right hand turns, surely more premeditated, as most of the songs arrived in studio already written. Each writer had creative contro lover their respective songs, a long-standing METRONOMES road rule, only one track had what you might call a spontaneous birth. The LP featured the next wave of synth toys like the Oberheim synth, Oberheim drum machine and SCI Prophet-5. Once the programming was set up, the instrument tracks were dumper via a PCM box direct to video tape, a pioneeristic process which almost entirely eliminated tape hiss. (slightly edited Mannequin promotional text)

2LP+7”s are new, feature an insert with history written by Al Webb and are limited to 500 handnumbered copies and Anna has got a few copies of the first 100 including a free 3” bonus-CD-R!

Price: EUR 26,50 plus postage & packaging.






THE MISZ – Eddy Merckz LP BE 2010 OS002 10 Tracks 44'44'' Buy

THE MISZ was Jan van den Broeke (aka Jean Pierre van den Broeke, also in Absent Music and June11) and Dries Dekocker (also in Jus d’Orange, June11) from Gent, Belgium. They released three tapes: „It ain’t all Garbage“ (Misztapes 001, 1984), „Eddy Merckz“ (Misztapes 002, 1985, 200 copies) and „Violence and Love“ (Mad Tapes and Records, 1987), plus numerous tracks on various – mostly cassette – compilations, including their maybe most known hit „Even bad Times are good“. OnderStroom Records have now re-released the „Eddy Merckz“ tape (unfortunately leaving two tracks out – probably due to total length though), remastered by Jan and Dries themselves. On „Eddy Merckz“, which is sort of tributed to their „last Belgian hero“, the professioanl cyclist Eddy Merckz, who has won both the ’Tour de France’ and ’Giro d’Italia’ five times each – a „nostalgia to a long gone heroism“ as they say – they used a Roland TR-909, and borrowed TR-707 and TR-606 drum machines along with anything that makes noise like synthesisers, guitars, bass, tapes, cheap Casio keyboards, Glockenspiel, toys, percussion, flutes, etc. They said that their recording process was a very organic and spontaneous one, most was actually created while the Fostex 4-tracker was running and while friends were simply dragged behind the microphone. Their fun in experimentation and spontaneity can be heard throughout the tracks, even though they are not choatic, they also do not really develop a real pop character. Maybe this also due to a good portion of melancholy, dealing with politics in the tracks, and sometimes the lack of real or catchy choruses and the TR-909 being not the best drum machine for non-dance music, even the pretty funny sounding „Eddy, Eddy“ sounds more ironic (musically, but they said they were drunk that night, so what ...). It’s maybe more for those into slightly experimental electronic wave à la Kaa Antilope (e.g. „The Wave of Miszbehave“), Pseudocode or Opera Multi Steel (e.g. „Roll over Bhopal“, or „CVC: Out of Hand“), definitely it’s not synthpop, but no-one ever claimed it was.

LPs are new, 180 grams vinyl, lyrics sheet and limited to 300 copies.

Price: EUR 17,50 plus postage & packaging.






THE MISZ – The EE EP 7”EP BE 2010 EV01 4 Tracks 13'46'' Buy

The first ever vinyl release on the EE Tapes label. Straight from the 80s Belgian cassette culture scene, here comes THE MISZ. After the success of the “Eddy Merckz” re-release LP (on OnderStroom earlier in 2010), EE Tapes proudly present this Extended Play (7”, 33 rpm, 4 songs), containing the best of the 1984 “It Ain’t All Garbage” debut cassette. THE MISZ was one of those truly authentic 80s DIY bands, dealing with their life and the world through music, self-producing limited editions of tapes which they would send around the globe. With a few guitars, a drumcomputer and an old synth (or was it just this casio?), they created strange minimal/synth-/electro wave songs, with catchy melodies, fine male/female harmonics, and sometimes political, sometimes nonsensical lyrics. Some say: “reminiscent of Tuxedomoon, Trisomie 21, Pseudocode and Minimal Compact”. The first 75 copies are numbered and contain 2 original pictures each, from a series of 16 “could have been” covers. A1 Lech Walesa Neer, A2 Le Joli Jardin, B1 It Ain’t All Garbage, B2 When Preachers Come (EE promotional text)

7”EPs are new and limited to 240 copies only.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging.






THE MITGANG AUDIO – The View From Your New Home CD CDN 2003 Suction 019 10 Tracks 44'39'' Buy

THE MITGANG AUDIO is said to be “the solo project of Ray Sweeten, temporarily residing in a windowless room in Brooklyn, NYC. Ray Sweeten is also known for his musical contributions to the Sesame Street program (seriously), and as a member of the NYC synthpop / multimedia-performance band, The Plantains. […] the full-length debut by The Mitgang Audio […] is a stunning collection of music as diverse as his influences: Ultravox, Wendy Carlos, Alexander Robotnik, Thomas Tallis, Giorgio Moroder, The Slits, ...” Actually we are indeed being served tracks ranging from punchy electro(pop) (“Minor Causes”, “Tokyo Scope”, “La Mantide”, “Stella di Radio”) to moody soft electropop (“Passenger Perspective”, “Soldato”), from almost sacral/classical interludes (“The Escape”) to trancey dance stuff (“Binary Life”) and IDM (“Forme”), always with vocoded vocals. Versatile and some very good music on here.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



THE NAUGHTIEST GIRL WAS A MONITOR - S/t LP D 2007 Vinyl-on-Demand 43 14 Tracks 46'27'' Buy

How great is that to see VOD releasing a fulltime LP including all three original 7”s by this legendary minimal electropop outfit around John Mayfield from Sheffield, UK, and even pumping up the whole thing by adding six previously unreleased songs to the flipside ?! Fantastic, of course!!! All tracks date back to 1980 to 1982, so this is pretty much a pioneering electropop work. This record is worth every cent, alone for the track “Is all I need?”, one of Anna’s all-time favourites! Go and buy it while you can!

LPs are new and are limited to 600 copies only.

Price: EUR 15,50 plus postage & packaging.




THE PHONE – Cabaret Noir 7” UK 2010 atco3 4 Tracks 7'34'' Buy

Third release by Attractive Co-ordinates and second release with and from THE PHONE, the retro-analogue synth project by Jonni Mogul (aka Mogul) paying homage to some of the old heroes namely Soft Cell, Kraftwerk and the likes but with a rather unique sound in the end. A1 opens with “Cabaret Noir”, a powerful uptempo dancefloor filler with an almost anarchistic straight-forward punk drive, slogan-like lyrics from the new romantic era (“times passes slowly … reflected in a glass … like a film in slow motion … the cocktail glass is smashed”) and ending in a short and minimalistic reprise of the main track including a small vocal appearance by Sharon Abbott from Poeme Electronique/Twins Natalia. B2 is “Film in Slow Motion”, a very short and weird rhythmic industrial synth inferno. B1 opens with “Scientist X”, a wonderful analogue electro pop track with lots of weird synth sounds, vocoder and room for some warm melodic synthetic strings. The vinyl ends far too soon with B2 “Dub Missile”, a short and powerful electro reprise of “Cabaret Noir”. With THE PHONE, Jonni proves that with some love and passion you can create some damn cool music with lots of great ideas and sounds actually put into a minimal length of a track. Now there are rumours about the production of a THE PHONE album, well, the time is right, so instruct your DJs, prepare your strobe lights and let the people heat the dancefloor to the sound of THE PHONE.

7”s are new and limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging.




THE PHONE – Discreet Affair/The Phone 7”EP UK 2008 ATCO1 4 Tracks 7'27'' Buy

THE PHONE is a minimal electropop project around some Jonni, Jacki, Steve and Diane, releasing this EP on Steve Lippert’s newly founded Attractive label in the UK. “Discreet Affair” sounds perfectly like Soft Cell anno 1980, and - DJs read carefully - will make the people shake their bodies on your dancefloor for sure! “The Phone” comes along with familiar Casio VL-1 sounds and rhythms, and samples around the topic - guess what - phone, ya, and it’s also made to keep your legs in motion! And then there’s “Discreet Dub” which sounds like Einstürzende Neubauten on a weird minimal electro/C64 trip. All tracks are fueled with lots of analogue synth and percussion sounds, great effects, some familiar sounds and a cool male voice. The sleeve comes in a do-it-yourself manner. Make sure you order quickly as only few copies seem to carry the very rare sleeve! The UK is back in flesh and vinyl! Highly recommended… but and now excuse me, please, but “I’m talking on the telephone…”

7”EPs are new, and limited to 300 copies.

Price: EUR 6,50 plus postage & packaging.




THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY – Down and Out in a Town of Yardsales LP US 2010 WS201001 6 Tracks 40'42'' Buy

In 1983, Gregory Windrum Scoggin formed THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY. Being a synth outfit, THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY included various members for live performances, including high school friends (brothers Jason Wright, Tom Wright) and college roommate (Dave Skinner). Furthermore, female vocalists were part of the mix, with Windrum Scoggin bringing in NYC born photographer/makeup artist Linda George performing duet and backup with Windrum Scoggin. The influences for the sound of THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY were a 'who's who' of early European dance and rock acts, with WindrumScoggin often citing Simple Minds, Visage, D.A.F., Der Plan, Kraftwerk as well as OMD and Depeche Mode being artists whose own records were on his turntable at the time the Shortwave tracks were conceived. A good listen to this album clearly places SHORTWAVE MYSTERY's general 'sound' squarely in the early 80’s New Wave/New Romantic/synthpop movement (and which seem to be of recurrent imitation by acts of today). Still, that being said, the songs on Down and Out in a Town of Yardsales, neither stole from its contemporaries nor lent itself to becoming inundated with cliche or copycat antics, which is often the case with many of the groups both from that era, and now. Yes, this music comes from a different era, but by listening to the strong compositonal and arrangements, it never conveys itself as being dated, as the songwriting incorporates the right portions of melancholy and melody, making these tracks so substantial it allows them to stand up against the test of time (at least for us). In 1985, THE SHORTWAVE MYSTERY released a self-titled debut 12"EP (Good/Streamline Records, Good-1) which has become an incredibly sought-after, bootlegged and high-priced gem in recent years (after being immensely hyped on eBay). All tracks on this MLP were recorded 1983-1985 and then remixed in 2009/2010 then released on the World Service Parent Label (W|S Collective). There is really no need to describe every song individually, as in their entirety, they are all nothing but the most beautiful, electropop songs, whose rich textures and ethereal nature bringing ones' mind to wistful melancholy, all the while, still remaining firmly rooted in the dancefloor (ie. good for both the club or your living room), Think of the sounds of For Against or Hysterica Passio (especially A-side), or some Swedish electropop acts from that era like 3 Miles From Here or Royalty, or the Germany's own New Scientists. For Anna, when it comes to electropop/synthpop, this MLP is the 'coup de gras', record of the year. She is looking forward to further tracks coming soon on the soon to be released announced CD „Dirt Poor in the land of Garage Sales“ featuring tracks not on the Vinyl. Still, the extended, 10 minute versions of 'Whoever knew' will not be on the CD, so better get the vinyl while you can!

LPs are new, clear marbled gold vinyl, incl. 11x17 inch promotional poster, shrinkwrapped and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 19,00 plus postage & packaging.




THE SYSTEMATICS – What we did in the Afternoons 2LP D 2008 TU-134 33 Tracks 89'04'' Buy

THE SYSTEMATICS were Patrick Gibson (synths, rhythms, vocals; also YA YA CHORAL, SCATTERED ORDER), Fiona Graham (synths, rhythms, vocals; also YA YA CHORAL) and Michael Filewood (guitar) hailing from Sydney, Australia, and being active between 1979 and 1982. This double album’s first LP contains remastered versions of everything that THE SYSTEMATICS are said to have ever released on vinyl: The "Pulp Baby" 7" (1979), "Rural" 12" EP (1980), "My Life in the Field of Cows" 7" EP (1982), and the tracks from the M Squared compilation albums "Growing Pains" (1980) and "A Selection" (1982). The second LP contains previously unreleased material - demo versions as well as tracks that have never been released before in any format. Partially adventurous cult minimal electronics and other avant-garde weirdness from Down Under. An overdue rediscovery!

2LPs are new, come in gatefold cover with 12-page booklet, handnumbered and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging.




THE VYLLIES – The Vyllies MLP GR 2011 GHMN 001 5 Tracks 18'15'' Buy

Small-indie record label, founded on October/November 2010, based in the centre of Athens, Greece, focusing on re-releases of lost and real hard to find sought after records and cassettes of the so-called New Wave/Dark Wave Greek scene of the 80's and 90's. Remastered at "Zoom Recordings" studio, November 2010. A1) Purple Gorilla, A2) Whispers In The Shadow, A3) Madness, B1) Babylon, B2) Rare.





MLPs are new, come with additional double sided lyrics/info inlay and are limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 21,21 plus postage & packaging




THOSE ATTRACTIVE MAGNETS – ElectroMagnetic Pulse LP US 2010 DE-005 9 Tracks 41'07'' Buy

THOSE ATTRACTIVE MAGNETS were created early 1980 in a town called Tamworth, the heart of the English Midlands, as a vehicle for Rikk Quay (keyboards) and Andy Baldwin (vocals). They self-released a super limited cassette EP, "Pictures on the Wall" in 1980 and the "Nightlife/Love Chimes" 7? in 1983 and appeared on a Futurist music compilation LP, "Synthetic Romance" in 1982. Their music travels beyond copycat synthpop bands of the time into electronic realms of the 80s underground scene. There are some obvious parallels of the time - you can hear the commercial strains of The Human League, Soft Cell and Kraftwerk at times - but the band never wholly embraced commercialism as these tracks reveal. Although their sound takes a cue from the post-punk and early new romantic scenes, it still remains one step ahead in a unique futuristic world full of delicious dance beats! "Electromagnetic Pulse" is the first ever compilation of a number of tapes THOSE ATTRACTIVE MAGNETS produced during their three creative and prolific years of song writing, 1980-1983. This LP contains remastered versions of both songs from the 7? as well as 2 songs from the cassette EP and a different version of the song that appeared on "Synthetic Romance"; 9 songs in total, 7 of which have never appeared on vinyl until now! (Dark Entries promotional text)

LPs are new, incl. 11x17 inch info poster and are limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 18,50 plus postage & packaging.




TOBIAS BERNSTRUP – 1984 12”EP NL 2009 ET002 4 Tracks 16'45'' Buy

Hate Is Love... Swedish visual and performance artist TOBIAS BERNSTRUP looks like a 21st century Klaus Nomi. His visual work is presented at exhibitions world wide. Next to that he is a gifted musician. He is able to create extremely catchy synth/elektro pop tunes while never crossing the line of delivering overproduced tracks. The sound of his tracks is like a hybrid of the arty side of Klaus Nomi with the pop side of Pet Shop Boys. This 4 track EP is built around the theme (and title track) “1984“. But this theme is extended and made up to date. The Orwellian theme of total state control in which civilians are constantly watched and reality is manipulated is probably more actual as ever. This central theme is given a more individual and neo-romantic touch with the track “Light Years apart“, while the hostile state aspect is getting more of a sci-fi interpretation in “Enemies of the Earth“. Closing track “Data Love“ combines the Orwellian sentiments of loneliness with the more contemporary vision on modern mankind of Houellebecq. The cover sleeve consists of two paintings by TOBIAS BERNSTRUP himself and fits the central theme perfectly. Despite the rather serious theme of the record this EP features simply excellent decadent music for the dancefloor. It combines elements of classic synth pop, elektro, EBM, italo disco and laser dance. There is no escape... you will have to love it! (Enfant Terrible promotional text)



12”EPs are new and limited to 517 copies.

Price: EUR 12,00 plus postage & packaging



TOBIAS BERNSTRUP – Enemies of the Earth CD-S US 2008 2 Tracks 7'54'' Buy

Tobias’ latest release is a CD single including the two tracks "Enemies of the Earth" and "This is Silence". Originally produced, pressed in a total edition of 1000 and exclusively sold with the NYC based artist run art publication "North Drive Press No.4” who themselves describe the book as “bargain cult compendium of loosely gathered artists' multiples”, you now get the rare chance to grab a copy of the CD only, though available in very limited supply only. Comes packed in a white paper bulk sleeve with transparent window. Once again Tobias brings us his typical Electropop with Italo influences and melancholic undertones, recorded in 2007, and here dealing with the human fear of computers striving for an own life and uniting against man.

CD singles are new, limited to 200 (1000) copies and these come signed by Tobias.

Price: EUR 5,00 plus postage & packaging.




TOBIAS BERNSTRUP – Killing Spree CD SE 2005 Tonight TR-004 12 Tracks 52'29'' Buy Last copies !

After “Re-Animate me” from 2002, this is TOBIAS BERNSTRUP’s second album released in 2005 on his own label Tonight Records. Tobias is able to perform a great variety of styles while Italo Disco is pre-dominant, with some analogue electropop and New Wave sparkling through here and there. The tracks are well produced, always catchy with a good ear for nice sounds, melodies and harmonies. All songs were recorded in New York between 2002 and 2005 and one even by Sean McBride (Martial Canterel, Xeno & Oaklander). The album was produced and is distributed by Kunsthalle Nürnberg.

CDs are new, include fold-out poster booklet and come EXCLUSIVELY SIGNED by Tobias.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




TOBIAS BERNSTRUP – Midnight Blue 12” F 2008 FIR 001 3 Tracks 15'51'' Buy

TOBIAS BERNSTRUP’s fourth 12” comes as the first release on newly founded French label Falco Invernale Records run by aratkiLo/Makina Girgir & Frau G. Still, Tobias’ music is so deeply rooted in the 80’s electropop with a strong italo influence, well-produced and very catchy with many oh-i-recall-this-sound moments, so perfect for those who like to reminisce about the old times while singing and dancing along. To cut the story short: lines up perfectly in your previous Bernstrup collection that you all call your own, no?!

12”s are new, come as blue transparent vinyl and are limited to 325 copies only.

Price: EUR 9,90 plus postage & packaging.




TOBIAS BERNSTRUP – Re-animate me CD SE 2002 Färgfabriken FF-001 13 Tracks 62'01'' Buy

This is Tobias’s first album from 2002 and what a great debut! Already here he presents a great mix of Electropop, classic Italo Disco and some darker synth moments. Simply includes many catchy tracks, a pretty cool homage to Trans X’s “Living on Video” (“Videodrome”), and the wonderful “The Sniper”. This CD was not available for quite a long time but now a stock has re-surfaced so that some more people can finally get their hands on this album at a very very nice-price. Go for it – you never know how long stocks last!

CDs are new, limited to 1500 copies and include fold-out poster.

Price: EUR 12,50 plus postage & packaging.




TOMATES ELÉCTRICOS – Teléfono rojo 7”EP ES 2009 SPSR 002 4 Tracks 14'32'' Buy

TOMATES ELÉCTRICOS was Miguel A. Galán (synthesizer, voice), Francisco J. Galán (guitar), José L. Macías (keyboards), and José Godofredo (rhythm machine, voice) from Spain, and one of the pioneering tecno-pop bands from which both follow-up projects Ultima Emoción and Fanzine evolved. All four tracks on this 7”EP were recorded in 1981, and use a Korg KR-55 and MS-20 as their basis and will appeal to everyone into Spanish tecno-pop similar to early Aviador Dro, Fanzine, Ultima Emoción and Metal Y Ca. Tracks included are “Teléfono rojo”, “Climax”, “Caminos intermitentes” and “La orgia des los selenitas”. After the Fanzine 7”, this is the second release on Synth Pop Spain Records, so curious of what’s there next to come!

7”EPs are new, come in transparent red vinyl and are limited to 320 copies only!

Price: EUR 7,90 plus postage & packaging.




TOTAL CONTROL – Paranoid Video 7” US 2010 smart028 2 Tracks 6'49'' Buy Currently sold out!

TOTAL CONTROL come from Australia and have also released this 7” on US garage and punk label Smartguy Records. “Paranoid Video” is a pure and true minimal electro dancefloor killer track with stomping bass drum, simple bass synth, monotonous alarm-like sounds, Atari-sound melodies and a male new-wave voice, reminiscent of Led Er Est, for example. “Real Estate” comes along as a noisy and gloomy almost balladesque track, reminiscent of A2 or Echo West. To cut a long story short: hit-single and already rare as you read (in it’s original black vinyl version), so get it while you can!

7”s are new, limited to 500 copies and original black vinyl, only very few copies available.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging.




TURQUOISE DAYS – Alternative Strategies LP US 2009 MW020 9 Tracks 36'20'' Buy

Minimal Wave presents a full length album by synthpop band TURQUOISE DAYS. Hailing from Jersey, Channel Islands, TURQUOISE DAYS was formed in 1981 by Luciano Brambilla and David Le Breton. Throughout the 1980s, they self-released many cassettes, as well as the renowned masterpiece „Grey Skies/Blurred“ 7“. They were selected for the Radio Luxembourg song contest in 1985 and received press for their releases and appearance there. Their music can be described as melodic, emotive new wave. The record is pressed on 180 gram white vinyl and comes in a matte heavyweight jacket designed by Phil Yamada accompanied by a matching poster. (Minimal Wave promotional text)



LPs are new.

Price: EUR 22,00 plus postage & packaging



TWICE A MAN – Slow Swirl CD SE 2008 Xeno 12 11 Tracks 56'22'' Buy

“Slow Swirl” was TWICE A MAN’s fifth album, recorded between 1983 and 1985 together with Jocke Söderqvist, and released in 1985. Consequently they turned away a bit from pop to more atmospheric and organic undertones. Still only comparable to Twilight Ritual, the album has many fantastic moments and classic like “Observations from the Borderline”, “Swirl”, or “Tribal Ways”. Also this CD re-issue features the rare bonus tracks “Plan F” (from V/A My Radiant Mistress, LP, 1987), “Only Relief” (from “Across the Ocean”, 12”, 1984), and the previously unreleased “Japanese Letters”. Classic album in brilliant sound quality!

CDs are new and come as digipak.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




TWICE A MAN – The Sound of a Goat in a Room CD D 1997 Yellow 2266-2 12 Tracks 53'14'' Buy

TWICE A MAN is mainly Dan Söderqvist and Karl Gasleben, from Gothenburg, Sweden. Before TWICE A MAN they were cult formation COSMIC OVERDOSE who released 4 brilliant records in between 1980/81. When changing lyrics to English, they also changed name and released numerous albums since, being helped on early records by Lars Falk or Jocke Söderqvist. “The Sound of Goat in a Room” was their second album as TWICE MAN that included Mikael Fölsch, released on MC in February 1983. The music is consists of mainly pure electropop with a Roland TR-808 that is totally in the vein of Twilight Ritual, Autumn, Linear Movement, and a few tracks of experimental electronics (similarities to Einstürzende Neubauten or The Art of Noise). Essential Swedish electropop history!

CDs are new and include a CD-ROM track for Mac and PC (Win9x/ME) featuring lyrics, infos, photographs and two video files in Quicktime format (.mov).

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.




TWIST NOIR - S/t 10” D 2007 Kernkrach 018 7 Tracks 27'39'' Buy

TWIST NOIR came from Germany, and formed in 1984 from the remnants of PLASTIKTANZ and GRÜNE ROSEN. The seven tracks presented here date from late 1985 and though mainly electronic they have a bit of a goth feel, maybe due to the female vocals. Also there are pretty evident electronic percussion elements deriving from the band’s selfmade instruments. All in all they seem to have been the more unknown German counterpart to the UK based ATTRITION and THE MOBILES. They also even supported EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN and played together with KOSMONAUTENTRAUM. So this more of an experimental electro approach - though “Leave me” is indeed a great minimal electropop tune - but did you expect anything else from Kernkrach?

10”s are new, include two inserts, a postcard and is limited to 350 copies. The sleeve has individual broken mirror parts glued to it.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.




ULTIMA EMOCIÓN – Máquinas Románticas LP ES 2010 SPSR-003 9 Tracks 33'50'' Buy

ULTIMA EMOCIÓN was formed in 1982 by Julio Pastor (synthesisers), Alfonso Aguado (vocals, guitar) and Lino Oviaño (drum machine, vocals) from Valencia, Spain, who also collaborated with José Luis Macias and José Godofredo (both also in Tomates Electricos and Fanzine). In 1983, they released a mini-LP “Dos Minutos De Odio“ (MR, MH-205117), which is definitely a masterpiece of Spanish tecnopop. In 1984, they released the follow-up album 'Máquinas Románticas' on Advanced Division Independiente, on cassette-format only, and this eight-track album has now been re-issued by Synth Pop Spain Records, adding a remix of „Sentir tu cuerpo“ to the track list. 'Máquinas Románticas' was more pop-oriented and more commercial than its predecessor, adding a sax and pop guitars here and there. Nonetheless, 'Máquinas Románticas' is still a very good synthpop album with our beloved Roland TR-808 drum machine and very good synths. Includes the wonderful tracks „Nada cambiará“, „Máquinas románticas“ and „ Sentir tu cuerpo “ which are alone worth the buy. Anyway a must for those into tecnopop espanol.

LPs are new, come on white vinyl, include lyrics/info sheet and limited to 320 copies.

Price: EUR 14,40 plus postage & packaging.




UMRIJETI ZA STROJEM / NEITHER NOR – Split 7” D 2010 GEN031 2 Tracks 6'32'' Buy

Attack from former Yugoslavia! Already in the early and mid-80’s Yugoslavia has not been dormant and brought forth quite famous and successful bands like Laibach and Borghesia. Restricted to the country remained other bands like Beograd, Denis I Denis, or Data who were pretty much working on electropop gems, but vanished into obscurity and were remembered only by a few. Anyway, in recent years a new generation of electronic musicians remember their history and create a similar sound with analogue synths and drum machines. Sixth June was already released by No Emb Blanc, and now two further acts are given a debut on vinyl on Genetic Music: side A presents UMRIJETI ZA STROJEM who sound like a cross-bread between Beograd and Borghesia, using an upbeat and rough 70’s drum machine, simple analogue synth accompaniment and cold and harsh male vocals. Wow, that’s really sounding like it comes from 1981! On side B, there is NEITHER NOR, and hell, this track is sooooo awesome! A restrained but lovely programmed Roland TR-808 and then this wonderful bass synth sequence/sound, but oh-well, every single sound and second here is just pure synthesizer/analogue electropop bliss, so if you like the best stuff from Beograd, Linear Movement, Autumn, Experimental Products, Rational Youth, don’t let it pass you by! It’s the smash hit of the year!

7”s are new.

Price: EUR 7,00 plus postage & packaging.




UNITS – History of The Units – The Early Years: 1977-1983 CD US 2009 CL16 21 Tracks 72'44'' Buy

Community Library is proud to bring you the first ever legitimate reissue of San Francisco’s synth-punk legends, UNITS! You can finally get rid of the crappy bootlegs: this is the definitive remastered collection of the band’s most sought-after early singles and selections from their first LP, Digital Stimulation. It also includes unreleased material culled from early demos, recordings made for art happenings and film, and more. This anthology is a view not only into the Units’ seminal years, but is also a step into the rich and under-reissued history of San Francisco’s punk, new wave and post punk years. The end of the 1970’s saw Units and their compatriots (Pink Section, Voice Farm, Tuxedomoon, and Screamers) storming punk clubs like the Mabuhay with a new electronic punk sound. The co-opted, predictable guitar rock of the era had given way to aggressive synthesizers, film collage, and punk DIY ingenuity. Units were a cornerstone of this unofficial movement, later called “synth punk” and which would come to define a greater west coast DIY culture combining new synthetic sounds, ranging from Nervous Gender, Screamers and Monitor, to The Blackouts. Units’ tight keyboard riffing, raw electronic texture, monotone delivery, raging synth arpeggios and growling Moog basslines practically define synthpunk’s futuristic, alienated disposition. Thematically, Units’ music explored and exploded the very nature of “unit-like” conformity- perhaps using their synth blasts to tear away the very fabric of it. This compilation includes “High Pressure Days,” a testament to the loneliness and urgency of the times, and one of synthpunk’s greatest anthems. Like other bands of their era, Units’ musical language did not end with the three chords of punk or the drama of new wave. Many of the songs here clairvoyantly anticipate the rise of underground pulse driven electronic dance music (“Cannibals,” “Warm Moving Bodies”). Others feature complex arrangements, almost embodying an epic prog-rock ethic (“I-5,” “Tight Fit.”) Unlike Suicide and DEVO--their contemporaries from the east coast--San Francisco’s Units are overwhelmingly Californian in their sound and ideas - whether it’s a satire of drag-racing car culture (“Go”) or a celebration of SF’s Mission district (“The Mission is Bitchin”). The demos and film soundtracks included here further highlight the band’s significant influence from experimental synthesizer music from a community that bore Buchla synths and Chris Burden’s performance art at the height of the 60’s, ten years earlier. Even Californian heavy guitar/hair rockers Trakstod Station get an ironic nod in the rare Units cover of “Contemporary Emotions.” We hope you enjoy this anthology, the results of over three years of negotiation, selection, and remastering. Units will soon be the subject of several remix releases, including a 12” for the Relish label (Switzerland) from Headman and Rory Phillips, and an album from the Opilec label, on which Units are remixed by Italian dance music legends Danielle Baldelli, N.O.I.A, Und, and I-Robots! Remastered Audio...32 page booklet...Gatefold “LP style” Jacket... (Community Library promotional text)

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging.




2 Hemden & 2 Hosen Vol. 6 7" EP D 2008 Krach 021 4 Tracks 11' 55'' Buy

Already the sixth in this series, this time some more known from the early 80’s are presented: the wonderful HEUTE are featured with the fantastic “Schon lange” from 1984 which should have given them more success. SÜTTERLIN presents the rough, cool and also fantastic “Frohe Kunde” from 1981, recorded with a Korg MS-10 and real drums, and very much in the vein of D.A.F. - it has been previously released on the “VA – Stimmt an” cassette in 1982. The b-side brings us the lovely and previously unreleased track “Inside outside” from 1983 by well-known Canadian artist LOU CHAMPAGNE SYSTEM. The last track is “Ende” by PLASTIKTANZ.
7”EPs are new, come in stitched up outer sleeve with insert and limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 8,20 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – 5th Anniversary Compilation Vol. 1 LP D 2005 Das Drehmoment 005 11 Tracks 43'40'' Buy

This is the second compilation on Das Drehmoment from Berlin to celebrate their fifth anniversary. It brings us a great mixture of electro and electropop: power electro by OSTZILATOR, soft electronica by KEEN K, dance stuff by KITBUILDERS, electro-EBM by MAS 2008, lovely analogue electropop by LESBIAN MOUSECLICKS, the now well-known electropop hit “Just like 1981” by DATAFREQ, IMIAFAN, BETA EVERS sounding nearly like Vita Noctis, THE QUAKES with a KMFDM/RevCo-like track, the far too short and super beautiful electropop by KEEN K/PMUENCH (The Rorschach Garden), and the slow ending title by JAQUES DUBROIX.

LPs are new, come in gatefold sleeve and come as LIMITED EDITION of only 100 COPIES that include the sticker set!

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – 5th Anniversary Compilation Vol. 2 LP D 2006 Das Drehmoment 006 10 Tracks 40'58'' Buy

Follow-up compilation with another nice mixture of electro, dance beats and minimal electropop. Many hits on here like: DIVIDER (a.k.a. keen k) brings us his brilliant analogue, minimalistic, melodic and danceable electropop, SILENT SIGNALS (a.k.a. Echo West) with his best track ever “Waiting for Reaction”, “Aberglaube” from 1984 by ICH here being treated by KEEN K, MAKINA GIRGIR who contributes a track with rare female vocal performance, FBS with some dark though up-tempo electro, AURICA a bit reminiscent of Ladytron, fantastic anaglogue electropop by ELECTROSEXUAL, LEGOPOP’s first vinyl appearance, ZHARK with late 80’s dark EBM-like track and SNEAK-THIEF.

LPs are new and come in gatefold sleeve.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Attractive! Too 7”EP UK 2010 atco2 4 Tracks 11'21'' Buy

Here finally comes the eagerly awaited second release on Steve Lippert’s Attractive Co-ordinates label, specialized in vinyl 7” releases with his very own vision of graphic design which is exclusively distributed by Anna Logue Records. After the first release (THE PHONE Discreet Affair, 7”, atco1, 2008), we are being served a mini compilation featuring four projects from around his circle of friends: A1 is POEME ELECTRONIQUE with “Fragile (Original)”, one of the super hits which was already released on the “The Echoes Fade” album (ANNA 025.2009), but here presented in an even earlier and rougher version using the Boss DR-55 drum machine and a little more, let’s say, expressive Sharon on vocals. A2 is TREELINE, a duo comprising Steve Lippert himself and Clive Weston who serve “It’s No Good Trying To Reason With Me”, let’s say, an experimental piece of minimal music. B1 is COMPLICATED MEMORIES, that is Marc Schaffer from Anna Logue Records. “Remember (You & I)” is actually a demo track originally recorded for Twins Natalia and was eventually released as “When we were Young” on a 7” on Anna Logue Records (ANNA 017.2008). “Remember (You & I)” comes along as a very rough and yet beautiful and melodic minimal electronics pop piece with Roland CR-78/CSQ-100/SH-2 combo, strings from the Crumar Perfomer and a rare vocal performance from Marc. B2 is by Jonni Mogul’s project THE PHONE that brings us the “White Noise Symphony”, a track that is paying some homage to Kraftwerk with a lovely synthetic percussion sent through a flanger thus referring to “T.E.E.”, plus analogue synthesisers and vocoders, odd organ sounds, etc. Comes in hand numbered 8 pages fold out poster with band pics and infos. To cut a long story short, a lovely vinyl mini compilation full of analogue electronics, made by friends for friends, so, time for you to become a friend, too!

7”EPs are new and limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,90 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Body Section LP/CD I 2009 Spittle8 10 Tracks 41'52'' Buy

Originally released in 1983 on Electric Eye (EELP 002) just as the “new Italian rock” movement was beginning to gain momentum, this compilation reflects the impact of a ‘post-Joy Division’ British new wave on the genre. Due to the various styles (electronic wave and gothic/rock) the LP has ever been an ultra highly collectible item in both the minimal scene and Italian rock scene. Includes MONUMENTS with “Wonderful Woman” (which is not featured on the compilation CD “XXVII” on Anna Logue Records), JEUNESSE D’IVOIRE with their well known and super beautiful “A Gift of Tears”, KIRLIAN CAMERA with the exclusive track “Dreamtime”, LITFIBA with their great hit “Transea”, MODO plus the more guitar based DIAFRAMMA, VOX REI, DIE FORM, RINF and FRIGIDAIRE TANGO.

LP/CDs are new. LP edition limited to 300 copies only.

EUR 15,00 for the LP plus postage & packaging
EUR 13,90 for the CD plus postage & packaging



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Close Diode Compilation 7” SE 2009 Tissel & Tassel 4 Tracks 11'18'' Buy Last copies !

Self-produced DIY 7” vinyl organized by Swedish group ADOLF FILTER with all four bands joining forces to release this kind of a fan-edition vinyl for “Analogue Fetishists”, but not everything being labelled analogue contains analogue, you know. First band is the German DILEMMA with “Step forward”, probably the best track off their 1990 cassette “Wires of Pain” – will appeal to Portion Control and Formal Defect fans for sure and is the stand-out track on here. Next is TWIZE MY SIZE from Sweden, obviously a rare kind of a girl duo, presenting a weird cheesy little minimal electropop tune. B-side starts with French solo project ANTI-HUMAN definitely not offering his best tune – rather uninspired monotone sequencer, accompanied by the Korg KR-55’s hi-hat only plus a few spacey synth sounds, sorry it’s rather boring. And ADOLF FILTER presents the now already rather typical/standard sound of theirs as known from the tracks released on Enfant Terrible. Normally this 7” is only sold via the bands themselves, but Anna, always striving for the perfect service, stretches out her jacks anywhere so that you won’t miss anything!

7”s are new, include xeroxed A4-insert and limited to 250 hand numbered copies only.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics Volume One CD UK 2010 ARC067CD 17 Tracks 73'02'' Buy

As the title already tells you, you’ll get a massive compilation full of hits of the genres. Compiled by Pieter Schoolwerth of Wierd Records fame and released on Joe Daniel’s label Angular Recordings in the UK. Includes: ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL (BE) „Figures“ (1981), NINE CIRCLES (BE) „Twinkling Stars“ (1982), LINEAR MOVEMENT (BE) „A Night in June“ (1981), OPERA MULTI STEEL (F) „Ils s’eloignet“ (1985), BAL PARÉ (D) „Palais d’amour (1985), ELEVEN POND (US) „Watching Trees“ (1986), THE VYLLIES (CH) „Babylon“ (1983), END OF DATA (F) „Dans votre monde“ (1985), THE ACTOR (NL) „Lights“ (1982), AUSGANG VERBOTEN (SE) „Consumer (1984), JEUNESSE D’IVOIRE (IT) „A Gift of Tears“ (1983), OTO (F) „Anyway“ (1984), RUTH (F) „Polaroid/Roman/Photo“ (1984), STEREO (F) „Somewhere in the Night“ (1982), THE NEON JUDGEMENT (BE) „The Fashion Party“ (1980), LAND OF GIANTS (CA) „Cannibal Dolls“ (1982) and DAYS OF SORROW (D) „Travel“ (1984).


CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,40 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Connections EP 7”EP D 2009 STS 001 4 Tracks 13'21'' Buy

Sin-T Sounds is the newly founded label by Klaus Hahn (also in DILEMMA, that have seen themselves a (re-)release on Anna Logue Records in 2009), with which he aims to release both his old heroes and contemporary acts from the minimal electro and hard electro scenes. So, first is the mini compilation „Connections EP“ including his own project DILEMMA with “Technical Irresolution”, a track originally recorded back in 1990 and planned for release on the never finalized or released „Wired for Pain“ album. DILEMMA were always combining the hard electro with tortured vocals with maximum minimalism, same here, there is no melodies actually! The track is here coming in the KITTY LECTRO US Remix, adding some effects and stuff to the original version. Next is Belgian cult minimal electropop duo ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL with another previously unreleased tracks from 1982: “Blue Girl black Boy” adding nicely to their previous early output, so no disappointment here apart from it being instrumental. B-side open with Swedish darlings ADOLF FILTER and their great “Numbers in Space”, another angst-driven analogue electropop track with their typical sound using TR-606, SH-101, astronauts’ speech samples and grave-y vocals. Last but not least English cult formation PORTION CONTROL with “Can't take anymore“, another previously unreleased hypnotic minimal dark synth pearl from the 1982’s „I staggered mentally“ session. The names almost speak for themselves though, if you know and love them, buy or die!



7”EPs are new, red vinyl, include info sheet and 4 postcards and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 10,50 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Crollo Nervoso/Tracce Magnetiche DVD+CD I 2009 Spittle18 16 Tracks 75'21'' Buy

“La New Wave italiana degli anni 80” is Spittle Records’ latest approach to work up Italy’s underground new wave scene focussing on bands that did not make it to own vinyl releases. Thus the tracks on the CD are from rare original demo tapes spanning the period of 1982 to 1984 with fantastic tracks ranging from minimal electropop to dark wave, from cold wave to gothic rock with VOX REI (incredibly great gothic with synths comparable to the Hands of Cain), THE END (similar sound to Marcie’s Still Waiting the likes), LES BLUSONS NOIRS (pre-Thelema, most beautiful sinster and slow dark wave with drum machine accompaniment), BLAUE REITER (already known from Body Section LP here with a much better dark wave track), POLAROID (with the absolute highlight of the sampler, this song is soooooo beautiful, the perfect wave track with italian lyrics, Korg KPR-77 drum machine, synths, bass and sparse guitars, alone worth the buy, and similarly levelled as Jeunesse d’Ivoire for example, and a must for any dark wave dancefloor from now on), ATELIER DU MAL (with the minimal electro super hit similar to The Enter, Noh Mask, etc), SEX (with a way-out melancholic ballad), SHIP OF FOOLS (with kind minimal industrial rock similar to UV Pop), IDEAL STANDARD (with a fantastic balancing act between minimal electro, italo/synthpop and rock guitars and Roland CR-78), NADJA (with great post punk), THE AGE and MONO (with rough new wave similar to New Musik), DARK SIDE (with another post-punk gothic track) and T.V. DANCE with German sung dreamy electronic track “Schneller leben” similar to Astrea Redux, and some more funk or rock inspired efforts (FRENETICS, ILLOGICO). All in all the musical quality is so surprisingly high, these are just damn good tracks on here almost all through! The DVD contains three chapters including interviews with and original video footage from KRISMA, LIMBO, MINOX, N.O.I.A., 2+2=5, CENTRAL UNIT, NEON, LITFIBA, CCCP, DIAFRAMMA, GAZ NEVADA, KIRLIAN CAMERA, PANKOW, STUPID SET, UNDERGROUND LIFE, DARK TALES, AUS DECLINE and many many others, with lots of comments by music journalist Federico Gulielgmi, who’s been watching the Italian underground scene since its very birth (English subtitles). Maybe Spittle even didn’t realize while compiling this, but truly this is overall best compilation of early 80’s underground electro and dark wave to date! A must-have not only for Italians!

CD+DVDs are new, shrinkwrapped and include a booklet.

Price: EUR 21,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 LP I 2009 MNQ 005/INT012 10 Tracks 47'11'' Buy

As the title already tells you, you’ll get a massive compilation full of hits of early-to-mid 80’s Italian electronic dark wave. Compiled by Alessandro Adriani. Includes: XNO „The Story of the Death Boy“ (1987) - superb dark wave with synths, bass, guitar, Roland TR-707; VENA „A mortal Song in a beautiful Sunday“ (1984) – depressive dark wave à la Bauhaus with synths, bass, guitar, Boss DR-55; VICTROLA „The Mutant Glow“ (1985) – beautiful melancholic electronic wave with Roland TR-606; TOMMY DE CHIRICO „Flower into the Factory“ (1984) – most beautiful slow and lush melancholic electronics dark wave à la mid-80’s Kirlian Camera with bass and Korg KPR-77; CARMODY „Vulcani“ (1982) – beautiful electronic wave with bass and Boss DR-55; JANITOR OF LUNACY „On the Dancefloor“ (1983) - beautiful slow and dark melancholic electronic dark wave with Yamaha DX-7 bells and Korg KPR-77, MONUMENTS „Veiled Lady“ (1984) – electropop with Yamaha DX-7 sounds and Simmons electronic drums, INTELLIGENCE DEPT. „Loneliness“ (1984) – lovely melancholic electronic wave with bass, saxophone and Yamaha RX drum machine; CHROMAGAIN „Wake up“ (1985) – beautiful electronic dark wave with Yamaha DX-7 sounds and Simmons electronic drums from around the „Any Colour you like“ sessions; and LISFRANK with a re-recorded 2009 version of „Identity (Deep Version)“, originally composed in 1982, and already released in a different verision on the „Mask Rewind“ album on Anna Logue Records. Brilliant compilation with no drop-outs, must-have for anyway into 80’s dark wave and electropop and everything inbetween.


LPs are new, include two inserts and limited to 500 copies only.

Price: EUR 18,90 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Danza Meccanica – Italian Synth Wave 1982-1987 CD IT 2010 MNQ005CD/NT012 13 Tracks 61'29'' Buy

As the title already tells you, you’ll get a massive compilation full of hits of early-to-mid 80’s Italian electronic dark wave. Compiled by Alessandro Adriani. Includes: XNO „The Story of the Death Boy“, VENA „A mortal Song in a beautiful Sunday“, VICTROLA „The Mutant Glow“ and „Behind the Door“, TOMMY DE CHIRICO „Flower into the Factory“ and „Close your Eyes“, CARMODY „Vulcani“, JANITOR OF LUNACY „On the Dancefloor“ and „War Days“, MONUMENTS „Veiled Lady“, INTELLIGENCE DEPT. „Loneliness“, CHROMAGAIN „Wake up“, and LISFRANK „Identity (Deep Version)“.




CDs are new, include insert and are limited to 1000 copies.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Diskret-Label 7”EP D 2010 schaul007 6 Tracks 12'20'' Buy

Cassette-only label DISKRET was founded by Udalrich Warmsiedler and Andreas Asselborn from Cologne, Germany. Basically they were themselves involved in most of the projects being released. Some made it to late ‘fame’ on vinyl releases by WSDP: DINO MARTINI, FRAUEN VON AVIGNON or HESSEN GANZ GROß!, for example. On this 7”EP compilation we get similar recordings from 1981 to 1983 by 4712, U. WARMSIEDLER, PHILLIPE L., HAND UND FUß, JOHN McGENIUS und REINHEIT DES HERZENS. Very DIY, very raw, very personal – like you are sitting in their living rooms while they perform these tracks. Not really electronic, but minimal, and everything can happen and is allowed – there is real drums and drum machines, there is bass and guitars and there is synthesizers, and there is lots of creativity and weirdness. Comes with an introduction by Frank Apunkt Schneider who also wrote the book “Als die Welt noch unterging. Von Punk zu NDW”. So, this is another document of the German cassette culture and the times as they were.

7”EPs are new, marbled lilac vinyl, include photo and limited to 150 copies only.

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Electronically yours 2CD GR 2009 UN14 23 Tracks 107'06'' Buy

Description to follow.






2CDs are new, come in a beautifully natural digipak and include two posters.

Price: EUR 17,00 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Embellishment Collection LP SE 1990 Börft017 13 Tracks 41'01'' Buy

Compilation from one of Sweden’s most weird record label focussing on electronic music of any sort as long as it is flriting with the experimental and homemade side of music: Jan Svensson’s Börft Records! Includes: GREEN RESTAURANT „Troll“ – pretty weird mixture of electronic and acoustic instrumentation and surprising arrangments; INJURY „Meddelande fran rymden“ – catchy early 80’s analogue electronic pop (minimal synth) with a typical Swedish touch; SMERSH „Progress without Regret“ – rhythmic industrial pop with trumpet/horn almost à la The Klinik, but a little less sophisticated; NJURMÄNNEN „Injured by punishing Gods“ - with Roland TR-909 driven electro “rock“ à la Revolting Cocks; FRAK „Degression“ – hard electro with Roland TR-707, sounds like a softer version of Vomito Negro; MIKAEL DIESER „Min vän, porslins-hundens vän“ – minimal electronics, pretty minimal and beautiful; FJÄRILBANDET „Please Honey“ – bedroom recorded distrorted guitar and drums, reminiscent of countrymates Cortex, with delayed vocal samples added on top; CRUEL WHEN COMPLETE „Immaculate“ – almost Cold meat Industry-like soundscapes with voice samples on top; SYSTEMA SCROTUM – „Kazm; Lk (m)“ – industrial pop, ALVARS ORKESTER „So shy“ – minimal electronics and industrial sounds; EN HALVKOKT I FOLIE „Tjänne’ru lukten“ – experimental hard electro à la Skinny Puppy; DER ANGRIFF „Bad Luck“ – again electro “rock“ à la Revolting Cocks; and END.... by Jan Svensson himself and sounding pretty much like Portion Control. So, for those who like the weirder and experimental side of electronic pop music, try Börft!


LPs are new.

Price: EUR 13,90 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Eternal Memories 7”EP D 2011 STS 002 4 Tracks 13'23'' Buy

PSYCHE “Wrench”, LOWER SYNTH DEPARTMENT “So Nice “, DILEMMA “Procure Abortion”, 2"3" “Out Of Phase”.







7”EPs are new, include insert and four photos, blue vinyl and are limited to 300 hand-numbered copies only.

Price: EUR 9,90 plus postage & packaging



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP+7” NL 2008 Enfant Terrible 11 11 Tracks 41'50''Buy

After the now long sold out “Electronic Renaissance” compilation with “Festival der Genialen Dissidenten” Enfant Terrible releases a new compilation with again only contemporary artists persuing a true analogue electronic sound concept. They are: Agent Side Grinder, Dolina, Vincent K., Nosztalgia Direktíva, Adolf Filter, :Codes, Le Triangle De L'Androgyne, Pierre Normal, Yseult Descieux, Jongbloed featuring Sofia E.R., Coeurvert. Note for CHRISTIAN DEATH collectors: The track “White Sheet Glory” by Vincent K. is actually a cover version of “Romeo’s Distress”! In short: great compilation showing there are indeed still bands around being able to reproduce the kind of original sound that we love so much.

LP+7”s are new and limited to 620 copies.

Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Gathered LP/CD IT 2009/2007 Spittle7 12 Tracks 53'51'' Buy

Originally released in 1982 on Electric Eye Records, Italy, this ‘la prima compilation di Nuovo Rock” featured fresh Italian underground bands ranging from post punk, funk-rock, electro-psychobilly, new wave, dark wave, gothic rock, minimal/experimental and electro wave: VICTROLA (“Into his Gloves”), STATE OF ART, X-RATED, NOT MOVING, BLAUE REITER, DEATH SS, DIRTY ACTIONS, B-SIDES, STYLE SINDROME, WAX HEROES, EAZY CON and PANKOW (“We are the Joy”). Not really for those into electropop, but those into Italian underground history.

LPs/CDs are new, vinyl version is limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging (for the LP)
Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging (for the CD)




VARIOUS ARTISTS – Genotypes CD D 2010 GEN 030 15 Tracks 62'13'' Buy

Genetic Music was one of the first labels to find and (re-)release early 80’s minimal electronic bands (Christpf Glowalla, V-Sor,X, Silvia, Baard, etc.) as well as contemporary bands of the genre (Bakterielle Infektion, Martial Canterel, Skanfrom, etc.). Having started already in 1998, they now come with their thirtieth release which is simply a brilliant and carefully selected international early 80’s minimal electro compilation with super undergound hits all the way through. STEVEN GRANDELL „Burn my eyes“ (1984), CINEMA 90 „In ultra-violet“ (1983), LOW CLASS „The Aliennation Ballade“ (1984), URGE „Teach yourself Dutch“ (1980), SECESSION „Betrayal“ (1983), DR. NUMA „Story of the Moon“ (1986), MECANO „Robespierre Re-Marx“ (1981), REAL TIME MUSIC „Mother and Son“ (1979), CIARAN HARTE „Love is strange“ (1980), HYSTERICA PASSIO „Grey over Life“ (1982), SIEG ÜBER DIE SONNE „Mr. Leben“ (1989), ALIVE SHE DIED „The first Night“ (1985), SEPPUKU „Under your Control“ (1985), JESSICA DENTON & PATRIK FITZGERALD „Mr. and Mrs.“ (2006), and LEE NEGIN „Nothing goes right“ (1981). Anna hopes you support official releases like, especially as it does not cover the usual suspects and rather still unknown tracks, as she knows how difficult it can be and how much work it is to find those people and release their music. Must-buy for anyone into early 80’s minimal electronics and electronic wave music.

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.




VARIOUS ARTISTS - Hamburg Hit News 2006 10” D 2006 NLW 014 9 Tracks 29'56'' Buy

The first vinyl sampler from Hamburg’s NLW label in 10” format brings us 80’s electronics, NDW and synth pop. Opened by the wonderful SONNENBRANDT, here indeed is the first hit, “Herz aus Geld”, being unequalled electronic NDW this track alone is worth buying the record! The other artists are: ANTI TRUST (a bit 90’s synth pop with stompy beat), MATTHIAS SCHUSTER (hello to Robert and Gabi, no ?, from 1981!), VOLL WIRKSAM (typical German minimal electronics/NDW from 1981!), KONFORM (Malte Steiner’s minimal electronic gadgets), OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS (wonderful synthpop heroes), THE SILICON SCIENTIST (ah, Stefan is just releasing on Anna, so what can I say, but his music is hautingly beautiful), KLINGELTON 17 (an excerpt only, but nice when finished one day), DAS INSTITUT (reminds me a bit of Kirlian Camera, not the lyrics though…).

10”s are grey marbled vinyl, new and come with two inserts and a wonderful 80’s sampler ripped sleeve.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS - Hundeher(t)z 2x7” D 2009 Hertz 5555 8 Tracks 23'24'' Buy

Hertzschrittmacher present their second release dealing with their love towards dogs and this time in co-operation with the animal shelter Marsberg, Germany, to whom all profits from this release will be donated, and the result is a lovely charity record set full of pure minimal electro: SECOND PLANET present a straight-forward uptempo with “Verletzt und ausgesetzt (Hurt and left alone)”, ANY LEAVE asks on “Planeten” if there’s dogs living on other planets, too (and where they don’t appear to be missed/stolen somehow), a lovely minimal electro track, while MASSENDEFECT are dealing with pets being trashed on highways while their owners prefer to go on holidays in “Tatort A7 (Crime scene highway A7)”, and then LINEAR F goes for a walk in “Gassigehen”, a quite unusual and weird US GI’s song like piece of music. TREUE SEELEN presents romantic analogue electropop with “Hundeleben (Dog’s Life)” with two children singing about two people who caress many dogs, E-ALDI sings about “Timmy” a clever pet detective and giving us some minimal electro-punk, while PHILIPPE & PHLUFFIE present a wonderful instrumental electropop track with some reminiscence to Nash The Slash called “Spaziergang (Walk)”, and last ADN’ CKRYSTALL sing “Hund und allein (Dog and alone)”, another very minimal and weird track as we know it from our French friends. Anna has bought and is selling all copies at customers price, so without any profit, just to help distributing this great release - please support this release, too, so that more like these can be made!

2x7”s are new, come in individual and handmade hardpaper mailers with artwork by Kernkrach family members, school and kindergarten children, include booklet on the bands and releases’ purpose, and are limited to 400 copies.

Price: EUR 11,90 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – I SATELLITE: BubbleBoy (Remixes) MLP D 2003 We rock like crazy 01 7 Tracks 29'48'' Buy

When Rod MacQuarrie of I SATELLITE asked me to contribute a remix of “Bubbleboy” to this project, I started a three weeks theoretical work on totally re-arranging the track and then recorded a fully own SOLITUDE FX version also changing the whole story by adding some new lyrics to make it a nice little love story with a happy ending (oh how nice is that?!). Interestingly and so far probably unknown, Rod contributed the vocoder parts and an additional synth part in the break as well as the swirling synth sound in the beginning and at the end. Regarding this track today as one of my masterpieces, I am happy to offer the last remaining copies (after the sad decline of WRLC Records) here at a very small price. Of course, the original I SATELLITE version is included and also to be found is fantastic another remake by THIS FISH NEEDS A BIKE (that is Eddie aka Sista Mannen Pa Jorden, Page, S.P.O.C.K). Also featured are Freischwimmer, Charly Kent, Echo West and It & My Computer.

MLPs are new and come in beautiful blue transparent vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 6,00 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – IVG vol.1 : Futur Antérieur France 75/85 LP/CD F 2008 Palp 003 14 Tracks 40'28'' Buy

After the “BIPPP” compilation the French label Born Bad Records releases - in co-operation with Poutre Apparente - another compilation namely IVG (Instruction Vinilyque Générale) Vol. 1 which is full of obscure and weird French Underground music from 1978 to 1985 and ranging genre-wise from post-punk to tape experimentation, from minimal electronics to other forms of French madness. Featured groups are ALESIA COSMOS, ATOM CRISTAL, C.O.M.A., CRISE DE NERF, D.D.A.A., DEAD HEAT (“Damnée petite Sophie”), NINI RAVIOLETTE, PROROKY, RUTH (“Mon pote”), STABAT STABLE, SPOTCH FORCEY (“Frustré”), THEATRE COMMERCIAL, WARUM JOE.”

LPs/CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Koude Golven LP+2CD/2CD BE 2010 OS10 37/27 Tracks 152'50''/111'27'' Buy

After a long exhausting work OnderStroom gives birth to “Koude Golven: A Collection of Belgian Cold Wave & Punk 1979-1984“. This compilation has it all. Belgian’s best cold wave cult group (DE BRASSERS), Belgian’s biggest new wave export product (SIGLO XX), the first cold wave band of STIJN MEURIS, a veteran in the Belgian music industry (GRUPPENBILD), the first punk wave bands (STRUGGLER, SUSPECTS) and many more underground bands to (re-) discover. All bands on the comp are present with their first 7” or 12”: COMPANY OF STATE (7“, 1983), SIGLO XX (7“, 1980), GRUPPENBILD (7“, 1982, plus one further track), SOVJET WAR (7“, 1983, plus one further track, THE NEW UNDERGROUND ENTERTAINMENT from split MLP with Less Dance, 1982), DE BRASSERS (7“, 1980), STRUGGLER (7“, 1980), THE CULTURAL DECAY (7“, 1981), SUSPECTS (7“, 1981), and DAY AFTER (three tracks from “Recourse“ MLP, 1983). While the LP is comprised of one selected track from each individual release, the 2CD includes almost the complete original releases. This unique document of time gives a view into one of the most intriguing eras of the Belgian music history. Bass Korg Guitar Vocals. (edited from OnderStroom promotional text)

LP+2CDs/2CDs are new, vinyl version is limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 25,00 plus postage & packaging (for the LP+2CD)
Price: EUR 18,00 plus postage & packaging (fort he 2CD)


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Maskindans – Norsk Synth 1980-1988 2CD NO 2009 Hommage HRCD001 41 Tracks 158'24'' Buy

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” That must have been what dear Øystein must have had in mind when starting his label Hommage Records and coming up with the rather weird idea of releasing a double CD being “a comprehensive guide exploring the electronic post punk of Norway in the 1980s”. Well, Norway is indeed not known for ever having revolutionized pop music whatsoever, but a small number of connoisseurs and collectors of rather unusual musical paths have ever been aware of th e fact that there was quite a number of fine Norwegian artists that have created some honest and wonderful music, unfortunately almost always in vanishingly little editions. Fortunately the synthesiser was a present instrument here and there. So this compilation delivers an almost complete overview of the Norwegian underground electropop music, with many obscure but brilliant artists: Kito, Cirkus Modern, Clockwork Orange, Det Gylne Triangel, Beranek, Johnny Yen, The Cut, E-Man, Bern Balders, Adrian Cox, Ole I'Dole, Krim U, Ym:Stammen: Menneskene På Broene, Holy Toy, Boxbury Beat, Famlende Forsøk, ExLex, Grå, Bel Canto, Svart Klovn, Bearburger, Ulf Knudsen, Thorbjørn Grønning, Vidar & Gærne, Jørgen Knudsen, Brød & Sirkus, Downers, Head Set Junta, Den Tredje Generasjon, Fra Lippo Lippi, Headcleaners, Blue Mathue, Jeg Falt, White Lord Jesus, Mørkelagt Bevegelse, Horsemen, El, 3rd Man, Guttene Fra Gokkohjørnet, Im Nebel, PLX 15. Example: listen to E-Man, oh boy this is eternal synthesiser bliss!!! So: Norway, 12 points! MUST-HAVE!!!

2CDs are new, come in individual digipaks, include 52-pages booklet and the first six copies come as the already out-of-print first edition of 1000 copies, shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 24,00 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Mein bester Freund ist tot 7“EP D 2008 Hertz 1111 4 Tracks 14'25'' Buy Last copies !

This is a special edition release and a tribute to Dr. Kernkrach’s beloved late dog Bärbel (she is depicted on the labels). Four friends who remain anonymous to date recorded a song each exclusively for this purpose. They are PHILIPPE & PHLUFFIE (“Daisy May”) with an irresistible dancy electropop track with female vocals and great instrumental chorus, NO-BELL-PREIS (“Dein Körbchen ist leer”) with a balladesque ode to late Bärbel, TREUE SEELEN (“Ein Leben lang”) with an instrumental track leaving room for own thoughts and NACKTMÜLL 1 (“Automatik Hund”) with a great noisy Casiopop track finishing this versatile EP. An extraordinary release especially for those knowing how wonderful and valuable it is to have such a furry friend.

7”EPs are new, come in doggy bag and are limited to 220 copies only!

Price: EUR 7,50 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Milano New Wave 80-83 CD I 2009 Spittle14 20 Tracks 72'11'' Buy

Following an idea of Italian disco guru Fred Ventura to publish some recordings that have remained in the vaults for more than 25 years, and thanks to the skillful “mastering touch” of Giovanni Versari, it has finally been realized what seemed like a dream: a representative and intense snapshot of the Milanese new wave scene of the early 80’s. Twenty tracks that recount the salient steps of the brief but intense career of four Milanese bands - from the post-punk of OTHER SIDE, to the oblique funk of STATE OF ART, to the evident Kraftwerk influences of LA MAISON, to the electro pop-wave of JEUNESSE D’IVOIRE - four bands that illustrate the mood of an underground scene that burned out rapidly, mostly due to the indifference of the media and recording industry during those years. (info text: Spittle)

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Milano New Wave 1980-83 Redux LP IT 2010 Spittle21 12 Tracks 42'22'' Buy

The vinyl version differs from the CD version (Spittle14), with both a reduced track liste and different tracks, hence the addition Redux. JEUNESSE D’IVOIRE are featured with „A Gift of Tears“, as well as previously unreleased versions of „Silent Imagery“ and „Praise“; OTHER SIDE with „ The Taste of Fables“, „Central“ and „Contrition“; STATE OF ART with „Downtown“, „Dancing Station“ and the previously unreleased 1982 live track „Scoop’n’Loop“; LA MAISON with „Mercedes“ and „Igloo“; and the previously unreleased track „Boris Karloff“ by LA MAISON + KUBRIX + 2+2=5 aka ENTOURAGE L’ASINO.

LPs are new, include insert and are limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 14,40 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Minimal Baby CD D 2008 Skull SLCD001-08 19 Tracks 78'15'' Buy

Minimal Baby is the first proper CD production from SkullLine, Germany, and brings us Minimal Electro, Electropop, Retro or whatever you wanna call it from around the globe, though mainly from Germany. The featured bands are: A2, ARMA DEI, BLEIBURG, DATAFREQ (known from Das Drehmoment label and Rational Youth participation), ECHO WEST, ELEKTRONIK, INSEKTRONIC, KLEMENT, LEGOPOP, NEJET NOK, NEUROVEX, PERVERSE TEENS, SECOND PLANET, SICKDOLL (hey Marcel!), SOLITUDE FX (Oops, we did it again…), SUIZIDFAKTOR, THE RORSCHACH GARDEN (best song on this compilation!), TRANS-ACTIVE NIGHTZONE (ft. Echo West, keen K), and ZHARK. The extra limited edition comes with bonus CD-R with an additional eleven tracks (among them SHIIFT 69, SOLITUDE FX, GmbHOFFNUNG, A², etc).

CDs (normal edition) are new and limited to 500 copies; CDs/CDRs (nappy edition) are new, come wrapped in nappy with baby spoon and are limited to 100 copies only.


EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging (normal CD edition).


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Minimal Baby II CD D 2009 SLCD-002 26/20 Tracks 100'41''/76'38''Buy

Follow-up to and better compilation than volume I giving a nice overview focusing on the current minimal electronic/electro scene with: Shift69, Massendefect (known from Hertz-Schrittmacher), Neon Mussolini, Rhesus Factor (for me on the wrong sampler here), Second Planet (nice simple track like last time with TR-909 drums in the vein of File Not Found), Brigade Rosse (half of Bakterielle Infektion), Spacelex, Les Sirènes Débrouillardes (minmal analogue action), Nejet Nok, Echo West (nice as always), QEK Junior, Gertrud Stein, Solitude FX (spontaneous recording with Alessandro Adriani from Newclear Waves), Any Leave, A² (one of Andreas’ coolest tracks), Microwelt, Trans-Active Nightzone (keen K and Echo West), Kord (not as weird as on 7” but very lovely), Klement (with a nice melancholic sort of ballad) and Neongrau. The bonus CDR of the limited set includes additional tracks by Christian Zander, Adolf Filter (great cold track sung in Swedish, for those who like Salaligan), Sonnenbrandt (with a lovely cover version of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”), Newclear Waves (with a great cold track in between Echo West and Bakterielle Infektion), Trans-Active Nightzone and Gertrud Stein. Some really great songs on here, and at low price worth a try for sure!

CD+CDR sets/CDs are new and limited to hand numbered 100/500 copies.

EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging for the normal CD edition


VARIOUS ARTISTS – M Squared “Pardon me for barking in like this (1979-1983)” 5xLP+10”Box+T-Shirt D 2009 VOD62 81 Tracks 257'05'' Buy

M Squared was an independent record label based in Sydney, Australia, founded by Mitch Jones (Scattered Order), Michael Tee (Scattered Order, Ya Ya Choral) and Patrick Gibson (The Systematics), active around 1980 to 1984, and releasing some of the weirdest minimal electronics, industrial, experimental and avant-garde records ever, amongst them a single by SPK. This retrospective box set includes LP 1: SCATTERED ORDER “Waiting for you to come home”, LP 2: PATRICK GIBSON/THE SYSTEMATICS “Tsk! Not another bloody world!”, LP 3: THE MAKERS OF THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST “Style Noodle”, LP 4: A CLOAKROOM ASSEMBLY “mrrk + MRRK”, LP 5: VARIOUS ARTISTS: Prod, Height / Dismay, East End Butchers, Jonathan Dunshea, A Volatile T Shirt, Pleasant Peasants, Shane Fahey (aka The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast) plus the member bonus 10”: THE SYSTEMATICS “What we did in the Evenings”.

Boxes are new and come as the VOD membership edition including the additional 10”.

Price: EUR 77,77 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Modernes et electroniques 12”EP F 2010 FIR 003 4 Tracks 19'24'' Buy

With Falco Invernale Records’ third release, apart from the music, there seems to be a second central theme emerging from the releases: it’s all about artists dealing with transvestites, gays or shemales, artists like Tobias Bernstrup or Shemale, and titles like „Men to Men“ or „Travesti le soir“ on the new record should have left no room for speculations, but label boss aratkiLo pointed already out that the upcoming release will break with that sort of topics. Anyway, now here is little Anna, who herself is a crossbreed of some sort as you know, with no resentment of sexual preferences (as long as it’s inbetween species and unsolicited), so she will support the label and artists to her best possibilities also simply as the music is brilliant! This music is made for dancing, for the club, and for your living room, too, in other words it’s just damn fantastic electropop, in this case, all coming from France: BLUMENFALL & CLUB AMOUR are waiting for the nightfall and the men to come in “Men to Men”, a brilliant dance track with TR-808 drums, sparkling synths melodies, manly vocals and vocoded and eunuchian vocals in the chorus, then BLUMENFALL with “29 Tears”, what a beautiful piece of electropop this is! Listen yourself, you will wanna dance to it, you will wanna make love to it! PLASTIC MACHINE are a bit more serious, or less melodic, with “Travesti le soir”, probably like more Bunker Records oriented electro stuff, great track! And, last but not least, COLD COLORS “L’amour sans toi” with something inbetween, almost ambiental italo-disco with vocoder. So, nothing left to say but buy it if you are into electro-dance-pop!


12”EPs are new, come in transparent pink vinyl and limited to 300 copies.

Price: EUR 11,40 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Neonbeats 2CD AU 2010 gg150 37 Tracks 144'26'' Buy






2CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 20,00 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Radio Resistencia CD NL 2009 ET001 18 Tracks 73'20'' Buy

On its first CD release Dutch label Enfant Terrible does not restrict itself to serving only a certain genre, it is more a call for being open minded, thus bringing together international groups ranging from pure minimal electro to experimental chanson, from almost gothic rock to ambient electronics. If Anna can get used to SWANN DANGER’s distorted guitar noise is rather questionable, but BLACK ICE - reminding a bit of Christian Death or maybe Faith & the Muse - do appeal to her, and so does the experimental lovely and noisy waltz by HEADCOLLISION. SARALUNDEN is maybe melancholic indie chanson? Same goes for LUISA LaCHOUF with some sort of an experimental chansonesque tune. After these five rather unusual tracks the pure electronics fraction starts with POPSIMONOVA, FYLING BODIES (feat. Beats Evers and Charles Kent), FLORENCE FOSTER FAN CLUB, the F242 clone :CODES, AGENT SIDE GRINDER, DOLINA. Then first highlight: the Turkish (!) KIM KI O with a nice sparkling electro track, MODEL Z with the minimal electro hit “Military March” (Roland TR-606 action). Also LE MOINE delivers a very nice atmospheric instrumental electro track called “Amnesia” followed by the lovely ambient-electro of ANTLERS MULM. DISTEL delivers a dark soundtrack, angst pop is the mentioned in the description, ok then, followed by our darlings WERMUT with an almost eight minutes monotonous yet constantly building-up instrumental track with some voice sampling and an atmospheric melancholic lead guitar, great track! Last song by OPLEN (from ASG) with a rather weird mixture of punchy rhythm, cheap organs and spacey sounds like from a cheap Sci-Fi B-movie. As said earlier, this is for more open minded people and maybe not for those with a strict 80’s affinity, but this is what Enfant Terrible was never about, so only consistent with their label policy.

CDs are new, come in digipak and limited to 1000 copies.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Rückwärts im Uhrzeigersinn 2LP D 2008 DD 010 16 Tracks 73'15'' Buy

Latest compilation “Rückwärts im Uhrzeigersinn” (that’s like “Backwards clockwise”) from Berlin’s Das Drehmoment label, this time even as a double album, with some of the usual suspects as well as new projects: KALSON, DJ GIO MC-505, LESBIAN MOUSECLICKS, TRANS-ACTIVE NIGHTZONE (ft. Echo West, keen K), SÝN (ft. Nora Below), REPLICANT, MAKINA GIRGIR, JAQUES DUBROIX, DIRECT CONTROL, KÉPESLAP (ft. Imiafan), STARCLUSTER ft. ELKE BRAUWEILER, DREAM DISCO, DATAFREQ, POLYGAMY BOYS (ft. Sneak-Thief and DJ Gitano), GREG PUNKOV and HARDLEFT. Once again, keen K has provided the super hit of the album (Starcluster), oh-so-wonderful and a must for fans of Jean-Michel Jarre and The Silicon Scientist. In general, as always a great mixture of danceable electro, retro electronics, dreamy electropop, and even tekrok, for you to dance to in your living room and on your favourite discotheque’s dancefloor.

2LPs are new and limited.

Price: EUR 19,00 plus postage & packaging.


VARIOUS ARTISTS – Schadstoffklasse grau LP D 2010 Hertz 030 13 Tracks 42'54'' Buy

Jörg and Heinz from KernKrach/Hertzschrittmacher have always been giving comtemporary minimal electronics acts a chance to release their music on vinyl. While sometimes the musical content may been rather questionable (for professional musicians or reviewers?!), they have always regarded the label most probably as a punk label which is not about releasing the perfect music, it is about releasing music that is made by people like you and me, music that you simply like from listening to it, from people that you like, that share common interests and that become friends so easily when you meet them. They always remained true to themselves, and that’s what made them and their label so sympathetic over all those many years. So, on this new compilation, there is only contemporary European minimal electronics acts, or „Unerhörte Klänge aus den dunklen Kellern der Republik“ (engl: „Unheard/Egregious/Outrageous sounds from the dark cellars of the republic“) as the subtitle suggests, so do not expect highly sophisticated electropop or dance music on here, it’s all minimal, it’s simple, it’s lo-fi, it’s raw electronics, it’s human. Those knowing the label will know what to expect and they will love it for sure, the rest of you shall give it a try, it is still easy to consume and harmless all-electronic music from: LZ 129 (D), DIGITAL MONGOLOIDS (D), LAS MAQUINAS DE LA GUERRA FRÍA (ES), DER DEBILE REST (D), KASSETTENFACHENTSTAUBER (D), FRIENDS IN PLASTIC (BE), CONTROLLED COLLAPSE (UK), FABRIK OHNE STROM (AT), KLING KLANG (LX), MISSES YUKI OKAMI (D), LEGODROID (DK), LES MISERABLES MINIMALISTIQUES (F), and MANN MIT BEIN (F).


LPs are new, insert and limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 16,50 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS - Snow Robots Vol. 1 CD CDN 2001 Suction 010 16 Tracks 73'39'' Buy

First compilation on Suction Records that is bringing together tracks from releases 000 to 002, 009 plus featuring two back then yet unreleased tracks by SOLVENT and LOWFISH. Also featured are Gregory De Rocher’s PEST(E) with the two beautiful ambient electro tracks “Wrinkle” and “Agamemnon”, a total of six tracks by LOWFISH, four tracks by SOLVENT plus a cool remake of SOLVENT’s “Flexidisc” by ADULT., and two tracks by DAVID KRISTIAN (who, btw was responsible for the fantastic music on Psyche’s album “The Influence” from 1989), plus a remix by LALI PUNA. The first days of Suction Records saw them creating and releasing less melodic music, but having a focus on sound and complex rhythm programming, sometimes rather hectic, something one needs to get used to when coming from the pop edge of the electronic music spectrum. Anyway, a great release and getting rare soon.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS - Snow Robots Vol. 2 CD CDN 2001 Suction 011 14 Tracks 72'01'' Buy

Second compilation that brings together tracks from Suction 003, 005, 007, 009 as well as the great “Quiet Life” from G.D. LUXXE vs SOLVENT (015). This time more versatile as more bands appear on here: SOLVENT, LOWFISH, ISAN, D’ARCANGELO, MAT-101, PLUXUS, TINFOIL TEAKETTLE, BRIOCHE KRETZAAL, PERSPECTS and SKANFROM. Outstanding tracks are “1982 for You” (great title btw) from TINFOIL TEAKETTLE who are no other than Jason from SOLVENT and Gregory from LOWFISH joining forces. Also included is a remix by PERSPECTS, as well as the monotone yet lovely ‘SH-101 remake’ of PEST(E)’s “Wrinkle” by SKANFROM, of course.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS - Snow Robots Vol. 3 CD CDN 2003 Suction 017 13 Tracks 49'21'' Buy

Two years after the release of “Snow Robots Vol. 1 and 2” one can clearly see a change to more melodic pop structures when looking at SOLVENT and LOWFISH, and the choice of other acts like ORGUE ELECTRONIQUE, THE MITGANG AUDIO, BLACK TURTLENECK and SKANFROM. Only DAVID KRISTIAN is featured with a more experimental track. So, this is most probably the best compilation from Suction for you if you are an electropop lover, and not only because of the smasher “Think like us” by TINFOIL TEAKETTLE. Also for the minimal freaks out there, there is an original 1981 track by LAURENT BOUDIC that sounds like Crash Course In Science, and a cover version of Joe Crow’s 1982 anthem “Compulsion” that has been already covered by no other than Martin L. Gore. Go for it, recommended!

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 14,50 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Somewhere Outside CD-R DK 2010 KMCD 101009 27 Tracks 78'10'' Buy Currently sold out!

Originally “Somewhere Outside” was released in 1983 as a 2 vinyl LP compilation on Danish classic independent label Irmgardz, and has just been re-released by Karma Music who already brought us the re-issue CD from MORAL. MORAL are also opening here with their three brilliant tracks: “Frosty Nights”, ”The Average Life” and “Whispering Sons” – simply brilliant melancholic electronic wave with Boss DR-55 and female voice. Next is INSPIRATION FOR SCANNERS with five tracks, and they are, hmm, what is this, ska-ish post punk (?) sounds like some French artists, Indochine on ecstasy, Charles de Goal maybe, sorry Anna is no expert here. Then the ESCAPE ARTISTS are more new wave/post punk again, a rougher version of A Flock of Seagulls maybe. Then CRAP is even more post punk with a more rough edge. NÆSTE UGES TV bring us brilliant dark new wave gems with “Hvide Flag”, “Ærlige Brugte”, and “Island” with great bass and Casio lines, as if they were the Danish twins of Last Man In Europe (think “A certain Bridge”!), great stuff, and you’ll love them, too. Then TRISTAN T, similar to the previous, but more dark and more electronic with a Boss DR-55 and their classic and well known track “Nordlys”, all very similar to Carmody! Then WORLD IN MOTION with a mix of wave, rock, pop and funk, though “Senseless” is very good minimal/wave track! Then the POETS OF THE SIGNATURE, to hard to describe for Anna, let’s call it cabAR(e)T-pop (…). Closing track is by DE TILFÆLDIGE FRA I GÅR, kind of funky chaos. Well, weird mix on here, but MORAL, NÆSTE UGES TV and TRISTAN T are very good finds, and better spend a few euros on that black carbon CDR re-issue than three digits amounts on the vinyls, no?!

CD-Rs are new.

Price: EUR 13,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS - Synth Planet 2x12”EP F 2010 RC004 15 Tracks 66'53'' Buy

Finally! Here is the fourth chapter of Radio Cosmos’ “Synth …” series – another wonderful compilation fueled with a blend of electropop, italo disco, electronic(a) pop or whatever you wanna call this soup of synthetic sound emissions, this time on 2 colour vinyls and as always with fab artwork by Gil Formosa. Once again the compilation is kicked off by Dutchman Boele Berkes’ just wonderful project S.C.D and he just knows how to catch Anna – “Cwejmansong” is a wonderful piece of brilliant instrumental new age-electropop paying homage to the Cwejman S1 mk2 analog modular synthesizer and basically alone worth the buy. Then Berlin-based darling KEEN K. with another beautiful song in his typical spacey electropop style with female vocals by some Kate. Obligatory then ALDO BERGAMACHINE with also his typical spacey electropop that makes you wanna dance even at home, “Ice Sun” and “Melody for Robot”: great stuff to dream and dance to! ANOSPHERE comes along with additional vocoders, then there’s also YOUNG MONDAY, V2 VINTAGE PROJECT, ANTILLES (beautiful playful tracks, not too far away from Solvent) and INFINITYNIGHT which all deliver lovely pieces … but still to mention explicitly, thee italo disco überhit: “Facing The Night” by THE SWEEPS here as THE SILICON SCIENTIST’s extended remix. Okay, you will think that Anna praises this track as it is by one of her roster bands, but when you will hear it you will see and hear: it has it all – there are so many reminiscences that this review couldn’t be long enough to mention them all - thus just a WOW WOW WOW!!! To cut the story short: once again simply a beautiful compilation with no drop-outs of a series that could go on and on like the infinity of space…

2x12”EPs are new, clear and orange vinyl and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 16,90 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS - Synthesize me LP F 2007 Radio Cosmos 001 9 Tracks 40'44'' Buy

This is the first vinyl release on previous web download-only label Radio Cosmos specialized in Italo, that is we’re talking about Electropop, Italian style, of course. And you will hear that Italo is still alive and kicking, as being shown by ANTILLES, MAKiNA GiRGiR, LASERTANZ, KEEN K & DORIAN E, WELTWIRTSCHAFT, ALKALI TANZ, DIVIDER, ALDO BERGAMACHINE and ORBITFIGHTERS. Anna really enjoys listening to this album, looking forward to grey autumn and cold winter days when this album enlightens her moog, … errh sorry mood, hehe! … and those who enjoyed already KEEN K & DORIAN E’s “Ocean Grass” will need this album, too, as the track presented here is in no way worse than that!

Listen to soundsamples here!

LPs are new, come in transparent blue vinyl and are limited to 500 copies only.

Price: EUR 13,50 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Synthetic Memento 2LP F 2009 RC 003 16 Tracks 74'26 '' Buy

After “Synthesize me” and “SynthStation” finally the third in the series of Radio Cosmos’ typical compilations and the good news first: nothing changed, for good, of course! Like before we are being served wonderful danceable, dreamy and melodic electro-space-pop and italo disco tracks for your ecstatic dance trips through space including some of the usual suspects: Boele Gerkes’ wonderful dreamy electronica project S.C.D (2x), KEEN K and KEEN K & P MUENCH’s typical high-class light electronic space pop, INFINITYNIGHT (2x) with some great light italo and electropop mixture, ALDO BERGAMACHINE (2x) with some playful bright sparkling electronica pop, KINKY ROLAND who while still very danceable shows some Jean-Michel Jarre influence on here, YOUNG MONDAY, VISION TALK and ANTILLES with pure italo disco, BRIAN E (2x) with some modern retro electropop and CHINESE THEATRE with some italo synth pop. And also again, of course, fantastic artwork by Gil Formosa. Already now another classic of the genre!

2LPs are new, come on pink and white vinyls and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 19,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Insanely Happy EP 7”EP BE 2011 EV 02 6 Tracks 17'56'' Buy

A collection of vintage 80’s tracks by various Insane groups from Belgium, compiled by Alain Neffe: PSEUDO CODE “How Can I Tell You?”, HUMAN DANCE “Hex!”, M.A.L. “One Full Week”, BeNe GeSSeRiT “JaPaNeSe SoNG”, SUBJECT “An Old Cure never Lies”, and BeNe GeSSeRiT “CLeaR BLue SMiLe”.





7”EPs are new and limited to 250 copies only.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging



VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Insane Music Box 4LP+7”+T-shirt D 2009 VOD59 46 Tracks 171'07''Buy

Vinyl-On-Demand here presents a massive retrospective document of one of the greatest and biggest tape labels having promoted the international cassette culture of the ‘80s: Insane Music, run by Belgian fellow Alain Neffe. Alain has gone deeply through his archive it seems and found many obscurities and unreleased material in combination with ‘80s tape-classics and has compiled this wonderful box set. All sets contain the LP “(SWeeT SouR) BeLGiaNS FRoM OuTeR SPaCe” by BeNe GeSSeRiT (recorded 1981-1986), “Young Flesh” by HUMAN FLESH (recorded 1981-1986), the LP “Life on Stage” by PSEUDOCODE (recorded 1981/82), the split LP “The Light Side of Life” by SUBJECT (recorded 1981-1984) and “Prehistoric Madness” by I SCREAM (recorded 1972-1978), plus a 2-track 7” of newly recorded material by BeNe GeSSeRiT. Unique minimal electronic music with an experimental edge to it (from ambient to noise, from chansonesque to electropoppy, from weird to whatever) thus perfectly fitting on the VOD label (and btw, lots of Korg KR-55 action all way through).

Box sets are new, include huge 16-pages booklet with a long interview with Alain Neffe and discography, and come optionally with T-shirt (S, M, L, XL)


EUR 59,90 (without T-shirt) plus postage & packaging
EUR 69,90 (with T-shirt) plus postage & packaging



VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One CD US 2010 STH2223 14 Tracks 56'09'' Buy

Compilation of well known hits from our beloved genre, here presented under the artificial term Minimal Wave. But it is understood, that is not so easy to find the one-and-only genre term as back then there seemed to be none as well. Anyway, this is all simply about electropop (or synthpop, though this term has a more commercial touch) from the first decade of the 80’s when electronic instruments like synthesisers, drum machines, tape delays or vocoders were analogue and got into a price range that was affordable for the average person. People started to experiment and recorded their own music in their own small recording “studios” (often their bedrooms) – do-it-yourself was the motto of the day, definitely adapted from the earlier punk movement. Small editions were issued on cassettes or vinyls. The majority didn’t make it any further, unfortunately, described as being too synthetic, cold and lacking emotion, and, of course, not being commercial enough. Eventually the music was remembered only by a select few, through who the music lived on by vivid exchange of copied tapes, swapped vinyls, and later via digital formats. Already earlier compilations like “Zwischenfall – From the 80’s to the 90’s”, the brilliant Banshee CD series or the “Reminiscent” box as well as ‘CD-R bootleg’ series like Flexi-Pop took care of not letting this unknown music become totally forgotten. So this compilation is nothing new not all (for those already having been into it) and in no way the “first official” as claimed on the sleeve, but most probably can reach new listeners from other genres. Probably we don’t need ten volumes in this series, but it’s a great compilation for easy entry and convenient playback at your next synth party. So there’s really classic tracks on here ranging from 1980 to 1986 focusing on bands from Europe and North America, namely: LINEAR MOVEMENT, CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE, OPPENHEIMER ANALYSIS, MARK LANE, TARA CROSS, TURQUOISE DAYS, BENE GESSERIT, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, DAS DING, MARTIN DUPONT, DEUX, SOMNAMBULIST, OHAMA, and DAS KABINETTE. Due to renewed interest a good amount of bands from back then have reformed to record again and play live shows. This music is anything but dead.

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging




VARIOUS ARTISTS - THE TEMPTATION TAPES Volume 1 LP NO 2009 HRLP003 10 Tracks 40'47'' Buy

Norwegian TOR DYBDAHL is not an unknown figure in the underground electropop music world. He was a member of CLOCKWORK ORANGE (which also featured Jan Berg who was also in Blue Mathue; and Erik Avnskog), DOWNERS (with Geir Sinding and Erik Avnskog) and HORSEMEN (with Rune Annaniassen, Kim Tangen, Matti Hansen) who all released one 7” on the Temptation Records label which was actually run by Tor himself. Those 7”s have been highly acclaimed and sought-after records since many years, and interest in those project has surely increased after their inclusion on the Norsk Synth compilation “Maskindans” on Hommage Records. Anna has actually gotten in contact with Tor already a few years back, but due to other obligations and projects it was agreed it’d be a much better idea to have Tor’s music be released on Norwegian label Hommage run by Oystein Moe. So finally many unreleased tracks see the light of day, by all aforementioned bands as well as a fourth project named THE FRENCH CONNECTION which seems to have been Tor’s solo efforts. All tracks date from between 1983 and 1987, and basically this is a pop album with tracks ranging from pure electropop and balladesque tracks with piano to New Wave pop or Indie pop with bass and sparse guitars with some references to The Cure and almost Nick Cave, but always with a unique Dybdahlian touch. The songs have been remastered from the original 4-track cassettes. As always happy to see and hear the Norwegian underground music history being dug out of its dusty past.

LPs are new, 180 grams vinyl, include an insert and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 17,50 plus postage & packaging




VARIOUS ARTISTS - Trumpett Days LP NL 2007 enfant 09 13 Tracks 42'15'' Buy

The follow-up to the “Trumpett Sounds” compilation (enfant 02) brings us again into the creative minds of the Trumpett family members, who were definitely some the most active and talented analogue synth activists of the Netherlands in the early 80’s. Compiled here are tracks from between 1981 and 1983 coming from the projects DR. PHO, here with an experimental introductory track, THE ACTOR with their most wonderful electro pops tracks “Picture 210”, “Modern Air” and “Seit wir uns kennen” from their first 1982 cassette, DOXA SINISTRA and A. VAN GARDE with again more experimental synth adventures, ENDE SHNEAFLIET with their great atmospheric and emotional “Air Zaïre”, as well as ANDRÉ DE KONING and ERKAMP & POPMA. All in all greatest analogue synth madness and synth pop from one of the most overlooked and underrated label and artists of the early 80’s.

LPs are new and limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging




VARIOUS ARTISTS - Vulnerabilities and Consequences MLP CDN 2009 unlistd#001 6 Tracks 25'10'' Buy Currently sold out!

Unrecognized.Org is a new label from Toronto, Canada, founded by Edwin Wong, and when looking at the track list of its first release, one might get the impression that it is about to fill the gap that Suction Records has left when ceasing to exist. So, you will find on here: SOLVENT with a lovely less poppy but more “Solvently one listens” phase-like instrumental piece “Write Switch”; MINISYSTEM, that is Toronto based Jeff Lee with his first vinyl appearance with “Cheap Thrills”, a cool electro track in Bunker Records/Legowelt style; GOUDRON aka Ron Zakrin known from releasing on Ersatz Audio since 2002 with “One in a Million”, a lovely minimalistic electro pop tune that will also appeal to those into minimal synth/wave; LOWFISH with stomping electro track “Geometry is never wrong”, great as always; BETA EVERS that is Brigitte Enzler, well established artist in the electro scene with “Schizophrenia”, dark minimalistic (two chords) synths and cold female vocals about “this voice in my head”; and GD LUXXE with the beautiful dark electro pop killer track “Cities”, Anna’s favourite track on this MLP.

MLPs are new, come in plain white sleeve and are limited to 300 copies only.

Price: EUR 11,00 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS – Wave Klassix Vol. 4 CD BR 2010 W026 14 Tracks 57'35'' Buy

Brazil’s Wave Records do release contemporary electro acts as well as a CD series called „Wave Klassix“ with retrospective compilations focussing on familiar as well as not so familiar bands from the 80’s electropop, new wave, dark wave and post punk, now going into round four with: AND ALSO THE TREES from the UK with „Midnight Garden“ () are pretty much Gothic Rock, but apart from loving Christian Death’s first album, Anna is not so familiar with the scene, so this is an okay track for her with a guitar that reminds her he a lot to the aforementioned group at the time; CABINE C from Brazil with „Neste deserto“ (1986), a lovely post-punk indie rock track that might well fit onto the Infrastition label; MARGEM SUL from Portugal with „Pelas ruas da ciudade“ (1987), another great indie rock track; ENSEMBLE PITTORESQUE from the Netherlands with „Sleepwalking“ (1984), well-known electronic wave from their album „Frequenz“, MALARIA! from Germany with „You you“ (1983), danceable electropop with almost theatrical vocals; STAHLNETZ from Germany with „Vor all den Jahren“ (1982), electronic NDW simply at its best; THE ACTOR from the Netherlands with „Picture 210“ (1982), melancholic minimal electropop highlight; BUZZ from Belgium with „Contact“ (ca. 1982/83), electronic wave reminiscent of Guerre Froide; CARMODY from Italy with „Most of You“ (1983), melancholic electrowave well-known from release on Anna Logue Records; DESIGN from Belgium with „Premonition“ (1982), cult electropop well-known from release on Anna Logue Records; DIE FORM from France with „Poupée méchanique“ (1985), cult electronic group with a beautiful electropop with such mesmerizing female vocals; HELENA MÜLLER from Brazil with „Why these Dogs like the Sand (1988), reminiscent to Malaria, The Vyllies and the likes; ANNE CLARK from the UK with a previously unreleased remix of „Our Darkness“ by Sci-Fi Moritz, stomping...; and HANDFUL OF SNOWDROPS from Canada with a demo version of their classic track „Gabrielle“ (1986), beautiful electronic wave, unfortunately sounds pretty thin here.

CDs are new, come in a DVD slim case, include insert and are limited.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging.



VARIOUS ARTISTS - World of Disorder 12”EP D 2005 Disorder 04 5 Tracks 20’04'' Buy

The fourth release on the Berlin based label Disorder brings us five brilliant tracks from German Minimal Electro acts: File not Found – Star (After releasing a CD as “We.” Daniel and Martin went on as File_Not_Found, fantastic electronic pop with lots of great sounds), Notstandskomitee – Uhrwerkwelt (tape version – Malte Steiner’s Minimal Electronics), Trans-Active Nightzone - Eyes are Burning (Dirk from Echo West and Keen K together, for Anna the best Electro-Wave track in years), Bakterielle Infektion - My Life’s Unreal (clean version), Stratis – Nightfly (basically the varied instrumental version of “Herzlos”, but with additional insect noises).

MLPs are new. Limited to 500 copies.

Price: EUR 10,00 plus postage & packaging.



VISION TALK – Dirty Italo Disco CD SE 2009 SSR00008 14 Tracks 50'42'' Buy

VISION TALK are Krister Petersson (aka Chinese Theatre), Stefan Olsson, Richard Flow and Martina Ramstedt from Sweden, and album title already tells you what to expect: italo disco, assolutamente si, but not as dirty as they claim, more of the very catchy kind paired with some analogue synth pop as typically coming out of Sweden. If you like that sort of stuff then every song is potential hit song for you. All the others may be assured that the music is truly nostalgic and very good with great synth sounds and arrangements. Krister did obviously analyse the 80’s artists very well and captured their sound and atmosphere quite perfect. Credited italo artists include Savage, Fancy and Mike Mareen, but also bands ranging from Njurmännen to Visage and from Indochine to Nitzer Ebb are mentioned, so you get a clue where the band members got the inspiration from. Is there actually an italo disco revival going on that we didn’t know about? Give it a try, you won’t regret it now that summer is almost here, so the perfect time for happy moods and catchy tunes!

CDs are new (and come without plastic CD tray).

Price: EUR 13,90 plus postage & packaging.



VISION TALK – Elevation 2CD SE 2010 SSR00013 26 Tracks 110'06'' Buy

Here comes already the follow-up album to VISION TALK’s 2009 debut album „Dirty Italo Disco“, entitled „Elevation“. While the debut album told us already what to expect, the title „Elevation“ sounds a bit more more challenging, but, do not be fooled, musically we are still being served a very catchy and entertaining crossbreed of classic italo disco and synth pop! But also lovely ballads are in their repertoire, e.g. „For everyone’s Sake“ – a beautiful track also incorporating a piano. Production- and composition-wise VISION TALK’s songs are all pretty substantial, well-arranged and richly textured – a pretty talented guy at work here, Krister Petersson (aka Chinese Theatre), who composed and programmed all the tracks. On top there is mainly male vocals, and female additions here and there. „Elevation“ is truly a lovely and very easy listenable album all the way through (and better than its predecessor). Just right for your dance party at home or getting the people in a better mood when tristesse rules your club. The second CD is entitled „Dirty Mixed Disc“ and includes various demos, different versions and remixes, as well as the band’s cover versions of the Swedish electropop classic „Diamanter“ (Lustans Lakejer), „Slice me nice“ (Fancy) and „Liv“ (Page). In June 2010, VISION TALK split up, which is a shame, really, but we can still hope that especially Krister keeps up writing more wonderful electronic pop music, if under a different moniker then. Give it a try, it’s worth it and we must not always dwell in ultra melancholy, let’s enjoy some happy times with VISION TALK!

2CDs are new and limited.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.







VOYAGE/SIGHT FROM LIFE – Split 7”EP SE 1989 PRO 701 4 Tracks 15'03'' Buy

This is a rare self-released split 7”EP by Swedish synthpop group VOYAGE and hard electro project SIGHT FROM LIFE. VOYAGE was Henrik Malmquist, Anders Brattström, Mattias Brygt (all on synths) and Niclas Augustsson (vocals) from Emmaboda who performed great pure synthpop obviously inspired to some extand by Boytronic and Yazoo, and similar to the German group New Scientists – both tracks “Haggard” and “Recluse” are truly very good. SIGHT FROM LIFE was Esbjörn Sjögren also from Emmaboda and presents “All these Speculations” and “Schpreckna” which have a rougher edge similar to their hard electro country mates Inside Treatment and Cat Rapes Dog from back then. A rare record from two of the numerous Swedish bands active in the 80’s who almost all remained totally obscure.

7”EPs are new and include insert.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging.



WE - Departure CD D 2006 Genetic Gen026 12 Tracks 44'32'' Buy

The Arp Odyssey, Korg MS-20, Korg SQ-10, Roland CR-78 and Roland SH-09 are depicted in the booklet and oh boy this is really what you get! Full analog power! Then there is even more rhythmic work from old Korg Mini Pops and Casio keyboards and manually played sequences and melodies on the VL-1…. what else can you ask for ? So, if you wanna drift back to 1981 with its cold and harsher atmosphere, buy this … in no doubt a fantastic album from the beginning to the end!

CDs are new and shrinkwrapped.

Price: EUR 15,00 plus postage & packaging.






WE. – s/t (remastered) CD D 2010 gen002/R 10 Tracks 57'57'' Buy

WE. is a well-known project these days and is presented in their other CD descriptions already. This was Daniel and Martin’s debut album from 2000, which marked only the second release on the then still young Genetic Music label. The CD was limited to 300 copies only and found friends in the minimal electro circles quickly so that the CD was sold out soon and searched by quite some people. Therefore, now after 10 years and frequent demands for a re-issue, a remastered version has been made available. WE. (by being the more rough and more analogue side of the two who also perform as electropop act File Not Found) is pure synthesizer bliss with lots Roland CR-78 action and other drum machines, synthetic percussions, sequencers, and analogue blips and blops everywhere, still retaining a certain pop feeling with room for melody and atmosphere, and fortunately they were not restricting themselves to a ceratin style: there is pure minimal electro (“Oscillate”, “If I could see”, “Someone outside”), slow tracks/ballads (“Ice Planet”, “Stop/Play”, “Can you touch the Past?”, “I run for you”), minimal electropop tracks (“Invasion of a Stranger”). Definitely one of Germany’s best electronic acts, this re-issue was more than overdue, and the remastering was a good thing to do, so really no need to look for the original edition!

CDs are new.

Price: EUR 14,00 plus postage & packaging.






WE BE ECHO – Decades LP D 2009 VOD57 17 Tracks 59'58'' Buy

WE BE ECHO was the minimal electronics solo project of Kevin Thorne, who is also known from being a member of Third Door From The Left (btw, he met his band mate Iham at a Throbbing Gristle gig in 1979) that have also just released an LP on VOD. The LP “Decades” compiles a total of 15 extremely rare tunes from his tapes “Cezi Eva” (1983, Cause for Concern, with tracks from 1981-83) , “Nothing Left“ and “Pressure Point” released in 1985, and 1986, respectively, on Mystery Hearsay, as well as some compilation submissions. The music is almost pure electronics with a Roland TR-606 drum machine, occasional guitars, and some vocal/speech samples preceding even Skinny Puppy. Kevin also runs the cassette-culture-forum ( Additional info for the hardcore Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV collectors: Tibetan thigh-bone trumpet was played by Iham and Genesis P. Orridge. Maybe for those who like a rawer sound à la group: xex.

LPs are new and limited to 600 copies.

Price: EUR 14,90 plus postage & packaging.






WELTKLANG – VEB Heimat (Demo) 7" D 2007 VOD1980 1 Track 2'26 '' Buy

WELTKLANG was Thomas Voburka who released a single 7” under this alias “VEB Heimat/Hoffnung (Sehnsucht)” in 1980 on his own label Exil-System (on which also Mono/45rpm and P1/E were released and which has been revived in 2006). This 7” is most probably the prime example of the term ‘minimal electronics’, pretty much unequalled in radical electronical minimalism, thus a highly collectible and expensive cult record ever since. Obviously Thomas had found a demo version of VEB Heimat which was not known to the world until its release on this special 7” on VOD. This version is even more minimal, rough, and instrumental. Most probably this short single is more for the collectors and fans of the obscure electronics, but truly a relict of the good old times.

7”s are new, one-sided, white labelled and limited to 333 copies only.

Price: EUR 9,00 plus postage & packaging.





WERMUT – Ether 2LP D 2010 rur015 4 Tracks 84'34'' Buy

On “Ether” permanent WERMUT members Laszlo P.S. and Sofia E.R. teamed up with multi-instrumentalist Léo from Niedowierzanie (who also has already released a beautiful self-titled album on Reue um Reue in 2008, RUR009) and drummer Falko Grau. Their now fifth album took four years in the making, and it was worth the efforts for the evolution and quality of group. “Ether” is nothing but a hauntingly beautiful album in every aspect, mainly aural, of course, but also visually, not only the artwork is meant, if you allow, food for your inner eye. Four tracks, each around 20 minutes long, touching the genres ranging from Berlin Electronica, Krautrock, Ambient, Psychedelic Rock, to Cosmic Space Music or whatever you wanna call it. But in the end, this is very organic, melancholic and interesting music using quite a variety of electronic, electric and acoustic instruments. Berlin-school-like sequences with subtle acoustic drums meet psycheledic guitars and melancholic accordeon or harmonium. Then also subtle floating drones and harmonies and male/female vocals all to form, as the group puts it, their metaphysical Post-Kraut-Rock. WERMUT may become a group filling the gap as left behind when Coil ceased to exist, already “Ether” loved by anyone calling themselves a Coil fan, and thus the edition of only 310 copies and thus the sales numbers should be much higher. This is honest quality music and one the highlights of 2010. Go for it while you can, and dare to really listen and you will find it’s only pure joy.

2LPs are new and limited to 310 hand numbered copies only.

Price: EUR 23,00 plus postage & packaging





WERMUT – Together/Away 7” NL 2008 Enfant Terrible X 2 Tracks 6'32'' Buy

Being said to not have been planned to be released at all, we now have to deal with it, hehe. Anyway, we should feel happy as both tracks – dating back to 2003 – are nice tracks and worth being made public to a wider audience. “Together” is a rhythmic minimal electro tune sung in parallel by male and female and will surely make it to the DJ playlists of both web radio stations and discotheques. “Away” is pure lovely minimalistic electronica melancholy for the lost souls that might even appeal to those who love the more balladesque VNV NATION tracks.

7”s are new and limited to around 300 copies.

Price: EUR 8,00 plus postage & packaging





XENO & OAKLANDER – Sentinelle LP/CD US 2009 VR008-2 12 Tracks 41'50'' Buy

XENO & OAKLANDER is Miss Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride (aka Martial Canterel, Moravagine), hailing from Brooklyn, NY, USA, and being part the forefront of the American analogue minimal electro pop movement. After several live gigs, sampler contributions and collaborative 7” with Staccato Du Mal (“Xeno & Staccato”, SDMX-007, 2007) and a self-released CD-R (“Vigils”, Xanten CD03, 2007), this is their long-awaited first official album release, on Weird Records. They exclusively use analogue gear (eg. Korg KR-55, Boss DR-55, DR-110, Roland CR-78 drum machines) and record the material live in their studio, maintaining a spontaneous and rough, yet beautiful atmosphere and sound. Maybe XENO & OAKLANDER can be described as a more feminine version of Martial Canterel, not only due the female English/French vocals (even though they alternate a lot between male and female) but also due to more playfulness, softness and use of strings. Greatest analogue electropop tracks like “4th Wall”, “Toho Picture” or “Rendez-vous d’or” line up with experimental/industrial-esque interludes à la “Move 1”, the atmospheric and almost balladesque “Nuit” and “Vagabond”. Just a damn good album, but did we expect anything else? No! You will love it, no doubt about that.

LP/CDs are new, shrinkwrapped and include a fold out poster-booklet.

Price: EUR 13,90 plus postage & packaging for the CD version
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XENO & OAKLANDER – Vigils LP US 2011 VR019 9 Tracks 32'43'' Buy

Wierd Records is proud to announce the release of a vinyl edition of Xeno & Oaklander's Vigils EP, originally self-released by the band as a limited edition CDR in 2006, here remastered with a previously unavailable bonus track. Merging the cold, cinematic aesthetics of artist Liz Wendelbo with the architectural exactitude of Sean McBride (a.k.a. Martial Canterel), Xeno & Oaklander have been the sharpest spearheads of twenty-first-century minimal synth since their formation in 2004. Using analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively, the duo record all of their songs live in the studio, a challenge to the common practice of cut and paste recording where immediacy is often sacrificed in favor of a far-removed drag and drop electronic pop.

Recorded in one continuous take on October 1st, 2006, and played to loving death by all of the DJs at the weekly Wierd party for the past four years, Vigils has long been a cornerstone and inspiration to a new young generation of electronic bands in the Brooklyn synth scene and beyond. Uptempo, echo-laden synthesizers and drum machines provide a spacious backdrop for Miss Liz's ephemeral vocal presence. Their melodic, mournful oeuvre is an invocation of a lost future that was abandoned years ago in favor of something less human. These 8 tracks are both fragile and psychedelic, suggesting an electronic equivalent of the British shoegaze bands while maintaining the wildly aggressive stripped-down, raw and unmediated spirit of punk and the seminal industrial noise groups that informed the ideals of the original wave of European minimal electronic bands.

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XEX – group: xex LP US 2011 DE-012 12 Tracks 37'38'' Buy

xex were an all-synthesizer band from South River, New Jersey who recorded their debut album “group:xex” in 1980. Formed when a trio of high school misfits with funny names (Waw Pierogi, Thumbalina Gugielmo and Alex Zander) teamed up with some friends from Rutgers College. Performed entirely on then-state-of-the-art Arps, synths and electronic drums – no guitars anywhere – group: xex aims for the future, but comes across now like a time capsule from the deepest, darkest Reagan years. Each song burrows its way into your head with repetitive, undeniably catchy synth lines and vocal chants. “SNGA” (“Soviet Nerve Gas Attack”), “Cops” and “Delta Five” are doomy evocations of Cold War tension not far removed from very early Devo. But they were also capable of being quirky and whimsical. On “Fashion Hurts,” “Svetlana” and “St. Vitus Dance,” Waw and Thumbalina come across like a primitive B-52s, replacing the dance/party vibe with resignation and cynical humor. group: xex doesn’t sound like it’s from New Jersey. It barely sounds like it’s from Earth. However, there’s a certain residual murkiness that subliminally evokes the Central Jersey working-class suburbs. group: xex was all but forgotten until 1998, when radio DJ Tom Smith discovered it in the WFMU music library and tracked down the band members, which lead to a CD reissue in 2004 on Smack Shire Records. Just in time for the 30th anniversary of group:xex Dark Entries tracked down Waw Pierogi and restored the original master tapes with George Horn who remastered the tracks for vinyl at Fantasy Studios. All copies include a 16 page zine with never before seen photos, lyrics, bios, press releases as well as an original concert invitation from 1980! (Dark Entries promotional text)

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ZWISCHENFALL – Heute MLP US 2010 DE-004 6 Tracks 25'58'' Buy

ZWISCHENFALL formed in 1982 with Michael Sass (synths), Martin Urban (bass/vocals) and Stephan Kraemer (guitar/drums) – all of German descent. They were united by musical sensibilities that combined electronic and traditional instruments developing the basis for their 1982 demo recordings. By chance Patrick Codenys of the Belgian electro pioneers Front 242 heard two songs and decided to record a 4-song EP for the electro band’s newly formed label Mask. The “Heute” EP was released in 1983 after a week of recording in Front’s private studio under the direction of sound-whiz Daniel B. Bearing in mind MIDI had not been invented at the time, the recording involved some extensive sound sculpting including the use of individual synths (PPG Wave, Syrinx, Roland System 100, etc) for separate drum sounds. To create an organic feel to the combination of acoustic and electric guitar, a trumpet and a bass were incorporated into the electronic arrangements. Sonically way ahead of their time, ZWISCHENFALL have a distinct sound with hard rhythms and melancholic melodies that blend minimal yet catchy electronics to create a very danceable production. Remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, the EP features two bonus tracks from the “Heute” sessions never before released on vinyl: the uptempo “Tausend Jahre” and “Katastrophe” the demo version of “Flucht”. (Dark Entries promo text)

MLPs are new, include an original press kit with lyrics and band photos and limited to 500 hand numbered copies.

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